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Submitted: August 31, 2016

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Submitted: August 31, 2016



I´m a monster; thats a fact.

I left the ship due to siren songs.

Eyes were wild over the island seekig the honey sound

Under rock and leave i could not find them

The sound faded, it grew. It sadend and it feared.

Time passt



My quest did not come to a stop at night nor at dawn when the song

filled my ears and my hope sprouted again.

I followed the buzzing and humming

and, at last, i found the sirens who sang there hypnotic song.

they had a queen, like bees they followed her and protected her.


the ring around my left finger turned heavy when i relised what i did. I followed a song and sweet words and promises.

The sirense were hidious scally and fanged claws craweled out of the fins attached to  there legs. There eyes  dead and soul less, yet there voices were making up for there looks. I would be there king if i stayed and not run off.

I would be rich

I would have no fears

I would have a island to myself

I would have my place in history for all time.

 I am a monster; That Is A Fact


I stayed

ripped my ring from my finger and tossed it in the rappits for it to never return.

My wife would stay at home care for my son and worry about me for her whole life.

I would not care, i was rich and surrounded by good songs, songs my wife could never sing.

When i saw death holding her in his arm he whispered

sweetly to her that i was a monster.

That Is True

she said

But my monster

her last breath echoed

She is now dead and i still live.

after relising the evil in the Siren Song i fleed

My family were dead and i was cursed to live with it;

© Copyright 2018 Wollve. All rights reserved.

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