Dear Patience

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Its from the heart

Submitted: September 01, 2016

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Submitted: September 01, 2016



How does measure patience,

by days going bye and bye?

hours passing;

days racing,how?


The enemy of my destiny?

or the friend of my fututre?

A mountain unable to shake.

Those that try to destroy it,destroy themselves.


Patience who always has the win,

the unfair deserving win,

the spectators of the future clap as Patience doesn't give in.

Are you feared,or is it Future feared beyond you?


You settle the unstability of the heart,

you bring addiction to a halt.

All your warnings and presence is a threat.

The enemy of the word "but".


Longing for yours and Future's depart.

A depart that will be celebrated by many,

for they will be able to see the once hidden.

The present of shock will be given.


Are you my enemy of all my wishes?

Although I do wish to destroy you,but I

know that you are waiting for Future to be mature

for an old matured being like I.


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