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Inorder to move forward,go back and check where you went wrong

Submitted: September 01, 2016

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Submitted: August 30, 2016



It is unknown,

Never recorded

for the mind looked forward to the ending,



I search for you,for your answers.

Answers to the root of my troubles.

Those that are still disguise themselves.

Now revealed to my sight,I search for accounts.


You know how deep I dug my hole,

you remember how far I went with hope.

That which is now destroyed by goals

made,for I forgot my true life roles.


I neglected my long set anticipations

for temporary joys.

Those that have turned to permanent wounds.

Beginning,give me a diagnosis.


Re-tell the story of your eyes

for they saw all the lies.

All I look for are senses,

Mine have stopped functioning.


My excitement kicked out Conscious and Memory.

Now that they devour me greatly

Beginning,please re-tell the hidden story.

I wish to kill them  but my flesh is united with them in unity.


Beginning,you hold my boat.

How will I get over this ocean.

Everything is in motion,

while I stand and wait behind the ocean,

waiting for questionable revelations.




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