Blackened Ascent

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I felt the need to do some writing, so this is a bit of dark poetry to help release my stress..

Submitted: August 31, 2016

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Submitted: August 31, 2016



I want to cover myself from head to toe in the soil of the black earth,

When the sky is so bright it could eat the skin right off of your face,

And the stench of the hollow trees swarms about like ripened rot,

When the key to a heaven seems to be through a hell of maggots,

To engulf my body in a lifeless pain is now as a treasure to pirates,

Seeds of stars becoming as blemishes in this atmospheric fate,

Wounding the warriors who live to ride upon this chemical storm,

Suffering greatly with the desire to be whole and nothing less,

This prison of chemical emotion turns swiftly to ash and dust,

So if I disappear, cast me away from you as if I am a plague,

The plague of vengeance in this all-consuming, subliminal space,

And no more will you see toxic light shine upon my enemy's face.


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