Mass Effect 3 Reimagined Fan Fiction Novel [FemShep Edition]

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I'm going to post my fan fiction rewrite of the third Mass Effect game. My wife and I were severely disappointed in how such a magnificent series ended. So I decided to write my own version of the third game for my wife for christmas. I thought it turned out pretty well. This isn't for profit but I'm sharing it because I think people still care about one of the greatest sci-fi stories ever told. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

1   Space has long been thought of as the final frontier. It is a vast void of infinite mystery and the cradle for which all... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

2   ALLIANCE HQ VANCOUVER CANADA EARTH LOCAL CLUSTER   Several weeks have passed since the incident... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

3 SIX MONTHS LATER   CHARON MASS RELAY PLUTO PLANETARY SYSTEM   A small space station orbits nearby Plu... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

4 ALLIANCE HQ VANCOUVER CANADA   Dozens of shuttlecars and capital ships dot the skies around Alliance HQ as Shepard... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

5 INT SSV NORMANDY SR2 SOL SYSTEM APPROACHING PLUTO BRIDGE   The hum of the Normandy’s FTL drive thrums throug... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

6 Ghor’ant leans forward upon a couch looking out a window on the observation deck. His hands are clasped before him and his forear... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

7   HADES GAMMA PURGATORIO SYSTEM   Heavy solar winds pummel the SSV St. Helens as it enters the Purgatorio... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

8   TREBIA SYSTEM APIEN CREST PALAVEN   Mass effect particles dissipate as the SSV Normandy drops out o... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

9   SOL LOCAL CLUSTER SATURN PLANETARY SYSTEM   He clings there, hanging in the darkness along the twil... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

10   PALAVEN CIPRITINE CITY NIROT HEALTH HOSPITAL   Genevieve stares out the window nearby where Garrus... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

11   POLLUX LYKINS’ PERSONAL QUARTERS ST HELENS   “Have you retrieved what you were sent for?” Ad... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

12   HARSA SYSTEM KAR’SHAN PLANETARY SPACE   The UT-47 Kodiak drop shuttle exits FTL drive on the far sid... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

13   UNDISCLOSED LOCATION ALLIANCE FALLBACK POINT   Admiral Stephen Hackett stands aboard the flagship of t... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

14   THE FAR RIM DHOLEN SYSTEM   The Normandy enters the system of a massive red giant star and exits the m... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

15   WIDOW NEBULA CITADEL   Garrus exits the transport and heads across the Presidium Pavilion towards the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

16 TIKKUN SYSTEM ADAS PLANETSIDE   The Normandy rests along the shadowy edge of a massive volcano long since dormant... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

17   OMEGA SPACE STATION   Omega, of course it’s where he’d want to me. The trashiest place in the known ga... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

18   Genevieve stands before a massive complex rising up from the structures of what once was a quarian military complex. Ta... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

19   Admiral Lykins sits in a specially designed chair on the bridge of the SSV St Helens. On the display screen before him ... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

20   WIDOW SYSTEM THE CITADEL   Three turian warships explode under the onslaught of two massive reapers. B... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

21   A wave of dark energy explodes forth from the Tikkun relay and within moments saturates the whole system under a dark a... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

22   Liara arrives on the bridge and stands beside Genevieve who is watching the energy waves of the mass effect field envel... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

23   “I don’t need you babysitting me!” Joker yells as he enters the bridge to head to his seat. “Jeff Moreau! Y... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

24   “Attention, Seventh Fleet. This is admiral Hackett. You are ordered to stand down by the organization you’ve pledge... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

25 EARTH LONDON, UK Earth burns under the constant presence of fire and destruction waged upon it by the reapers. Several mas... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

26   The Normandy zooms through a nebula encompassing the solar system where the coordinates suggested the prothean world re... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

27   The holographic projection flickers slightly as it speaks. The group is transfixed by the image. As it speaks, the room... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

28   The Prothean Council chambers rise high up above the pavilion floor and come to a point in the shape of a curved cone. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 29


Chapter 30

30   SOL SYSTEM SOL RELAY   A dozen reapers hover in the space beyond the relay casually investigating Plut... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

31   “…Will you suffer oblivion with the gods and your careless friends?” EDI says as her hands remain wrapped around ... Read Chapter

Chapter 32 Epilogue

EPILOGUE   The broadcast of the honor ceremony beams out all across the galaxy. A stoic Hackett stands beside an even more g... Read Chapter

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