Star Wars Uncharted 4: The Force Storm

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

After Kylo Ren activates a prototype force powered Planet Prison Generator, Corusant is locked down and no ships can escape. And to make matters worse, he summoned a deadly Force Storm which storms through the city of Corusant, destroying everything in its path. Meanwhile Luke Skywalker sends Arven and Antonio Sestral along with their companions T7-01 and Guss Tuno to investigate a destruction of several fleets and a planet where they find their sith brother Scarzon investigating the same thing ordered by Darth Malgus. Now Alex, Lily, Cody, Shawn, T3, King, HK-47 and Rex must survive the Force Storm and escape Corusant while Arven, Antonio and Scarzon discover an ancient threat has resurfaced

Table of Contents

Start of the Storm

The book starts off where the last book in the series Star Wars Uncharted 3: Rise of Ren ended. Kylo Ren activated the planet prison so n... Read Chapter

A Plan

King rolled into the cockpit and plugged into the console and flew the ship. Antonio left the cockpit and went into the other room. "Al... Read Chapter

Fight on the Senate Tower

The StarStreaker A.K.A Antonio Sestral's ship hovered over the side of the senate building and the heroes rolled out. The 4 tower turre... Read Chapter

Survive the Storm

Alex rose from the ground. Then he fell back down. All he could see was darkness, but he could still hear. But all he could hear was th... Read Chapter

Ambushed in the Country

The hovertaxi flew through the countryside carrying 3 humans and a droid. Outside of the city which took over over half the planet, the... Read Chapter

A Mission

The jedi walked down the temple hallway. He had been called by Jedi Masters Luke Skywalker, Raymond Skywalker and Mace Windu to deal wi... Read Chapter


The Defender2 came out of hyperspace above Taris. "Dude! STOP THE SHIP!" said Antonio. They stopped the ship as fast as they could and ... Read Chapter

Explosion over Taris

The ship started to shake and he saw 3 zakuul war droids pop out of the shadows and fire at him. Arven ignited his lightsabers and jump... Read Chapter


Arven tried to stand up. He was lying in an old burnt escape pod on the destroyed planet of Taris. He remembered barely escaping and th... Read Chapter

Bounty Hunter

The speeder rushed through the junkyard that was the huge city on Corusant. Alex was driving and Brianna was looking around at the wrec... Read Chapter

Crossguard Clash

Alex saw Kylo Ren emerge from the destroyed shuttle and ignite his red crossguard blade. He had somehow survived the explosion of the f... Read Chapter

A Visit to Odessen

The Defender2 came out of hyperspace above Odessen, with Arven, Antonio, Tuno, T7 and the unconsious and Suthra inside. Arven and Anton... Read Chapter

Crack on Corusant

Cody, Lily, Shawn, HK-47 and T3 had been sitting in a speeder for the past 8 hours. They had been traveling to the other side of t... Read Chapter

Secrets of the Abyss

He rose from the cold hard ground and tried to breath. But there was barely any air. He looked around but all he could see was darkness... Read Chapter

King vs the Knight of Zakuul

Alex, Shawn, Cody, Lily, T3 and King snuck through the icy cave. After they comforted T7 they sent his memory back to Arven and the dro... Read Chapter

Duel on the Hovertrain

Alex, Brianna, Cody, Shawn, Lily, King, T3 and HK-47 ran through the city as the storm sucked up the civilization and fired blasts of l... Read Chapter

Escape Death

Alex rose from the ground. "Yes! I survived!" yelled Alex. Then he looked at his hand and saw it was a skeleton. "Aw crap!" yelled Alex... Read Chapter

Fighting Desires

A body stepped out of the shadowy cloud. Alex and Brianna ignited their lightsabers ready for the fight. The shadowy cloud dissapeared ... Read Chapter

Raid the Ship Prison

Alex and Brianna rose from the lava filled hover train and climbed onto the roof. The train was sinking into lava and they had just mad... Read Chapter

End of Ren

Shawn opened his eyes and looked around. He was in a small room with a group of people. Republic Soldiers, Lily, Cody and the droid. Of... Read Chapter

Meeting at Station X

The Defender2 came out of hyperspace first. "Yes i won!" yelled Arven. The Fury came out behind him. "Darn it! Atleast i beat Antonio."... Read Chapter

Lady of Sorrows

If you have played the MMO RPG SWTOR which is Star Wars the Old Republic and have played through atleast the first 8 chapters of Knights ... Read Chapter

Escape Station X

King beeped loudly and rolled out of the room. C2 followed, running from Scorpio. He started beeping like crazy and Arven, Scarzon... Read Chapter

A New Adventure

The fleet of Republic cell PKZ came out of hyperspace above Yavin 4. "Alright land at the jedi temple." said Brianna. The Defender, Fur... Read Chapter

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