Zombie's Day In

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A gambler whose name is William Carter won $700,000 in a gambling, and with the help of his assistant Kevin Kumo he invested it in made a Zombie. Then he sponsored his money to a scientist named John Ton, then how he would create the Zombie and some funny things would be happening while creating the Zombie...

Submitted: August 31, 2016

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Submitted: August 31, 2016



Zombie’s Day In

R.Saravanan Jaa

5 Males

2 Females


William Carter – An aged Millionaire

Kevin Kumo – His young Assistant

John Ton – A scientist

Chris Tim – Co- scientist (his brother)

Josephine – Scientist’s girl friend

Rose Bud – Kumo’s girl friend

The Zombie – Beggar.

[The story opens in America. There the scene opens at outside of a gambling club and there a man whose name is William Carter a Royal Gambler and his assistant Kevin Kumo comes out with celebrating victory of ‘Seven hundred million American dollar in a gambling]

[They both are talking while walking outside of the club on the road towards the car]

Carter: [Dancing] Join me Kumo.

Kumo: Please no…

Carter: That will not be fair.

Kumo: You never mind.

Carter: You must dance right now.

Kumo: [Dancing slightly] Are you happy for this now?

Carter: [Head shake and laugh] Yup.

[Both climb on the Car to Premier Inn Bar and they buy some whisky and discussing about the plan of spending money]

Kumo: We have got a bulky amount…

Carter: [Slightly rises tone] I have won, I have got, not you. That’s my own money. Remember that you are my assistant. Got it?

Kumo: [Gnashing] yes sir [murmuring] always…

Carter: I have got an idea for this money.

Kumo: Idea? What idea __ sir?

Carter: [words bust and state again] Seven__ Seven hundred million dollar. I’m going to produce a movie.

Kumo: A movie?

Carter: Yup, A Hollywood movie.

Kumo: Absurd idea.

Carter: Why?

Kumo: Plan for a better idea.

Carter: Why?

Kumo: [Politely] Dear sir, you have got only ‘seven hundred million dollar’ and it’s not much worthy money in the modern times. With this money you can produce a cheap budget movie. ‘A thousand’ million dollar would be better to produce an average budget movie in Hollywood.

[Carter blinks head shakes negative reaction and kicks the road]

Kumo: Even people enjoy the movies by not going to theatres.

Carter: [doubtfully] How?

Kumo: There are lots of websites provide new movies in clear vision and audio.

Carter: Oh my Christ!

Kumo: And it’s very crucial to survive even in this field.

Carter: Shall I rotate this money in the gambling again?

Kumo: In case you lose all the money over there?

Carter: Ow! It would be very horrible.

Kumo: Of course sir!

Carter: Do you have any idea?

Kumo: [thinking] Idea! No __ ah! Yes. I have an idea.

Carter: [Much willingly] what’s that?

Kumo: This is the twenty first century.

Carter: So?

Kumo: Many countries are strengthening their atomic powers. We may lose many of our solders. And who knows probably the third world war may knock the door of the peace and make destroy the silence of our nation.

Carter: [Afraid] Then what’s our plan?

Kumo: I know a person whose name is John Ton a renowned scientist. He has a motive to create zombies for our American army.

Carter: Zombies? What’s the deal with Zombies?

Kumo: We can make a man alive dead.

Carter: You mean living after dead?

Kumo: Yes, living dead. Then I will get my scientist friend here, he will explain all about this. If you donate your money for his research, he will give you royalty shares by the American government.

Carter: [Surprisingly] Royalty shares by government? Get him soon…

[Kumo leaves from the Premier Inn Bar and Carter stays in the same Premier hotel and the next morning Cater receivers a call from Kumo for coming to John Ton’s research center at ‘Yellowstone’ the place where is in interior forest in America. Carter reaches the research center and John Ton and Kumo receive him inside]

John Ton: Welcome Mr. William Carter to our research house.

Carter: Are you staying here?

John Ton: Yap for a couple of years.

Carter: What’s our plan?

John Ton: Zombies.

Carter: [Laughing] Zombies…

John Ton: [with serious tone] Zombies are not fun. Those beings are lively corpses. Its mind will not be functioned. Where it smells blood, there it goes and bite and drink the hot bloods. It doesn’t like the sounds. Its brains are completely controlled. If it bites us, we will also change like Zombies.

Carter:  Will it bite all of us?

John Ton: [Chuckling] Defiantly…

Carter: Jesus!

John Ton: Don’t worry ­­__ sir; we will train those fellows to follow your instructions. You can command it, and you will be the master of the Zombies.

Carter: [Surprisingly] Really?

John Ton and Kumo: [Chorally] yes ­­__ sir.

Carter: John Ton, you too call me sir?

John Ton: Yes sir. Now you are my master.

Carter: What’s your need?

John Ton: Three fifty million dollar…

Carter: [Briskly] Three fifty million dollar? That’s it?

John Ton and Kumo: [Chorally] Yes, sir.

Carter: Kumo, you too?

Kumo: No, sir I just support him.

Carter: Oh! That’s fine.

[Carter offers a check of three fifty million dollar. Then John Ton along with his brother and girl friend]

John Ton: Mercy sir!

Carter: That’s fine.

John Ton [smiles at Carter and calls his brother and his girl friend for his research to make a man to Zombie]

Carter: How will you make a man as Zombie?

John Ton [Stretching his hands and walks freely and starts explain the methodology of making a Zombie]

John Ton: I have collected ‘saliva’ of eight different ‘Rabies’, ‘then some germs from Dirt’, and another sort of germ from ‘buffalo’s dung’ and then industrial wastage chemicals. With the blended mixer of all the germs mixer combination with some chemicals you are not able to understand the chemicals name and it will react within 120 minutes. But if he bites others it will react very soon.

Carter: How it’s soon for others?

John Ton: Because, when it first mingles with the blood, it will start react slowly and when it goes others blood by a single bite, that’s different poisonous germs from the Zombie’s saliva and it’s so fastest poison.

Carter: Won’t the people die by the Zombie’s bite?

Chris Tim: Sir, with your permission, __

John Ton: Yap, Sure proceed.

Chris Tim: Thanks sir. See here, few people will die soon. The people who have normal blood and patients will die soon by the Zombie’s bite but the thick blooded will change soon as Zombie.

Carter: [Gruff voiced] Oh! Its hell…

Josephine Enters…

Josephine: [Bold voiced] Yap, that would be hell.

Carter: Who’s that?

John Ton: [Smiley face] that’s my girl…

Carter: Looking nice…

John Ton: Ah! [Winked]

[Josephine Laughs]

Carter: Mr. John Ton, you start the research, I’ll talk with your girl until you finish the research.

John Ton: [Winked] Oh Shit!

[The next day John Ton enters and tells that he found medicine]

Carter: [Excitingly] so soon! How?

John Ton: I had a formula before…

Carter: What’s your plan then?

John Ton: I need a guy, who will not be questionable.

Kumo: I’ll get a guy as how he asked.

Chris Tim: I too go with Kumo…

[Next hour Tim, Kumo and Bud enter with a guy]

Carter: He­­__???

Rose Bud: A beggar.

Carter: A beggar? Who are you lady?

Rose Bud: I’m Bud, Kevin Kumo’s girl friend.

Carter: [Confused] why you been here?

Rose Bud: To support you guys.

[Carter stares at Kevin Kumo]

Kumo: Chill sir! It’s such a crucial research. So, we need some man power.

Carter: Then __ what shall we do with the woman power? [Looking Bud] But, that’s ok…  Rose Bud can be here.

[Kumo gets angry but doesn’t show it out by his word mutely makes stare at Carter]

The Beggar: Hello… What’s going on here?

Carter: A research…

The Beggar: What research you will do with me?

John Ton: You will see.

[John Ton injects on the beggar’s left side hip and lock him inside a glass proof room to observe the behavior of the Zombie]

Day I

[The whole night all the five are staying near the glass proof room to observe Zombie’s reaction. Carter only goes away for his home. The next day morning Carter enters into the lab]

Rose Bud: See his skin, it has peeled, lots of bite in his hands.

Josephine: Ya… See the changes.

Carter: Wow! It’s amazing… But I’m scare of it. Will he make any trouble against me?

John Ton: Don’t worry. Give me your hand.

[John Ton pokes with a pin on Carter’s finger and gets a drop of blood and makes the zombie to smell it. Then scientist shows Carter to the Zombie to make observe his face and blood smell to indentify Carter as its master]

[Zombie identifies his master and when others come in front of the Zombies it tries to bite but it can’t bite because it has locked inside the glass proof room. Carter is happy about the Zombie and those who are assisted with the Zombie work and he expresses his gratitude towards them]

Carter: It’s ready…

Josephine: Which is ready?

Carter: The Zombie.

John Ton: Nope.

Carter: Why?

Chris Tim: Still we need observation.

Rose Bud: Yes sir… We need to observe lots.

Carter: [Piteously] I have spent three fifty million dollar for this project folks.

Kumo: Don’t worry sir. If we give it to our national force we will always get money as royalty and selling prize will be more.

[Carter laughs gladly]

Day II

Carter: [Eagerly knocks the glass proof] Hey Zombie wake, hey Zombie… Get up __ come here.

Josephine: Hey, see here. He is so interested.

Rose Bud: [Laughs] yes, yes! Looking so funny!

Zombie: [wakes] Meow… Meow

Carter: What?

Rose Bud: It changes like a cat.

[Josephine calls John Ton and he shocks]

Carter: What nonsense it is?

John Ton: Don’t worry sir. Chill for few while I will check it soon.

Carter: [Heatedly] Shhh… Do anything; I want a Zombie or my money back.

John Ton: [Softly] yes sir.

[Carter exits away]




[The Zombie’s reactions are completely like a dog; it barks and lifts its leg on the four corners often]

[Carter even gets angry and exits even angrily…]

Day IV

[The Zombie’s reactions are completely like a small kid]

Carter: [Irritably] what the hell is happening here!

John Ton: sorry sir, I found some error in the formula of the chemical.

Carter: What! Some errors? You bad… I have spent three fifty…

John Ton: …Million dollars for making Zombie…

Carter: Yes…

John Ton: We have remedy for it sir. I have found the problem last night.

Carter: What did you find?

John Ton: it’s very small problem… Sir, ‘Buffalo’s dung’ powdered before it dried and mixed with the entire chemicals, that’s the problem. I need some more money.

Carter: To make dry the ‘Buffalo’s dung’?

Chris Tim: Yes sir… [Others laugh]

John Ton: [Shouts] Shut up ­­__ please be serious… it’s not a fun. Sir please give us a chance, sure we will make him back.

Carter: But you have wasted my days and money.

John Ton: This time, it will not be wasted sir and you will get money by selling it to government and royalty too.

Carter: [Ambitiously] this is my last money which I earned from the gambling.

[Carter lends remaining the three fifty million dollar again and exits]

Day V

[Carter enters into the research center and he sees the happy face of the fellows and the scientist]

Kumo: We succeed sir.

[Carter surprisingly searches the Zombie but the glass proof door has opened. And the Zombie is back as a beggar again. Carter is shocking…]

John Ton: Sir, give some money I have found everything… newly we can make, problem will not be occurred again.

[Carter exits with keeps his hands on his head]

[All the six are sharing the money including the beggar]

Rose Bud: [Doubtfully] if he complaints everything to the FBI about this crookedness, what we will be going to do?

Kumo: [Chuckling] it’s an illegal research and he had been a partner of this fake research. So, he is not able to complaint and it was earned illegally in gambling.

John Ton: Josephine. Why are you looking so sad dea’?

Josephine: Some guilty feeling is hurting inside that we cheated him.

Kumo: ‘Don’t feel Jose’, he cheated others in the gambling and we have cheated him.

The Beggar: Then who will cheat us???

All the five get shocked…

The Curtain


© Copyright 2018 R Saravanan jaa. All rights reserved.

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