Sick in the Brain

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Hamilton: An American Musical inspired me to start writing in rhyme and so this happened. Includes some strong language and content regarding suicide.

Submitted: August 31, 2016

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Submitted: August 31, 2016



My head is spinnin' and my neck's in pain

I got a bunch of ice water flowin through my veins

as I sit and work this nine to five

for the one-hundred

one millionth time


I am exactly who the younger me

never ever ever ever wanted to ever be

and this is when the tears make it hard to see

what’s the point of workin?

 chasin’ a life I can’t see?


Don't know if I should run from death or run at it.

Put a gun to my temple and just have at it

would anyone even miss me?

They shouldn't be

I pushed away every person who ever tried to know me



This just got really real really quick

I'm sorry, I promise I ain't always like this

I can be chill I can hang with the clique

But this voice in my head can get me kinda sick


Somebody save me from myself

This head on my shoulders is a hazard to my health



I know I tend to rhyme about my suicide

but I ain't about to do nothin'

I ain't ready to die

At least not ‘til I see my name up in them lights

And kids are runnin' up to me like

"Hey, you changed my life."


Right now I’m a Jane Doe but I want to be Notorious

Incomparable, Original, well-known and Glorious

Will I get there? I don’t know. But I know that when I die

At least I’ll be able to say I fuckin’ tried. 


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