Pupil Theatre

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Its about the hidden feelings of every being.

Submitted: August 30, 2016

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Submitted: August 30, 2016



A story is told

the story never said,

the one tabooed by the environment,

dictated by the autocrat.


The pupil theatre of pains and happinesses

exhibits emotions deeply hidden.

The audience part of the play watch.

Association felt in before and after blinks.

Audience and director latch.


Latch on their limbs not to clap,

Hiddern derns prolong.

Concealed,confidential and private knowledge its life once extinguished by subjects demolishing hopes,arise.


Series after series displayed in every dream,

equivalent are those to the pupil theatre unstopped by the heart.

The pit of every feeling

from this the fond centre is running.


Expiry only granted by death

so time is no threat to the heart,

the heart fearing no other wrath continues disobeying limbs.

The ones vital for them to give in,resist.


Self-control?,how,as the heart is no longer part of I.

Like a headless chicken it wishes for attention,

which head shall constrict such a living?

Not even rodding is working.


Advice granted,

Assistance provided,

Aid donated;


all of which produce a fruitless seedling.


Realisation strikes,knees on the floor,

eyes closed;environment still,dumb,mute

and speechless,the mouth distributes all disobidients,

temptations and faulty desires of the heart and eyes

to the Constructer who is merciful,forgiving,generous and forever living.

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