Cat vs. Dog!

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The battle immemorial!

Submitted: August 31, 2016

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Submitted: August 31, 2016



This is a collabaration between Hullaballo22 and Mike Stevens





In this house that we let people share

There’s a spot that, for sun, none can compare.


It’s a competition between me and THAT DOG,

If he gets there first he’ll be such a hog.


Me, I am smaller, don’t take up much space --

The sun on my back as I clean up my face!


I’m cleaning my whiskers and behind that ear,

Hang on, I can smell him, that DOG’s getting near.


He’s padding along, this DOG, through the hall

I’ll put up a fight even though I am small.


I’ll grumble, I’ll hiss, I’ll show him the claw,

I’ll send him a message -- ‘Back out through that door’.


This patch of warmth, it belongs to the CAT,

It’s time that this DOG gets his head around that.


It’s time I was sleeping, curled up in this sun,

That DOG must know that there’s just space for one.





What in the hell is that fur ball from Hell doing here?

He's always in my face, underfoot, and always so near!


Every day, it's a race for the place where the sun streams through,

I look at him, and he at me, and the race is on, "me, or you?"


He acts like the undisputed king, I mean, what the hell is he, anyway?

I'll tell you what, he's a pain it my side, and my bitter enemy!


I guess you could say we fight like cats and dogs.

There's no two ways about it, he's a sunlight hog.


I have to sit in cold shadows, while he chases string,

over and over, that piece of string he does fling.


I mean, talk about pointless, but from the sun he never strays,

for if he did, I'd be all over that spot, while the string-beast he slays.


And, I'm not bitching, you see, but he gets to sleep in the warmth of inside,

While I have to make do with the dangerous and bitter cold outside.


It didn't used to be this way, before HE came to live here.

Now, I'm on high alert, and I live in constant fear when he's near!


© Copyright 2018 Mike S.. All rights reserved.

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