Raised by Demons

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Everyone has their demons. Many people fear the demons that follow them. My demons taught me how to deal with life. They showed me hell and told me it was heaven. Every obstacle can be overcome, but there is a price.

Submitted: August 31, 2016

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Submitted: August 31, 2016



Raised by Demons


By Ambience


I’ve been places. I’ve been to different cities, to different towns. I’ve been to the the minds and hearts of people around me. I’ve lived in the dark but saw the light in time.


I lived in the darkness of my reality. I grew up in the depths of an empty cavern, filled with nightmares and horror. I saw no light besides the glow from their eyes. The eyes of my demons showing me their way. Their way to the end of the darkness. I followed for so long, thinking that it would end soon.


The demons told me the truth of the world. They showed me how to talk and walk, how to read and think. What to say and when to say it. They taught me so many things. Ways to inflict harm, ways to hurt and wound others, that was their favourite thing to talk about.

They taught me how the end of a pen can do more than put ink onto paper. The ink that drips onto the paper can be turned into the blood of the “innocent”. You can make someone cry, scream, shout and physically hurt, with only a few words. You can make people suffer, beg for mercy, pray for an ending. These are the things my demons told me to do.


For a long time, I thought my demons were all there was. All around me, monsters and living nightmares. One day, my demons told me I should use what they taught me on myself. They told me I was a disappointment, a failure, an outcast. The darkness was blinding, I couldn’t see what was ahead of me anymore besides pitch black. I felt cold, alone and helpless. I saw no future, only a past stained in pain and ruin and a present tainted by horror and nightmares.


I thought I was crazy. I felt cramped, tight, barely able to move. I saw it. A small flicker of something. Something that stood out from the darkness that surrounded me, something that was not dark, or evil or hurtful. I saw a flicker of light. I moved towards that light, closer, inch by inch. It got harder to move, harder to breathe. Every muscle was sore, I was shaking from the pain, the strain on my muscles, my lungs were burning, stinging like they were sliced apart by razor blades. My head was pounding, the pressure was crushing me. The screams of my demons, the silence was overwhelming, my ears felt like they were bleeding, it was so loud so painful. With every inch, I was losing a part of myself, but I saw something besides darkness, and at that moment, anything was better than the darkness, no matter how much of me was left, I was determined to get some small fraction of myself out of the darkness.


Closer and closer, my throat is bleeding, my lungs are destroyed, my legs are gone, my ears are pouring blood, and my head is shrinking from the weight of the demons pushing down on me, trying so hard to keep me. I was so close. My sight was fading slowly, I was almost there, the light was almost blinding, but I saw things inside of it. Through my bleeding ears, the noise of the demons screams, the ringing silence was beginning to fade, replaced by something else. Talking...names...laughs and cries of joy… I am so close, nothing but a crawling abdomen, dragging itself across the ground by a single arm. I see nothing but the light now… so much of it...the darkness is dissipating… it’s almost gone!


I open my eyes.

I look around me and see heaven.

It must be.

I see angels laughing and singing, I see them running and chasing each other through the trees and across the grass. I see people sitting and drinking, eating and gossiping. I smell sweat, perfume and deodorant. I hear music and happiness. I feel so warm, so comfortable. I was standing, with food in one hand, and a drink in the other. I could hear my name, spoken by friendly faces, with warmth and life. I remember these faces, I remember their silhouettes… these are my nightmares. The monsters, the horrors that plagued me...no. These are not what was plaguing me.


I feel emotions, but something is missing. I know I did leave something behind in the darkness...I don’t know what it is, or how important it was, but something is missing from me. I am not whole. My new friends do not know it. They don’t know a thing. They listen to what I say, and that is more than what my demons ever did for me. They only ever told me what to do and I did it. Always I obeyed, and I was trapped. These new people, the ones I thought were monsters that wanted to hurt me, were not what I expected at all.


I am different now. Since crawling out of the darkness, I have had room to grow, expand. I stand higher than ever before, I am louder, clearer! My days are brighter and my thoughts are faster. I am happy. I see my future and it is bright. It is my North Star, guiding me in the night.


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