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last night my dreams was cursed and light up the darkness

Submitted: August 31, 2016

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Submitted: August 31, 2016



You got me wrong, you put me down. All the paths are seems so wrong. tell me now where I go, nevermind what I did.... Walking all alone on the street, music lies about the love we had once. All the memories seems fallen down under the darkest night flushes by the nightmare, but I m trying to save memories of ours with all the broken peices of my soul, before the night swallow the moon and turns into the ray of dreams with a faded mirror. I am assuming things with the fear of lossing our present, past and the dreams for the future......I dont know how to stop this night slow it down, every single second is like a flash forward for me. I m stopped at the end of the corner of the street I feel tierd no hope getting back all the things , under the street light I am hallucinating our moments which are filled with the tears of my soul, I keep memorizing our first walk and kiss under the street light, m still smiling for remember that night. It was hard to vanished but its mistake. then i look up at the sky so dark and deep full of haterd, there is nobuddy on the street I am alone like I am at the abanded town. I feel like drunken, I dont know just talking to myself, my soul "what did I do wrong in my life that I got a painful reward". I just want to be alone because this night is way to short to memorizing our childish dreams.... I smiled at myself and said"all are wrong" and again I stood up amd start walking to somewhere I belong..... Thank you for the apocalypse you made....I LoVe you... That was last thing that night runs away...


[After 2year]


I never forgotten her name thats the only thing I keep it form the LAST NIGHT..... That night its just like my wish for you" I would dismantle me to put you back together, but I gave up..... I let the night run away....I become hopless, less expectation remains but now I dont bother myself to remember you.......

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