Washing With The Stars

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When there are few options she must choose the most awkward one yet.

Submitted: August 31, 2016

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Submitted: August 31, 2016



It was a lifeless day; the clouds were dark grey, a shade so dark it was almost considered black, and it was pouring. I reached out and grasped the edge of the window. With one good tug, it slid to the side, revealing the warm humid air that slowly hit my face. I carefully reached out a cupped hand; letting the warm rain hit my palm. Once my hand was full, I brought it back and took a long sip. It tasted surprisingly sweet, like tea. I drank the rest until it dribbled down my chin. I wiped my damp hands on my knee-long skirt and quickly shut the window.


I hopped over to my chestnut brown couch and plopped down while grabbing the TV remote. I lazily turned on the TV. A news reporter was alerting everyone of the flooded streets, which meant no driving, and bodies of water. I turned it off and casually looked at the clock. "Crap!" I gasped. "It's midnight! I forgot to take a shower!" I noticed that tommorow was the big buisness meeting and I had to look my best, and well smell my best! I despertely started thinking of other ideas, because the shower was burning hot after 12am. Suddenly I got a crazy idea!


I stripped off my clothes and wrapped a fluffy towel around me as a replacement. I grabbed all my other "shower essentials" and ran out the door, past the lobby, and onto the streets. I gasped at the beauty of it; the stars reflected off the crystal-clear water and the soothing sound of silence calmed me. I strode over to the street and set everything down on the sidewalk. I quickly lowered my body into the warm water. After a few seconds of slowly scrubbing myself, I heard a soft "clunk". I opened my eyes to see three more bottles on the sidewalk. Each were labeled "MEN" in big bold letters. As soon as I read that one word, a boy, no...a man sunk into the water. His perfect brown hair was cut short, so you could see his dark eyebrows and chocolate eyes. His lips parted slightly and then I noticed that this...stranger was talking to me! "My name is Tom," he said with a smirk. He stared at me for a while. I was getting lost in his milky brown eyes...he cleared his throat loudly. "And you are?" he asked. "Oh," I practially whispered. "I'm Chloe." "Well Chloe it's nice to meet you," he smirked. For a while we just awkwardly washed ourselves. Until he asked me: "So are we gonna do this again?" I just stared at him, lost for words. So instead, I leaned in and kissed him. My eyes automatically closed. His lips felt soft and he tasted like...cinnamon? This was all a dream come true, but the best part was that he kissed me back.



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