Killer in my mind

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Supernatural event transformed.

Submitted: August 31, 2016

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Submitted: August 31, 2016



I can feel it closing in. That darkness. It's my day and night here. There are so few stars in front of me that I can't even see where the sky begins or where it ends. They can't see my demons around me. I'm drowning in fear. How can I speak when they've stolen my voice? I try to wait patiently. They surge. Lashing at my arms. I will them to stop. They don't listen. I fear they'll take my soul next. Covering myself they stop. Plotting their next move. I turn and run. Suddenly I'm on the ground. I can't breathe. I try to stand but my hands give out. Forced onto my back I see him. Vile, covered in the tendrils. A ungodly sound rips into the night. His black eyes staring into me. Searching my mind. I feel my strength fade. I'm not strong enough to defend myself against him and he knows it. Finding my voice I beg and cry. Cracked dry lips part revealing broken black teeth. His face contorts. Throwing his head back laughing I scramble to get up. A sharp pain slices my wrist. Looking down I see one of those long lean tendrils wrap itself around my arm. Small rivers of blood trickle down and drip from my fingertips. I try to shake it off but it grips more tightly onto me. I scream.  Another attaches itself to my other arm while a third goes for my leg.  My leg can no longer hold my weight as I fall again. Begging him to let me go, he just watches. The pain is so strong. At one point I blackout. Praying for it to end. 

A sharp increase in sound pulls me from myself. The cold creeping in my bones as I lie in the dirt. Shaking, I try to stand. Pain. The only thing in my waking mind. As I fall back to the earth, a flash of light crosses my vision. I could still feel him around me. Watching my every move. Crawling to the brick wall, I steady my aching body. A shiver runs up my spine. I know he's behind me. His foul breath chocking me. I can hear him in my mind. He wonders. Enjoying this moment. I can't help but see his thoughts, his plan for me. His slow terror, the intense pain on my physical body has only been the beginning. I hear crack. The slicing pain in my shoulder tells me everything. Crumbling down, it's to much. My vision blurs more. How have I survived this long? I sense him moving in for his next strike like the snake going for the kill. Placing my palms on the dirt, I push him from my mind. 

His howl breaks something in me. Golden swirls rose from my palms and up my arms. Traveling within me. Warmth flares in me healing every wound. I feel his fear as he watches. The glint of silver slices through my glowing body only to evaporate as it passed. Fear turning into complete hate. He unleashed the horrid tendrils. 

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