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Submitted: August 31, 2016

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Submitted: August 31, 2016



(Hydroplane Fluoride Carbohydratezine)

"A pathetically-ridiculous name for a new drug, yes, but it caught your eye, so it did its job. Introducing an anti-inappropriate laughter medication from the same company that markets High-Kick Restless Leg-Be-Gone Medication, The Bowleg Corporation. How many times has this happened to you? You're attending your Great-Cousin Wilmont's funeral, when you're suddenly seized by an overwhelming desire to laugh. You know you really shouldn't, as it's totally inappropriate, but for some reason, the warning bell doesn't make it to your mouth in time. This is known medically as Guffawism Unbelievable Disorder, or GUD. It's a rare disorder that strikes when you least expect; or want it. GUD is also, in rare cases, fatal, when your wife or mother hears you burst out laughing and tries to shut you up by bashing you in the head with something dangerously heavy. Warning; you should not take Bozoia if you're also taking High-Kick Restless Leg Medication, as this can lead to plummeting blood pressure, and beyond that, when you catch sight of yourself pole vaunting without the pole, you're liable to realize how stupid you look, and break into uncontrolled laughter, which would require a massive dose of Bozoia. And while it would be good for our profits, it would kind of defeat the purpose, no? So, take your problem by the balls; take Bozoia!"




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