Was it only wishful thinking?

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Was she only wishfully thinking the whole time? Or was it real?

Submitted: August 29, 2016

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Submitted: August 29, 2016



Thunder rumbled loudly. I sleepy looked at my phone to check the time. It read 6:09am. Most people would of gone back to bed directly but I wanted to make the most of the week vacation in Florida. I jumped out of bed and quickly combed my hair, added some eyeliner, and then grabbed my rain coat. "Isn't it supposed to be sunny here? I get enough rain home." I muttered to myself. But honestly I didn't really mind the rain. Rain is a sign that God will take care of us and wont flood the earth again and that was always an encouragement to me. I grabbed a muffin from the log cabin's kitchen table and quietly went out the door. The rain had slowed to a drizzle which I was thankful for. I hadn't had time to look around the night before so I picked the first path I could find and followed it. It was only just starting to get light outside and the sky looked beautiful. The path took a turn and ended suddenly. It was a breathtaking view. The beautiful sunrise now looked even more beautiful because the path ended at warm beach with light blue water in the ocean. It took me a few moments to take my eyes away from it's beauty to realize I was not alone on the beach. A teenage boy with a camera on a tripod stood near the waters edge. My first thought was to leave and let him have his privacy but something held me back from leaving. Whether it was the stunning sunrise or something else I don't. know. But I stayed. I sat down in the sand and it felt warm and wet from the rain. The boy began to start putting his equipment in his back pack. Then he turned to leave and gave a startled jump when he saw me which made me giggle. He had dark brown hair and eyes that looked full of joy and sincerity. He was tall, skinny and had a cute childishly grin that brightened his whole face up. "Umm hey!" He said smiling and looking a bit embarrassed. "Hi" I said quietly feeling shy all of sudden. "I was just filming the sunset. I make vlogs and put them on YouTube and um yeah. Oh sorry I didn't introduce myself. I'm Chris." He awkwardly reached out to shake my hand and held it a second longer than needed. "I'm Symphony. I bet those videos you took are amazing looking!" I said with excitement. His smile got even bigger. "Well maybe but there's nothing more amazing than seeing it in real life though. Well I got to get going but I'll be here till Saturday and every day I plan to flim the sunrise here. Um if you want to maybe uh you could come tomorrow again and meet me here? Only if you want to that is." He looked unsure of myself for a moment but the look didn't last song. "I'd love to!" I said happily. "See you tomorrow." "Great!" he said smiling his gorgeous smile. "See you then." He started for the path and quickly disappeared around the bend.

Every morning that week was like a dream. We'd meet every morning before the first light was shining and stay till the sun was high in the sky. It felt like Chris was a old friend who I'd known all my life. We told each other everything. He made me laugh till I cried and if he was feeling down I could always tell. "No one can tell when I'm upset like you can, Symphony. I always try to be full of happiness but I have my times like any other human. No one understands. Only you." He would say. It made me happier than I'd been in a long time. I felt like those days would last forever.

On the second to last day of vacation for us both he said he had something he needed to tell me and he would tomorrow before someone came to pick him up and drive him back to his home in North Carolina. I didn't think much of it then.

On the last day we met at the normal time, right before sunrise. "I can't stay long" he said quietly. "My ride will be here to get me any moment. "So soon?" I said sadly. "Yeah" He muttered. "I'll miss you so much!" I began. "But we can video Skype and..." Chris held up his hand. "Symphony... I need to tell you something..." Suddenly I heard a strange voice."Chris!!! I've missed you so much! This week has been miserable without you, my love." I felt like I'd been shot in the heart. There stood a model like girl with long, long black hair and dark eyes. She had a perfect tan and snow white smile. Chris smiled sheepishly. "Hey Linda. You look beautiful! Um... Symphony this is my girlfriend, Linda." I said nothing. What was there to say? I was shocked. Beyond shocked. Linda looked me over and kinda giggled. "Hi kid" She said coldly. Then she turned back to Chris and said "Lets go, baby. It's a long drive home." And with that she started down the path. Chris looked at me with his eyes full of worry and compassion. "I... I got to go... but I really enjoyed you're friendship this week and wish you the best." My eyes started to tear up and I just nodded my head. Chris looked in pain. "Chrisssss come onnnn!!" Linda said. Chris started to leave and quietly turned to me again for the last time. I'm sorry, sweetheart. I wish... goodbye." Then he was gone.

"Thanks for your friendship? That's all we were? Friends? You told me everything! Well obviously you left out one minor detail! I told you everything! You said I was the only one who truly understood. How could you throw that all away just to be with the girl who looks like the girl of your dreams. She isn't even nice. Just because I don't look like her you drop me, the only one who truly loved every part of you. Even the darkest parts of you I loved. Why? Tell me why you'd leave me alone?" I screamed into the quietness. No one heard and no one answered. I looked at my hair wishing it was dark black and began to cry my eyes out.

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