A Hopeless World

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What is the meaning of life? Is it 42 or is it something more complex? How significant are we? Is hope a good thing?

Submitted: August 31, 2016

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Submitted: August 31, 2016



The shittier one’s life becomes the more he comes to appreciate the beauty of Nihilism. Life really is meaningless, we are no different from grass that grow in the field or animals of the wild except that their lives maintain the equilibrium of this extremely complex system called Earth, we on the other hand do whatever we can to tumble it over. Intelligence is the one thing that led humans to top of the world, yet the furthest we were able to reach from our home (by Voyager 1) is 122 AU (Astronomical Units) while the diameter of Milky Way (our galaxy) is approximately 6.3 billion AU. To put that in perspective, if our galaxy’s diameter is the longest flight route in our planet (Doha - Auckland) which is 14,536 km ( 9032.25 mi) then we’ve travelled about 30 cm (size of a foot-long ruler). And that diameter of our galaxy is just 1 millionth of that of the observable universe’s. So basically we’re living our lives in an insignificant speck in the Universe but that’s not all, in our galaxy there are about 60 billion of these insignificant specks that could support life making ours not even a unique insignificant speck. Yet we have Mr. / Miss. Universes, imagine our chutzpah.

This unwillingness to accept that we are nothing led to the invention of religions and gods so that we could place ourselves in the centre of the universe claiming that the being that created the universe did it only for us. Let’s inspect these ‘gods’, if there is indeed a being that created the whole universe which has in it clusters and superclusters of galaxies, beautiful nebulas that extend for lightyears, black-holes larger than our solar system and more massive than our entire galaxy, He/She/It most probably doesn’t even know of our existence, for all we know he might be a scientist in some sort of a hyper universe, sitting behind a screen blasting together his equivalent of particles and our universe might just be an unintended byproduct that popped into existence and will vanish before he realizes. Suppose he purposefully created the universe , I doubt that he’d notice us as we might fall short of his device’s ‘resolution’. Even if an entity created the whole universe and observed us with an infinite resolution machine, he’d not be interested in solving our problems. We observe ants, record the data we see but we seldom try to solve their food crisis or short lifespans, for an entity capable of creating a universe we would be lesser than ants. If we do not like this version of a god, let’s take a look at the gods in our history, what do we have? Gods that take sides, fights among each other and declares end satisfies means. If a God does take sides then there is a chance that he does hate you and will do everything in his omnipotence to destroy you. This is more terrifying than the hope religion provides. Yet people fight and die in the name of different versions of the same story that prophesy love. If I start talking about the vagueness of right and wrong this will turn into a book so let’s stop at it for now. 

If we ignore our insignificance and focus on creating a name for ourselves in this planet, can we? Fame, success and money are the most sought after things in our world. Most people we know really want one of the above three or all three (most of the times), How many billionaires and millionaires did you see emerge ? How many made it into the movies or created bands? How many discovered or invented anything of significance? Everything that defines you in this world is mostly decided for you at birth. Most of the things that lead you to success are left for chance. Consider Bill Gates, had he not been born to his wealthy parents he would never have had an opportunity to attend Lakeside School which led to him being exposed to programming at a young age and develop an interest in that. Had his parents been strict about education, he couldn’t have dropped out to start microsoft and grow into the genius, billionaire, philanthropist (yes, it is an iron-man reference) we know today. His parents, his interest, the current trend everything coincided to push him to success, it was as if universe took his side (sounds familiar?). No successful person ever emerged purely because of hard work, don’t get me wrong success does require handwork but it always requires a high element of luck or events to play out in your favour. In short you can’t even be a significant person in this insignificant speck in the universe unless luck/god takes your side. Then what is the meaning of life? Nothing. If it is meant to be it will. Your fate is not the result of good and evil committed by you or your ancestors, it is just random. 

What would happen if you could see your future and finds that it returns null (programming joke!)? You’d loose all hope and probably decide to end your life. This decision might sound okay to you, but imagine if it is your loved one that decides to end their life, you’d have no option but to inject them with false hope. I think that itself led to the quest for man to make himself important. Maybe during the infancy of human race, In a cave a man lied to his starving children,’Don’t worry, this fire will end now, the forest will give us food’ or a chieftain lied to his whole clan similarly, leading them to depend on symbols of hope like the forest or sun for food. This dependence turned into deities, rules, moral codes, scriptures, religions, gods and their love for humanity thus placing the Earth they saw in the centre of the universe. Hope is really a poison capable to destroy one completely, but it is sweet too. It is a necessary evil, it keeps earth from turning into the home of a depressed sentient race, it sticks people in the pursue of success so that when the opportunity provides itself the lucky few may grab it. Nihilism is pain, a pain capable of liberating you but a pain nevertheless. 

“I saw in her eyes, the pain of hopelessness. I could not but hug her and whisper a kind lie in her ears,’Everything will be alright, God is gonna solve it all’. Words that I knew are meaningless   gave me an opportunity to see those eyes shine again with hope.”


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