The thicket

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Submitted: August 30, 2016

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Submitted: August 30, 2016



One day, I went to a river with my friend. I have finished my business before sunset and had no plan after that so I started swimming in the river. It was sunny and hot on that day so a lot of people play in the river. After I played in the river about 30minutes, I was a little tired. The moment when I decided to get up of the river, something hard hit my belly. The moment I dived into the water to confirm what was hit my belly, my ankle was seized by someone I don’t know. I saw who seized my ankle. That was a girl put a painful look on her face. I sensed she is something not real presence because I watched horror TV program yesterday and her arm was so cold. I frightened so escaped from her?arm and started swimming toward to river side. But my ankle seized by her again more powerful than the last time. I tried to escape from her again but that did not separate. When I wielding my foot, I kicked something hard and her arm separate from my ankle so I swimming toward to river side and went to thicket to ride my bike and go home.

 Next morning I understood she is 9 years old girl by the news. Her dead body was found at near the estuary. According to the police her cause of death is drowning but there was trace of hit so she might be killed by someone.

 I was relieved hear the news because my friend’s body that I buried under the thicket was not found.

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