Until the End (A Zootopia Fanfiction)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Blackmail and Love Letters

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Chapter 2: Blackmail and Love Letters


Nick and Judy were walking side by side back from their romantic evening together back to the apartment. Nick couldn't help but notice Judy's stunning beauty. How her dress blew like an ocean breeze in the soft night's wind, and how her piercing lavender eyes seemed to shine like flawless diamonds under the pale moonlight. He was so distracted, that he didn't notice the light post that now met with his face. He stumbled back as Judy laughed.

"Are you okay?" she asked through her chuckles.

Nick shook it off and smiled. "I'm just distracted by your beauty."

Judy gave him a laugh, a blush, and a playful punch to the arm as they continued walking.

Thick grey clouds began to form above them, cascading over the evening sky, and not long after did it start to pour rain. Judy and Nick ran back to the apartment as fast as they could. They were not expecting it to rain, so neither of them had umbrellas. They soon made it home. Nick shook trying to get as much water off himself as possible while Judy gently wrung out the fur on her ears. They were both completely soaked. They changed out of their wet clothes and got into dry ones. Judy changed by the bed while Nick took his and changed in the bathroom. This was their routine since they began living together. She put on her pink plaid shirt and some leggings while he came out in his classic green Hawaiian shirt and khakis; no tie this time. The night was still young, so they decided to sit down to a movie.

"I'm gonna go make some popcorn real quick. Be right back." Nick said with a kiss on her forehead.

Judy began to think of the dream she had earlier. Every single frightening second ran through her mind. She began to shiver and breathe heavy. Nick came back and plopped on the couch with her. He put his arm around her shoulder and Judy snuggled close to her mate as the movie began. He noticed her shaking and asked if she was okay. She said yes, and he simply went back to the movie, shoveling handfuls of popcorn into his mouth. Judy shrugged it off and kept watching. Near the end of the movie, a loud crash of thunder startles the two as the room goes black.

"What happened?" asked Nick.

"I think we just had a power out."

Nick grunts as he checks the time. "9:45. Well we can't just sit here in the dark, especially for a blind bunny like you."

Judy rolled her eyes. "Okay, I should have a few candles somewhere." Nick walks around with ease thanks to his night vision, while Judy is forced to turn on her phone's flashlight.

She begins thinking about the dream again. This time in more immense detail. Her breathing sped up again, and she led out a small whimper.

Nick heard her. "Carrots, are you sure you're okay?"

Judy tried to play it off but it was no use. He knew something was up; her poker face was nothing to him too. She began to frown. "I...I've just been thinking of what Raja did. I was never so scared in my life. I would have thought he was savage if we didn't have antidotes. I-I've been thinking of that day we cracked Bellwether. I was so scared, what if you really did go savage? What...if... you..."

She began to hiccup as tears ran down her face. Nick pulled her close. He gently put his hands on her shoulders.

"Judy. That is never going to happen. I will never let anything happen to you. Not now, not again, not ever. I should have been there with you." He moved his paws to her cheeks, wiping away her tears and looked deep into her eyes. "I promise, Judy. No matter what happens, I will always be there for you. I love you."

This was one of the rare times he said those three words to her. Judy knew he loved her, but he almost never said those words to her, not that way. Her tears turned from ones of anguish to ones of joy. Judy leaned in close as her lips met with his in a pleasuring embrace.



Their kiss begins to become more intimate. Judy moans softly as they lock each other in a french kiss. Their tongues tangle each other feeling each other's mouths, tasting their partner's saliva. They turned towards each other, Judy puts her arms around his neck and Nick puts his around her slim waist. They pull away and she begins panting. Nick's paw starts to slide down lower as he begins caressing her leg. Judy's moans become louder. They return to their kiss. Normally, Judy would stop Nick here, but this time she allowed it; she knew in her mind she wanted it. They've been together for long enough, and they had a pretty intimate relationship, but they have had yet to make it to that final base. She wanted to save herself until she was married and Nick respected that, but she could not wait any longer. Judy was ready for it, and so was he.

Nick picks her up, still locked in their kiss, and carries her to her bed. He places her down and their seal is broken with a thick saliva strand. Judy's blush began to grow. Nick gets on top of her pinning her down as he stares into her delicate purple eyes. Her heart begins racing as she looks back into his vibrant green eyes. She knew what he was going to do, and she whispered, slightly trembling, "Please be gentle." Nick gave her a seducing smirk as he replies. "Don't worry, Carrots. I will." He gently kisses her on the neck sending shivers down her spine as he breaths in her sweet perfume. He smirked. Blueberry perfume; she knew him so well.

Nick picks her up, and places her on top of him as he lay down on his back. He grabbed at her hips, pinning her down. Judy could feel his arousal growing, making them both more excited. Judy got to work. She began slowly unbuttoning his green shirt to reveal his bright red fur.

Judy starts rubbing his chest. "You're so warm."

Nick smiled as he began moving his paws up. "Your turn." He says.

She nods as she begins unbuttoning her pink plaid shirt. Once she gets the last button undone, Nick slowly slides the shirt off her shoulders, revealing her soft grey and white fur. She wasn't wearing a bra. He breathed out at the sight of her torso, he was more than pleased; less work to do. He began feeling all over her, from her sides to groping her petite breasts. She began to moan again.

They go back to their kiss. As Judy rubs his chest, Nick starts caressing her butt and slowly slips off her pants, exposing her white panties. Judy moans in his mouth as they are both in heat. Nick gets on top of her again. Working his paws all up and down, from her thighs to her chest, and eventually to her crotch. Nick starts licking her neck, getting a taste of what bunnies are like, and she was delicious. He begins to gently bite her shoulders. Judy lets out a multitude of horny moans from all that he was doing. She was on fire, and she wanted more.

"Oh, Nick...Please...I'm ready...Please...Oh..." Judy begged through her moans as he began taking off his pants; accentuating his arousal through his boxers.

"My my... someone is a horny bunny." He cooes.

She looks back at him to see him slide off his boxers, revealing every last inch of him. Judy's eyes widened in desire at the size; it was much bigger than a rabbit's. He leaned in kissing her stomach, moving down lower as he takes of her panties, exposing her full body to him. He throbbed and breathed heavily at the sight. He licked his lips with desire; he wanted a taste.

He leaned in close, his tongue going to work. His warm breath tickled her stomach. Judy gasped as she gripped her pillow behind her head; She loved it so much. She thought she was going to lose it. He lifted himself onto the bed crawling towards his mate. Nick spread her legs and their bodies united in a slow, pleasurable embrace. Judy moaned and her back arched as he entered her. Nick went slow. He wanted to make sure she was okay; he wasn't sure if 'it would completely fit.' To his surprise, he met with her base. Nick felt her body tighten around him; it fueled his arousal. Seeing everything as alright, he let instincts kick in, creating an increasing rhythm. The sound of thunder and rain masked Judy's pleasured moans and Nick's heavy breathing. Good thing their neighbors were heavy sleepers.

Nick's body tensed up, coming close. "Judy...I-I'm gonna..." he tried to form a sentence but the pleasure was too great.

Judy tried to talk too, but was even more troubled from the pleasure and her moans. "Oh...me too...Nick...i-inside please...inside Nick..." He wanted to ask if she was sure, but it was too late.

Nick let out a howling moan as he tilted his head back, filling her with his love. She let out a horny scream of pleasure. "Oh yes Nick!" Nick moved back separating the two. He didn't knot inside of her, so he was free to release himself from inside of her, but he was not quite finished; as his final amounts of warm love spewed onto her stomach. She shivered on contact. Nick swallowed; he had so much saliva in his mouth that he was about to drool on her.



They both let out heavy sighs, trying to catch their breaths as they rested. The rain outside had stopped and the TV could be heard. The power was back on. Nick and Judy didn't care. They were caught staring deep into each other's eyes.

After a few seconds, Nick breaks the silence and asks, "You alright? I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Judy leaned up giving him a kiss, then laid her head back on the pillow. That really took all the energy out of her. "No, it was amazing."

Nick smiled, lifting himself from the bed. "I'm gonna hit the shower, would you care to join me?" He smirked offering a paw helping her off the bed.

As she stood up, his love began to slowly run down her leg. "I would love to." She replied giving him a wink.

Nick and Judy hopped out of the shower, their furs still dripping wet. Nick headed for the couch when Judy offered him to sleep with her tonight. He agreed plopping on the bed, not caring to put on clothes. He gave her a gesture to join him. She complied, dropping the towel from her body, crawling on the bed, and snuggling close to her mate; his arms wrapped around her tiny waist. Judy's eyes became heavy as he gave her a tender kiss on the cheek.

"Night Carrots. I love you." She smiled as they drifted off to sleep.

"I love you too.”


It was an early Saturday morning. Judy's eyes flickered open as the morning sun's rays illuminated the room. She turned over and buried her nose in red fur.

"Good morning, Carrots." Said a sleepy Nick.

"Good morning." She whispered back.

Judy stretched and clawed at the air. Nick chuckled as he got out of bed. "So, what's on today's schedule?" He said as he headed to the bathroom.

Judy sat up at the foot of her bed. "Well we are actually off all weekend, so it is whatever we want to, I guess."

She heard him whistling as he turned on the shower. Even though he took one last night, Nick loved taking two showers a day. Judy grabbed the remote and with a single click, she turned on the TV.

The TV was on the ZNN News, and a picture of her and Nick popped up on screen. Judy's head turned and her eyes widened. She turned up the volume to hear what the anchormammals were saying.

"Breaking news: Zootopia's top cops are more than partners at work? Shocking that Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde seem to be in a secret interspecies relationship. As pictures that were uploaded to Tweeter last night can show."

The image popped up on screen of Nick kissing Judy in the alleyway where they took down Raja. The moose anchormammal spoke.

"The poster of this content is known as Rac00nTravis31, how he got this stunning content? We do not know, but-"

Judy jumped at the sound of rapid knocking at her door. She turned off the TV and quickly threw on a nearby yellow nightgown. She opened the door to be greeted by her landlord. Nick walked out of the bathroom fully dressed, but his fur was still a bit wet. The armadillo's eyes narrowed at the sight of them. She handed Judy an eviction notice. Judy stared in disbelief.

"I want you two gone by midnight. We don't serve your kind here." She said through her teeth. Judy was at a loss for words.

Nick snickered at the landlord. "You can't be serious! I'm just temporary until I get a new place! You can't kick her out because she is my mate!"

She gave him a vicious glare as she raised her voice. "Gone! By Midnight!" She grabbed the knob and slammed the door.

Silence ran through the apartment for a few seconds. Nick scoffed turning to the TV, flipping through the channels. All of the news channels were talking about their relationship. "That hard-shell can't do this. Isn't that breaking some kind of law, Judy?" She didn't think so. It wasn't illegal not to serve interspecies couples.

"How are we gonna find another apartment by midnight? On a Sunday? What's worse is what is the Chief gonna say?" She gripped tightly to the red piece of paper.

Nick put his hand on her shoulder. "Why don't you go get the mail and call your parents. I'll look for some realtors."

Judy agreed, she needed some fresh air to clear her mind anyway. Nick had to look into this Rac00nTravis31 a bit more, so he did. Once he understood what was going on, he flipped through his contacts and found the name Buffalo Butt. Judy took her time walking outside, trying to ease herself so she would actually be able to think. It looked like it was going to be a rough weekend if they couldn't think of something. Judy's parents didn't pick up, they must have been up to something. Judy slumped her way back into the apartment. She noticed Nick was on his phone.

"Bye." He hung up. She didn't question who it was, she just figured he was trying to get a hold of some realtors.


About an hour passed, and Judy felt like giving up. Nobody was answering the phone, and ones that did hung up as soon as she said her name. She noticed that Nick was just texting on his phone.

"Nick, come on! Keep trying! Do you really want to sleep under a bridge tonight?" Her voice sounded of anger and anguish.

"Don't worry Carrots. I have a gut feeling that something's gonna work out in our favor."

"I'm sorry Nick, but right now I don't think your gut is going to be the solution of where we are going to live!"

Someone knocked on the door and Nick's ears perked up. "Oh. Speak of the devil, that must be him now."

Him? Judy thought. He opened the door, and shock filled Judy's face as her ears drooped. It was Chief Bogo.

"Hello there, Hopps. Mind if I come in?" He said already ducking to fit through the door. His head was almost against the ceiling of the small apartment.

"Ch-Chief..." Judy started. "A-about...m-me and Nick...w-we..." Bogo raised his hoof gesturing her to stop talking. He began to laugh which confused Judy as her ears slowly popped back up.

"What? That you two were a thing? Ha! Whatever...the entire department already knew. Well, except for Clawhauser. It wasn't that hard to tell." Bogo began pacing the floor. "While I know full well that it is not against policy, it is common that a relationship amongst partners comes in between and affects their work. However, you two have shown that you can work together and get some amazing things done without your relationship getting in the way. So I'll let it slide, Hopps." Judy could do nothing but breathe a sigh of relief. "We do not discriminate. We are all fine with who you have chosen to be with Hopps, and apparently so does most of the town."

Judy gave him a perplexed look. "What?"

"Haven't you seen the news? Huge crowds have gathered in front of the station cheering for the two of you. Looks like your public image will not be an issue either." Judy's eyes widened in disbelief.

"He's right, Carrots," Nick said handing his phone to her, "it's all over FurBook."

Judy took his phone to see hundreds of animals with signs saying different things like 'Hooray for our loving heroes' and 'Love Wins.' There was an unbelievable amount of positive feedback for the two of them. Judy began to smile again.

"Th-that's wonderful! But, is that all you were here for Chief?"

Bogo looked back. "Well, Wilde called me up, telling me about your apartment dilemma. My sister owns an apartment complex, and she is willing to let you stay in a nice room for an even cheaper rent then you have now."

Judy was at a loss for words again. Did Nick really do this? She could do nothing but smile.

"And that's not all." Nick added. "I looked in on that Rac00nTravis31, and it looks like he's one of Raja's guys. He was trying to blackmail us, so we got a couple of guys heading to his place to catch him. That, my dear Officer Hopps, is the crime of extortion. I'll give you a couple of lessons, Carrots. Lesson 1, nobody blackmails this fox. Lesson two, nobody blackmails this fox's partner." He said with a smile.

Judy was amazed. Nick had actually taken his job more seriously than her. She almost felt aroused at this. "We'll send over some boxes. We'll have some other guys handle moving your stuff to the new place. It is your weekend off, and I expect you two to be off. Go out and have some fun." Bogo let out a grin, something hardly seen out of him. Judy could not thank the chief enough as he left. The door was closed, Nick was standing next to Judy wearing his smirk; Judy let out a tear of joy.

"You knew all along, didn't you?"

"Yep." He said with his chest puffed out.

"You sly, dumb fox." She wiped her cheek.

"Hey. You can't combine nicknames. Well, it looks like we can take it easy now. I guess we're not sleeping under a bridge tonight, huh Carrots?" Judy gave him an elbow to the side, followed by a hug.



Now that their worries of where they would live had been taken care of, Judy had a chance to go and get some groceries. Nick was taking a small nap on the couch after packing everything that was theirs into the boxes. Judy realized she still had the mail from this morning. She looked through the three things she had: an advertisement, a catalog, and a letter addressed to her. She smiled when she saw it was from Bunnyburrow. Maybe it was a birthday card that was supposed to be delivered yesterday. That was not the case; it was something even better.

Judy raced back to the apartment, she couldn't wait to tell Nick the great news. She burst through the door with a crash calling out his name.

"NICK!" she shouted happily.

The sudden noises frightened Nick awake, he fell off the couch and his muzzle met the wooden floor with a painful thud. Judy cringed, as he scrambled to get up.

"What?!" Nick asked thinking something was wrong.

"I have some really great news!" He let out a sigh. He could never suspect if something was wrong or if something was exciting with such a rambunctious bunny as a mate.

"Oh, yeah? What is it?" Nick said letting out a yawn.

Judy pulled out the paper from her pocket. "It's an invitation to "Family Day" back at my hometown; it's a family reunion!" She hugged the paper happily sighing. "It's been such a long time since I've seen my "entire" family."

"Family day? Well then what does that have to do with me?" Nick began to drag himself to get some well needed coffee.

Judy followed. "Well, I was hoping that you would come with me."

Nick placed a white mug under the coffee maker as the hot liquid poured out. "No thanks."

Her ears drooped. "Why not?" She frowned.

He brought the mug up to his lips and took a sip. "Your parents don't like me. And if they don't, then just imagine the rest of your family." He took another sip as Judy walked up to him.

"What do you mean? Of course they like you, and my family won't care."

"No they don't, and yes they will." Nick replied to both comments as he walked to the desk. "I'm not going Carrots, sorry." Judy tried to think of a way to coax him into going; he just had to go with her.

She began thumping her foot and tapping her chin. "Please, oh please Nick! Um, I'll...um..."

An idea sprung into her head. An idea that she didn't particularly like, but she really wanted him to go. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

"What if-" she began, making nick squint with a cocked brow as he downed the last of his coffee. Her cheeks blushed with embarrassment. "I wear a... dress?"

His eyes shot open, then narrowed as he let out his smirk. He would get to see his favorite bunny in a dress; again. "Hmmm...tempting, but I think you need a little more than that to make me go, Whiskers." he looked off into the distance scratching his chin.

Judy continued. "And...you can pick out the dress?" His decision was finalized with that remark.

He turned to Judy putting the mug on the table. "You drive a hard bargain, sweetheart. Alright it's a deal. I'll go." Nick said about to give her a smile, but was interrupted by Judy jumping into his chest wrapped in a tight hug. This time Judy actually had enough force to bring him to the floor. They both laughed.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you Nick! Oh, this is gonna be so much fun! I can't wait for you to meet my brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins..." Nick gave a nervous look. He knew he didn't want to go, but he also really didn't want to disappoint Judy. So he sucked it up.

"Alright, alright... Let's go and pick out that dress now huh?"


They had been in the clothing shop for almost twenty minutes. Judy said he could pick the dress, but she kind of went on and picked a few for herself. Nick didn't mind not picking, he didn't really have an eye for style or fashion anyway. Besides, he knew that any would look good on her to him. He tapped his foot impatiently waiting for to finish up in the dressing room.

"Okay!" His ears sprang up, hearing her call his name. "Just tell me if it is too short."

He snickered as he looked up from his phone, preparing a sly joke for a reply. "If it is too short I won't mi-"

She was one step out of the door, and his jaw laid open. Judy had chosen a pink dress with a white floral pattern near the base. It sat just above her knees with a couple of straps over the shoulders. It was a simple dress, but it looked wonderful on her.

"Is it too short? Maybe I should wear some shorts underneath it; I don't want there to be a breeze. What do you think Nick? ...Nick?"

She looked up to see him taking multiple pictures. Her cheeks turned the same shade of pink as her nose. "Nick! Stop! No more pictures!"

Nick laughed putting his phone in his pocket. "Okay, well come out, let me see you better." He said grabbing her paws brushing his thumb over her knuckles trying to get her to relax her grip. Judy's gaze remained at her feet until Nick lifted her head up by the chin with his paw. "You look great, Judy." She glanced up at Nick, giving him a small smile.

"Thanks. Is it too short? Be honest."

"Eh." He shrugged. "Whatever makes you feel comfortable, I'll still think you look great. I think this dress is a winner!" Nick froze when Judy landed a firm kiss on his cheek. She had to be on her tiptoes to reach him.

They left the store heading for the train station. He looked at Judy with a smirk as they boarded. "So do you rabbits still live in holes, I've forgotten?" Judy chuckled. He smiled as they moved to the top seats. "Well, next stop: Bunnyburrow."


It was about ten minutes until they reached the city of bunnies. Nick was glad they took the train to skip the mid-day traffic. "So, Carrots. Tell me more about your family."

"Well..." She sat up, taking in a deep breath. "I had 275 brothers and sisters when I was a kid. I've recently had 294 brothers and sisters, but now it's 300 since my mom just gave birth to a six kitten litter a couple of months ago." Blood drained out of Nick's face, he dreaded meeting all 300 of them. "I'm a member of the fifth litter, my mom says. I'm an aunt of 150 bunnies altogether from my older brothers and sisters. I am also a great aunt for about 100 of them. I have over 500 cousins and 300 aunts and uncles just on my mom's side!"

Nick shuddered at the thought of the amount. "Why so many? How can you keep track of everyone? Doesn't that drive you crazy?" Nick's knuckles turned white from how tight he was holding onto the bar.

She tilted her head as he looked at him. "Why would it? Their family. Don't you have any brothers or sisters?" Nick's cringe went to a blank stare to the floor, and then off into the distance. He fell silent, lost in memory. Judy regretted asking.

"I-I don't wanna talk about my family right now..." He said watching the scenery go by.

"O-okay, no problem." Judy felt bad asking. Whenever Nick goes silent like that, she knows that it is something bad that happened to him. She began to lose her balance as the train shifted, forcing her to grab hold of the pole.

"Well, we're here." Nick said snapping back to reality as the train pulled into the station. They both leaped off the train and took a little walk down the dirt road to the Hopps family farmhouse. Judy was so happy, but Nick's ears drooped. Seeing hundreds of family vans parked along the side of the road.

Out of one of the vans comes out 25 bunnies along with their parents. Judy gasped loudly at the sight of the father bunny: her older brother, Johnny.

"Hi Johnny! Hi Marsha! Hey kids!" They all turned and said hi. The kids' smiled were lost at the sight of Nick, who smiled politely and waved at them. They all turned and ran. Nick frowned, and so did Judy placing her hand over her heart. She knew bunnies and foxes didn't always get along, but that was no reason for them to just give him the cold shoulder.

She looked up at Nick. "Don't worry, I'm sure they'll like you. In fact, by the end of the day I'm sure everyone will love you."

Nick sighed. "I highly doubt that." Judy's ears drooped. "Maybe I should go, this was a mistake." Judy's ears then sprung right back up as she spoke.

"No!" She yelled in a concerned tone, as she covered her mouth realizing she said it much louder than she meant to.

She then tried to play it off. Nick's eyebrow cocked, she was hiding something from him, there was another reason she wanted him to go; but she was not telling him.

"Judy, you know your poker face doesn't work with me. You're hiding something. Why am I actually here with you?"

Judy gave up, she couldn't hide it. "Okay...the real reason I wanted you to come is because... my ex-mate is going to be here too."

His eyes widened. An ex-mate?

"He's a family friend, so he was invited too." Judy rubbed her temple stretching her face; the very thought of him gave her a headache. "See, when I went out earlier today, he called me."

His ears perked. "What did he say?" Nick wasn't jealous, that wasn't like him. He just wanted to know.

"Well he called me asking me to come back and be his mate. He told me he was sorry for all his-" Judy paused, she started to get angry as she spoke of him. "-Lies! I told him I moved on and that you were my mate, but like the bunny he is, he didn't believe me. That stupid jerk!"

Judy's body tensed up. Nick put his paws on her shoulders in an attempt to calm her down. Judy exhaled. "So now you know... are you mad at me?"

Judy looked up at Nick who responded with a blank face, "We should make out in front of him." followed by his smirk.

Judy's face reddened at the idea. "Nick! No, we can't do that!" Judy said, but she chuckled at the thought of the look on her ex's face.

She then came in close wrapping her arms around his waist. "Nick, can I tell you something?"

He glanced down at her. "What is it?"

"I'm happy-"

"You're always happy, Carrots."

"-No. I mean I'm happy that I found you. I'm happy that I'm with you, someone who actually cares about me and not themselves."

Nick lifted her head. "Me too. You know I'll always be there for you, right?" Judy thought of that phrase he said that one day, and without thinking it escaped her lips.

"Until the end?"

Nick laid a gentle kiss on her forehead. "Until the end."

They walked up to the farm, paw-in-paw; neither one of them letting go.


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