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How you feel when you're getting over someone, and learning how to be alone.

Submitted: August 29, 2016

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Submitted: August 29, 2016



Sitting in my car with you

Watching the glimmering night sky

Stars so random it's as if one giant hand scatters them every night 

Admiring the trees

Silhouetted against the moonlight 

And the clouds 

Pink dust storms, slowly spreading and gathering streams of stars 

But you're not really there 


In fact it's only me

Reclined all the way

Peering through the open sunroof

My hair spilling over the edge of my seat  

The radio playing low, some serene but sad song 

And it's me and you watching the stars and talking and thinking about touching 

But you're not really there


So should I be lonely 

Should I be thinking of you

Or should I be thinking of the stars, the trees, the clouds, the realness and softness of the seat against my skin?


Why did you come here with me


If you're never there? 

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