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Who knew that one small mistake could cause a girl to go on a killing spree?
When Ashley wants revenge she takes it to a whole other level...

Submitted: August 31, 2016

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Submitted: August 31, 2016



Chapter One: September 15th, 2016


Grade eight was horrible. The excerises were too tiring, Mr.Anderson was too strict, and it just sucked in general. Especially on this day, during gym class. Let's just say I'm not athletic, but I wasn't the worst in the class. Except today was volleyball. I watched from the benches as my best friend Sarah hit a powerful serve. I wasn't surprised. My other friend Hannah volleyed on a serve. Everyone laughed with her. Then Ashley (a girl I pretend to be friends with) attempted to serve. Mr.Anderson tried to help her for the hundredth time, but it was a lost cause. Even from the benches I could see the tears threatening to slip out of her eyes. I couldn't help it. I let out a chuckle right when she looked at me, What a mistake. Her eyes were shooting daggers at me for the rest of gym.


Chapter Two: Regrets


Afterwards, on the way back to class, I expressed my worries with Hannah and Sarah. "Ashley's gonna kill me," I muttered. Hannah just sang to herself. "Don't freak," Sarah said calmly. "She's just having her daily temper tantrum! Anyway, she's been especially stalkish these days..." "Like that's not vague," Heather smirked. "You guys haven't noticed? She's been following us around like a complete weirdo and..." At this point I zoned out when I noticed Ashley fuming behind us. "Uh...Sarah?" I interupted. "Let me finish. She's such a baby! And-" "Sarah! SHUT UP!" shouted Hannah, who had also noticed Ashley. Sarah thankfully got the hint and her face turned bright red. She slowly turned around and stammered "Ummm...A-Ashley...you see...it's not what it-" "IT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!" Ashley raged. "Woah...rage much," Hannah muttered. At this point, Ashley pushed past us. "Uh oh," Hannah said. My thoughts exactly.


Chapter Three: Revenge


We could tell Ashley was bad-mouthing us to her few friends. Her several attempts at revenge were pretty stupid; stealing my books, putting gum in Hannah's hair, and even spamming Sarah with threatening texts. That last one was kinda scary...


Chapter Four: June 1st, 2017


Summer was almost here. Finally! On this day Ashley took revenge to another level.


It started with a power outage. We were huddeled in the classroom, when I heard sobbing. I slowly walked into the hallway using my IPod to find Ashley desperately looking through her locker. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Yea-h, it's-s j-just that I lost m-my...IPOD!" Ashley sobbed. "Here let me help," I offered. I walked to her locker and started rummaging through her stuff. "I-I'm g-gonna go to th-the washroom," She stammered. I don't know why I believed her. After five minutes I heard footsteps. "Ashley?" I asked. The only answer I got was the deep pain in my side.


Chapter Five: Punishment


I slowly looked down to see a pair of scissors stuck in my gut. I screamed and Ashley clamped a hand over my mouth. She slowly dragged me to the empty washroom. A few painful seconds later, the bell rang signaling it was snack. A few more minutes and it was recess. She dragged me to the now empty classroom and tied me to a chair. Using the blood dripping from my wound, she wrote "Hannah" on the wall. Then she ran out of the classroom.


Chapter Six: Agony


Waiting for recess to be over was agony. Blood was constantly seeping out of me and the pain was unbearable. Finally the bell rang. The first person to walk in the room was Sarah. She took one look at me and vomited. Hannah stood there looking at me and her name written in blood; paralyzed. When Mr.Anderson walked in, his mouth fell open in shock. After a second, he ushered everyone into the room and looked up and down the hallway before locking the door. While he called the office, magority panicked and some vomited. When Sarah and Hannah came to their senses, they rushed over and untied me. They lowered me to the ground; at a loss for words. At that moment, the principal's voice boomed over the loudspeaker: "This is a code red. I repeat CODE RED." 


Chapter Seven: Lockdown


One girl turned off the lights, Sarah shut the blinds, and Mr.Anderson organized everyone into a corner. Everyone except me that is, until my crush, Tom, dragged me over. After a few minutes we heard something. Hannah tiptoed toward the door. "Hannah! Get back here!" Mr.Anderson whispered, but it was too late. She was already peaking through the small window on the door. At that moment, a rock smashed through that window. Hannah ducked just in time. She slowly stood up, but not for long. All of a sudden she fell with a knife stuck in her head.


Chapter Eight: Escape


Everyone screamed as Ashley reached through the broken window and opened the door. Mr.Anderson picked up a paperweight and hurled it through the window. We all jumped out, except me. Finally I'm helped out by Tom and Sarah. We ran through the parking lot with Ashley trailing behind us. We make it to the community center and quickly barricade the doors. Mr.Anderson pulled out his phone and called 9-1-1. After explaining the situation they arrive, but Ashley's already gone...


Chapter Nine: July 5th, 2017


After that mess, I was escorted to the hospital and now I'm all patched up. Hannah's funeral was devastating and I still miss her. Today I went to Sarah's house for a sleepover. At 8pm we watch Netflix. All of a sudden, I get 20 texts from...Hannah!? They all say "Hi friend". Sarah notices how pale I am and looks at the texts. "No-no way," She stammers. All of a sudden, I get another text: "Look outside." We turn our heads and see Hannah's dead body pinned to a tree.


Chapter Ten: Neverending Nightmares


We scream and run to Sarah's room. "I think we're safe?" I ask. Then something crashes through her window. It's Tom's head. Attached, is a note. It reads: "You're never safe..."






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