Alone in the Woods Poem

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The girl thought she was alone, but a rustle turns out to be something a little more than a squirrel. She runs from the horrible creature, but will she escape?
(Same thing as the script, just in poem form)

Submitted: August 29, 2016

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Submitted: August 29, 2016



The girl once sat, alone in the woods.
A pinprick of unnormality amongst the normality of naure.
A book in her hand, she started to gaze.
She clutched it so tightly, and stared in a haze.
A rustle in the bushes, a rustle in the trees.
Her heart started to beat at an unnormal speed
For she was somehow not quite at ease.
Her breath started to get faster, she started to run.
For something was following her, she thought,
And it couldn't be fun.
She ran with great speed, the rustle beside her.
What is it? She thought. She wished it were behind her.
 She rarn on and on, 
Not looking back
When finally she reached the end of the deep black path.
She suddenly stopped to catch her breath.
That's when it lunged, causing her death.

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