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A Preview of the movie releasing in October this year.

Submitted: August 30, 2016

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Submitted: August 30, 2016




I'll watch this movie, only for Anushka Sharma (28) especially after SULTAN. She looks so full of life in the posters. And her look in the third poster says it all.

And I thought, after drugs, Kat, and the bomb BOMBAY VELVET, Ranbir Kapoor (33) took to boozing heavily. Look at the first pic. He has already delivered a hat-trick / fourer (of flops!) - BESHARAM (2013), ROY (2015), BOMBAY VELVET (2015) and TAMASHA (2015). Wondering, if it'd become a fiver with ADHM (2016) and sixer with JAGGA JASOOS (2017). Anyways, Ranbir is looking feminine in this trailer. Sounds familiar like Tiger in AFJ. The trio of KJo, Anushka, and Ranbir is repeated here after BV. WAKE UP SID (2009) was the stepping stone for this role.

Remember Imran Abbas Naqvi (33), another Pakistani actor, who did CREATURE (2014) and was soon forgotten. He is reportedly playing Anushka's bf. Guess this should suffice him for his lifetime. 

Bollywood's new gay boy FAWAD KHAN (34)'ll of course be in another crooked role until he meets Anushka and becomes "straight". KJo likes the gay angle so this should be a staple here in a special appearance. Fresh from KAPOOR AND SONS, gay should be a cake walk. No kidding. 

And the fat blob Aishwarya Rai (42)'ll wriggle her way into any role. Panama zindabad. After a steady yearly string of flops - RAVAN (2010), ACTION REPLAY (2010), GUZARISH (2010), JAZBA (2015), SARBJIT (2016), this should be a clincher. Savita Bhabhi, anyone! She'll be playing her real life role here. Poor Abhishek! See the look of relief on her face with Ranbir. She has done SHABD (2005) so this role should be an experienced sleep walk. Her constant use of makeup and photoshop has already paved the way for a new software that'll reduce fat from the photos. No guesses. It is called FAT-O-SHOP!

No clue as to what Diana Hayden (43) may be doing here except modelling or giving able company to fat blob in discussing nappy times. Cannes (bore) anyone! Her work profile shows that this movie should suffice her a lifetime. Seriously.

And the gay of ceremonies - Karan Johar (44) can recycle a Chopra camp movie and make it old wine in the newest bottle. Yash Chopra may well be turning in his grave. Not that DOOSRA AADMI (1977) found favor with the public. But it had nothing to do with gayism. That's a solace. He too may put in a specialist appearance in the movie. So, watch out!! It should be grin and bear. He is a director, producer, writer, actor. I doubt that. But, I want to know: WHAT is Karan Johar. any answers!

SRK (50) is in depression after DILWALE (2015) and FAN. So he remains hidden in the poster. Hopefully, this should not become his hat-trick. then he'll give able company to Ranbir hitting the bottle.

Deepti Naval (65): Looking forward to seeing her. One of the most versatile actresses, she'll simply elevate the movie by just being in it. She maybe playing Ranbir's mother. 

So, Guys and Dolls. As you know now. There is emotion, drama, running, exercising, aunty, craving, and atyachar. The fad has begun. Let's see, how it translates to the public. Emosanal Atyachaar!

Waiting for the 2016 THE GAY INDIAN CIRCUS. Couldn't get any worst.

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