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Chapter 3 (v.1) - A Flame Long Since Burned

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Submitted: September 01, 2016



Chapter 3: A Flame Long Since Burned


Nick and Judy made their way through the crowds of bunnies, Judy saying hi to everyone she knows. Nick stood significantly taller than everyone else, and with each hello would be followed by eyes staring at him; him with her. They all must have seen the news this morning about them. He wondered if Judy noticed the glares of judgement too. She spots two bunnies of interest, setting up tables.

"Hi mom! Hi dad!" Judy said.

Nick noticed Stu carrying six babies: three balanced on each arm. He was too preoccupied with the crying babies to notice Judy's calls. Bonnie's ears perked at the sight of her daughter.

"Judy! You made it, we thought you weren't going to make it what with all that happened on the news this morning."

Nick's question was answered. "Stu, come say hi to your daughter." Bonnie said.

Stu struggled with the crying babies as they thrashed around in his arms. "Which one?!" He was at this point juggling babies, trying to calm them all down.

Judy chuckled. "Are these my little brothers and sisters?" She asked taking a baby from her father, who was more than relieved to loan one out for care.

"Hey there, Jude-bug. How you doin?"

Judy cradled her crying sister, shushing her, and easily calming her down. The baby fell fast asleep. Nick looked in amazement at how fast she was able to calm her down. Bonnie swooped in and took two of her babies from her husband.

"Oh, Stu. I thought you would have gotten the hang of it after 28 litters... Nick, could you be a dear and hold Patricia for me?"

Before Nick could protest the baby bunny was placed in his arms. He cringed and stiffened to the sound of her cries.

Judy laughed at his inexperience. "Oh, Nick. It's just a baby."

"Easy for you to say! Here, maybe you should take her."

"She's just sleepy, just rock her like this." Nick watched Judy and repeated her actions. He thought he was doing it wrong as the kit continued to cry. Pretty soon, Nick got the baby to calm down, as she looked at him with curious brown eyes.

"There. See? Even a little pup like you can do it." Judy joked.

Nick grinned as baby Patricia drifted off to sleep. He gently wiped a tear off her cheek with his thumb. "Yeah, I guess I can."

Bonnie put a paw on her daughter's shoulder. "Judy always had a gift with the kids, I'm sure you'll make a fine mother some day."

Judy grinned. "Aww, thanks mom."

"That's what I always told her. Right, my sweet cottontail?"

Judy's face went from shock to a cringe at the sound of the familiar voice. Nick's brow rose to the sound of it too; the voice was cocky, greedy, and full of itself. Judy took a deep breath, putting on a fake smile as she turned to see a rather tall hare in a pin-striped suit approach them. Nick was not impressed, and Judy wanted to punch him in the face. Nick already did not like him, especially when he had the nerve to wrap his arm around her waist.

"Miss me, Judy?"


"Hello Billy." Judy said taking his paw off her waist.

Bonnie took the baby away from Judy's arms and did the same with Nick to go put them in their cribs. Judy went to Nick's side.

"It's nice to see you again. This is my mate, Nick Wilde." She wrapped her paws around his tie. He knew exactly what she was doing; asserting ownership. He was perfectly fine with being called her property.

Billy stared at Nick before shrugging. "Hmph, he doesn't look like much." He snorted haughtily.

Nick replied by putting his fist up to his lips. "Your mom." He said through a series of fake coughs.

Judy put her paw over her mouth to cover her smile and to stop herself from laughing. Billy on the contrary was not laughing anymore.

"What was that?" He asked.

Nick looked back at him and cleared his throat. "Hmm? Oh nothing, Peter Cottontail. I just thought I heard your daddy calling you. You should hop over there before he takes your allowance."

"Excuse me? But I own my own carrot business, and I have become very successful." He replied, his pride shining through as he grabbed his coat and stuck his nose to the sky.

"Wow, impressive. Successful carrot business in a town of bunnies. I would be too selling pawpsicles in Sahara Square."

Billy snickered out loud making Judy's ears straighten. "A fox being successful? Ha! I could never imagine it." Nick's glare intensified, as did Billy's.

Judy intervened before the argument could go any further. "You know I hate when you judge books by their covers, Billy. It looks like you haven't changed one bit since I left."

Bonnie came back and interrupted the conversation. "Oh hello there, Billy. Judy, the babies are down for their naps. Feel free to have some food and play some of the games with Nick. The race will be starting soon. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

Judy smiled. "Yeah, that does. Come on Nick." She said grabbing him by the paw. Nick looked back to see Billy scoff at them, and walked away.

As they walked, Judy's grip on Nick's paw grew tighter. She was obviously mad, but at the same time, feeling down. Nick came to a halt, causing Judy to let go. "Do you want to talk?" He asked, he didn't like seeing her like this. It was not her.

Judy let out a sigh as she softly spoke. "I don't know what happened to him. I'll admit I did have a crush on him once, and when we became a couple..." She paused, Nick could hear the anguish of past memories in her voice. Something he gave up a long time ago. "I thought we were perfect. It wasn't until I left for the academy that I realised my mistake."

Judy sat down in the field. Nick joined her leaning his head on hers. "What happened?"

"I told him about my dreams of becoming an officer. I expected him to support me, but he told me that I couldn't do it. That I couldn't even pass. At that moment, he wasn't the same rabbit I fell in love with anymore. So I dumped him."

His ears drooped back, Nick never knew he never knew so little about her and her past. Judy's tone lightened up as she continued. "Well, I'm glad I did, otherwise I would have never seen how selfish he was. I may have even had a few litters with him."

"Ugh. You would have had sixty bunnies that look exactly like him? I think I'm going to be sick." Nick said sarcastically as he fake gagged.

Judy chuckled. "It wouldn't be sixty. Well I'm just glad I'm with someone who truly believes in me."

Nick suddenly pulled her close to him, his arms wrapped gently yet firm around her waist. "You'd better believe it, Carrots." He said as he nuzzled his snout in her cheek, making her snort in laughter. Nick cackled along with her. He loved her laugh, he loved making her laugh; he loved everything about her.

"Yeah, but I would like to have kids someday." She looked up to see Nick wide eyed. She immediately regretted saying it. "O-oh gosh, Nick. I-I didn't mean...I..you, uh...I just..."

Judy couldn't form the right sentence to say, but she didn't need to as Nick replied.

"Me too."

They looked at each other. Smiles ran across their faces.

"B-but not for a while I mean. Hehe." Judy held his paw and leaned her head on his shoulder,

"Yeah." she said with a smile.


The race was simple. Nick looked ahead to see three obstacles they would have to overcome after the 50 yard dash: a log jump, wall climb, and a tire run. He looked at his competitors: most were little kids, so he knew they wouldn't be any trouble. However, there were some older and more athletic bunnies he had some worry for. Even Judy would be a hassle to beat. The only reason he decided to compete was when he heard of the mystery prize for the winner. If Judy wanted it, Nick knew it had to be good if she wanted it. Nick sighed at the sound of familiar annoying laughter, as he and Judy turned to see Billy competing next to them. Nick's eyebrow rose and Judy scoffed at the sight of him now shirtless. He was rather buff for a hare, and some of Judy's younger sisters were giggling. She didn't even blush, the only thing Judy did was try her best to pretend he didn't exist.

Billy snickered at Nick. "Why are you competing, foxboy?"

"For the same reason everyone else is. I'm getting that prize. Oh, and you really need to work on your nicknames Billy goat." Nick said giving him his smirk, which Billy did not like.

"You won't even make it over the log."

Nick turned towards him. "My my, are you waging a bet Mr. Business Bunny?"

Billy leaned in close, Nick was forced to look into his pretty boy blue eyes. "You win, I'll leave Judy be. You lose, she's mine."

Nick thought about it, then said with confidence. "Deal."

At the sound of the whistle, Nick had almost regretted betting with Billy as he was already in the lead. Judy was in second while Nick was actually in third place. The grass was still wet from last night's rainstorm, making the possibility of slipping very real. He easily jumps over the log, as does Judy. Nick filled with dread seeing that Billy was already halfway up the wall. He jumped as high as he could and slammed into the wall; but slammed a bit too hard. He felt the wind get knocked out of him. Judy turned back in worry.

"Go go go! Keep going, Carrots!" He said with encouragement, shooing her away.

Judy jumped off the other side of the wall and caught up to Billy while Nick made his way over the wall too. It seemed as though Billy was going to win, until he tripped unexpectedly and got his leg wedged in between the tires. Nick smiled as he sped up. He gave Billy a smirk and a swaggered tail across his face. Billy cursed under his breath. Judy jumped with cheer as she crossed the finish line.

"I won! I won!" She exclaimed.

'I won too...' Nick thought, even though he would have won anyway. A middle aged bunny, possibly one of Judy's uncles, approached them.

"Congratulations, Judy. You just won a brand new tablet!" She gave out a very toothy smile as Nick congratulated her. "And for second place, a 200 dollar gift card!"

Nick smiled at his prize. "Hey Carrots. Now we can replace that old DVD player."

"Gee Nick, that sounds gr-" their conversation was interrupted by a fuming Billy.

"You got lucky, ya pelt!" Nick's eyes narrowed, and Judy let out a gasp before her face filled with anger.

"How dare you talk to him like that! You're nothing but a sore loser! Come on Nick. Let's get away from here."

She grabbed his paw guiding him to the forest by her house. Anywhere else was better than where they were, but Billy was persistent and followed.

"You can't be serious, Judy. You can't expect me to believe you are actually mates with this fox."

Judy's nose twitched, Nick stepped back knowing that she was about ready to scream at that hare. Nick realised that a crowd had begun to form around them.

"I am mates with him! We've been mates for three years Billy! And unlike you, he cares about me, about my dreams. All you cared about is having me as your little housewife! He's better than you." Billy begun raising his voice, Nick was about sick of him.

"He's a fox! Do you really think he can give you everything!?" Judy threw her new tablet into the grass. She stabbed her finger into his chest as she spoke.

"I don't need everything you spoiled little rich boy! He has given me all I need: compassion, attention, hope and most importantly, love Billy. Real love. Nick has given me everything that you could never give me!"

"He can't give you children! Can he!?"  

Judy fell deathly silent. Gasps and whispers could be heard from her family that surrounded the three of them. Her ears drooped, as she took a step back, he took a step forward. Nick's ears drooped at the sight of her melancholy. Judy could hardly speak; she was heartbroken by him, again.

"...I-I...y-you-" Billy stepped up again. She was close to being completely broken down in defeat.

"Can he, Judy?!" Judy turned her head as tears began to stream from her eyes. Her cheeks flushed and she tried to hold back hiccups. Nick's sadness became merciless anger for Billy. That was the breaking point.

He let out a vicious growl as he punched Billy right in the jaw, making him fall to the ground in a daze. Everyone was shocked, especially Judy. "You've got some nerve you stupid rabbit!" Billy tried to stand but was punched in the same spot. "Say it again! Come on, Easter Bunny. I dare you to say it again!"

Judy yelled for Nick to stop, trying to pull him away by his shirt. He looked back, which gave Billy enough time to grab his pair of brass knuckles from his pockets. Nick was then punched hard to the side, knocking him off and making Judy stumble back. The two of them collided in a full on fist fight. Judy's uncles and older brothers intervened to separate the two. Billy came out with a bruised jaw, bloody nose, and some scratches, while Nick emerged with a black eye, cut lip, and a very hurt and bruised side. They were still fuming.

"Come on rabbit! You're gonna be wearing a gold bucktooth when I knock yours out!"

"Try it, fox!" Billy was escorted back to the farm while Judy took Nick into the woods so they could be alone.


They sat underneath the treehouse she used to play in with her brothers. "Are you crazy? Do you want to get fired, or worse arrested?"

Nick looked down at her. "What I did? What about what that pompous rich boy said to you? Nobody says that to you, not you, not ever!"

Judy's eyes glossed over. "He was right Nick."

Nick fell silent, his ears folded down. Her words were broken between her growing sobs.

"I've always wanted kittens... I always wanted to have children of my own, and Billy knew that... But...while I'm...with you...we...we..." Judy's eyes streamed off into tears.

This time, sounding sadder than Nick had ever heard her before. She felt Nick put his paws around her in a very light hug, something he didn't real he too was broken down in tears.

There were only two times Jlly tend to do. His head hung over her shoulder.

"...Judy..." As Judy listened through her hiccuped cries, she felt something hit her ear. Something wet. Were those...tears?

"You think you're the only one?" He began to talk louder to try and mask the sound of pained sadness in his voice. "I know! I know we can't have kids! We can never! I can't give you that life and I'm sorry!" He repeated those last two words untiudy has ever seen something get to Nick. The first was Billy...the second was right then and there…


They held each other close as their sadness subsided. Only ten minutes had passed by, yet it seemed like hours. Their pain was now gone with their tears, and they began walking back. They still held each other close. Judy holding onto his his shoulder, Nick holding her waist. Judy stopped causing him too as well.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I-I was just thinking about us you know, not having kids and all. And I was thinking that if we do decide to, you know, start a family, w-we could always adopt."

Nick blinked. How could he not think of that. He smiled. "Yeah, m-maybe we could have pups and kittens."

Judy gasped. "Oh, Nick. That sounds perfect. Yeah, a little litter mix of foxes and bunnies. Oh how great would that be?"

Nick smirked. "Woah woah hold your horses there, Carrots. Before we start a family, you know way in the future, I'd have to marry you first."

"Yeah. That's true." As she walked ahead humming happily, Nick came to a stop. His ears perked as he watched her skip down the path back to the farm. His eyes widened with sudden realization. He whispered to himself, with an ever growing feeling of warmth in his heart.


"First I'd have to marry you..."


Shaking himself from his thought, he caught back up with the bunny, still smiling wide. As Judy and Nick walk back they see her uncle's and brothers talking to their parents. They also see a massive crowd of bunnies near them. Stu notices the two coming back, and more importantly, he sees Nick's condition. He approaches them.

"So, you really did pick a fight with him huh?"

Nick spoke quickly. "Mr. Hopps, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to cause any trouble, but what he said to Judy was-"

"Absolutely unacceptable." Stu interrupted. "I agree, and you were willing to ruin your reputation as a cop for the respect of my daughter."

Stu walked up to Nick. He expected him to punch him in the nose, but instead placed a paw on his shoulder. "After what you did for Judy, you are always welcome here Nick. Consider yourself welcomed in as a member of the Hopps family."

Judy looked up at him. A smile grew on his cheeks as he extended his arm out for a pawshake. Stu obliged.

"Thank you, Mr. Hopps."

"Nick, please. Just call me Stu." He gave a heartwarming smile back.

Bonnie and Stu noticed Billy come up to them through the crowd; he was now fully dressed again. He had an ice pack pressed against his swollen cheek. Judy's uncles walked him up to them because her brothers and sisters were ready to tear him apart for what he said to her. They all gave him pouts and glares as he walked by.

Billy glares at Nick and Judy as he walks past them, and they glare right back. Trying to play the role of good animal, he straightens his tie and puts on a polite grin.

"Mr. and Mrs. Ho-"

That's all he could say before Bonnie slapped him across the face with a firm paw. The force of the paw made him take a few steps back.

"How dare you say what you said to my Judy!" Bonnie yelled, which was something she normally never did.

Stu thumped his foot and had his paws on his overalls. "Billy Stride, what you have done today was unacceptable, and it will not be tolerated here. You are no longer welcome on this land."

Billy's eyes widened in shock. He then turned to anger, trying to have guilt on his side.

"After all I've done for this place? All because your daughter has gone crazy? All because I also tried to talk some sense into her from being a cop? All because I was beat up because her 'boyfriend' is jealous of me? All because your daughter has become a whore that dates animals outside of her kind!?"

Everyone was ready to rip him to shreds when Judy told Nick she had an idea, then she spoke aloud.

"If dating foxes makes me a whore, Billy..." he turned to her. Nick didn't really know what that sly bunny was planning. She had her phone's camera ready and told him to do the same. "Then I'm afraid you're right...I am a whore. But you know what? I love it too much to change. Kids close your eyes!"

Every little bunny did as they were told, using their paws or folding down their ears to blind themselves. They did not know what to expect, and neither did Nick.

Just as she finished her sentence, and double-checking to make sure every kittens' eyes were closed, she grabbed Nick by the shirt, pulled him close, and proceeded to firmly kiss him. His eyes widened, and Billly's jaw dropped to the floor. Looks like Nick was in for that make out session he requested when they first arrived. Nick closed his eyes, enjoying the kiss a bit more. Judy began snapping several pictures of Billy. His shell shocked face was priceless.

Bonnie, Stu, and her brothers and sisters knew exactly what she was doing. Judy was giving Billy a lesson of what happens when you mess with or hurt a Hopps sibling. Sheer and utter embarrassment. A tradition that begun with the first litter and has continued on for generations. This was their method of standing up for and protecting each other. They laughed at Billy. They ridiculed him.

Nick and Judy separated, she looked through the pictures and chuckled. "Well, I think I just found my new screensaver. Ooh, Nick, can you show this me how to post this on FurBook?"

She said giving him a smirk. "You bet I can Carrots, but first..."

He swooped her down in a tango dip, holding her by her waist as he continued their session. He looked up at Billy, giving him a smirk, followed by an eyebrow bump. Billy turned furious. He ran at them looking to punch Nick again, but was stopped by her brothers. It took four of her older brothers to secure him, and the rest of them were standing ready to help. Judy looks up again.

"Who's jealous now, sweetheart?" She gave him a wink.

"I won't have it Judy! Did you know that at the race he bet to give you up to me if he lost!?" Judy's eyes widened, only this time she was bluffing.

"Pfft please. I've known him for three years, he makes bets all the time, and I let him. Do you know why?" She leaned in closer, their noses almost touching. She whispered to him. "Because he never, loses a bet. And even if he did lose, he would never give me up like something to buy, and I would never go with you. Do you know why Billy? Because he's not like you."

Billy was at a loss for words. He stopped struggling. "Move on, Billy. I did a long time ago."

Stu walked up to them. "And speaking of move on. Boys, get this rotten carrot off of my farm." Judy's brothers happily complied, marching him all the way to his car. Billy was finally out of Judy's life for good. And good riddance.

"Bye bye bunny." Judy says with a smile and a polite wave.


They still had the rest of the day to spend with their family; Nick's new family. He played football with the boys. She told stories to the girls. Nick was asked to take the seat of honor next to Stu, and he happily agreed. He was also, granted Stu was still a bit unsure of it because of Judy, offered to stay the night. Before they went to bed, Bonnie and Stu had a little conversation with Nick and Judy. They all knew what it was about. Stu scratched at his neck and adjusted his hat before giving Nick a small box. Judy grabbed at her ears in embarrassment, praying it was not what she thought it was; but it was. A box of fox condoms. An awkward silence filled the air before everyone spun around on their heels and headed to their rooms.

Nick had no choice but to sleep on the floor. Judy's old bed was still big enough for her to sleep on, it was much too small for him. He didn't mind though. It was not the first time he had nothing but a pillow and the warmth of his body to sleep. Nick stared at the ceiling. He then pulled out his phone to check his savings account. He did not trust banks or credit cards when he was a con-artist, but he had to open an account when he joined the ZPD. He had saved almost a million dollars; he was much better at saving his money now. That was more than enough. He transferred a whopping forty five thousand over before turning off his phone. The bank was gonna go crazy at him. He closed his eyes.

"At the dance..." He thought to himself.

Nick's mother used to tell him that there are four most important days in your life: the day you ask your mate to marry you, your wedding day, the day your mate tells you she's pregnant, and the day your child is born. He thought very deeply to himself as he drifted into sleep... One week. Nick had only one week... to prepare for the first most important day of his life.


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