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Submitted: August 31, 2016

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Submitted: August 31, 2016



Elaine waits
at the bus stop
for the school bus.

Her sister
and few others
wait with her.

She and sister haven't spoken
since the night before.

An uneasy silence
sits between them.

The other kids talk
amongst themselves
about the night before
and the TV programmes.

The school bus arrives
and stops
and they climb aboard.

Going to sit
with your boyfriend
A few voices call out.

Elaine walks down
the aisle of the bus
and sits by the window
and her silent sister
sits beside her.

Fallen out already
with your lover boy?
A lone voice calls out
from behind
but no one takes
with it and it dies a death.

The radio
on the bus
starts up
with a Billy Fury song.

The chatter begins
and Elaine looks
out the window.

Her sister chats
with nearby friends.

She is conscious
John is over
on the other side
of the bus
but doesn’t
look over
in case the voices
take it up again.

Her sister and her
big blabber mouth
telling others
on the bus
that John had kissed her.

None of their business
what she and John
do or don't do.

The fields go by
hedges and houses
trees rush past
cows in a field
telegraph wires
whiz past as the bus
takes them to school.

She wishes she could
just look over
and see if
he is all right.

Maybe he is looking
at her now
at this moment
and wondering why
she isn't looking his way
what will he think
what will he say?

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