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Submitted: September 01, 2016

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Submitted: September 01, 2016




There was a girl name Priya. Who was from Bangladesh. She always thought that this world is nothing and that’s why she always hoped and dreamed to live in a world where everybody was super nice to each other. There wasn’t any comparison between any people. Everybody helped each other whenever someone was in need of help. She also hoped for a school where everybody respected each other especially the teachers. One thing Priya hated about this world is that there are many students who didn’t respect  their teacher. Priya always says “ No matter who or how your teacher is you should always respect them because they're giving you a most important thing of their life which is their time and also your education it’s up to you whether you want to use it or not”, and these words of her made her life a lot more easier. The most important thing in Priya's life was education because that was the only way she could make her dreams as well as her mom and brother’s dreams come true. Sometime Priya wonder there are some people in this world who gets the education for nothing. They waste so many of their years for nothing because after high school or sometime early they stop and do nothing. Priya had a dream since she was little and that dream was to become a doctor. She promised herself no matter what happens and how hard things gets she will never give up this dream of her. Priya’s education and everything was fine until her father’s death when all of a sudden everything changed and Priya's life turned into a nightmare. Everybody who was around her started being mean to her and her family. Nobody cared about what was going on her and her family. Nobody thought of the time when they were in need of help she and her family helped them. Everyone was saying how she and her family have to suffer now because only her dad had a job and also her brother and sister were still little and her mom was a housewife. Priya’s older brother and older sister as well as her all three of them had to drop out of school because of the payment. They didn’t had that much money to get educated and feed themselves at the same time. Priya cried a lot because she just couldn’t see her dream not coming true. She would ask her mom that “MOM I love studying and I want to become a doctor when I grow up. Can I please please go back to school mom please”, and her mom would tell her that there will be a day when she’s gonna go back to school but it might take some time. Priya’s older brother loves her more than anything and he just couldn’t see her cry therefore he promised no matter what he will do anything to make her dream come true money won’t be able to stop it. Priya’s brother promise gave her some hope, and that day she also made a promise to her brother and herself that she is going to do everything which will help her become a doctor. She was a really religious person she prayed to her god everyday for help because her god was the only way who could help them and one day her god did listen to her. Her uncle applied for them to come to The United State of America. After a year later of her dad’s death they came to America. After coming to U.S a month later she and her sister started school which was the happiest day of Priya’s life except there were some problems because everybody spoke in English in here which Priya didn’t know that well. Priya started school in the United State on January 24, 2011, which was a Monday and she will never forget that day. She was kind of scared all these people who doesn’t speak her language nor does she understand theirs. There were only a few words that she knew how to say like “Hi or Hello How are you?”and when she doesn’t know what they are saying she would only say “I don’t understand sorry”. She cried for the first few days but then one day there was a Bengali girl who was nice enough to come to her and asked her “why are you crying” then Priya told her how she is new and stuff and the girl said “you don’t have to cry. you can sit with me and whenever you don’t understand something or need something you can ask me”. As days passed Priya became really good friend with the girl and also she started learning English. The teacher who though her English was really nice and Priya loved to go to her class every day. She would also stay after school and come to school to learn more and bit faster. Priya loves to be ahead of everyone else and she always tries to stay ahead of everyone else but there was sometimes when this wasn’t possible because other people knew more English than her but she didn’t felt bad because it was understandable. Priya liked all of her teachers and all her teacher also liked her as well. They would always tell her good she is doing as a new student who doesn’t speak English that much. On June 17, 2011, Priya graduated 6th grade and went to a new school where she made some new friends. She felt like the new school was great because in this school there were more Bengali people and also she had more friends. But soon she had to move to a different place, therefore, she had to go to a new school. Priya and her family lived with her uncle and that why she had move every time her uncle moved because they didn’t have any other choose. Her whole family wouldn’t let them stay by themselves because her dad wasn’t with them and also her brother had to move to Massachusetts for jobs. Priya wasn’t happy nor did she like her new school. Everything changed again. But soon she found a new friend who she knew since 6th grade. Her friend moved to the new school before her but Priya didn’t knew about this but she was really happy to see her and they also had some class together. Before Priya could finish 7th grade there was a problem in her family. Which heart Priya a lot. No matter what happens she will always remember that until the day she dies. That problem was affecting her education really bad she just couldn’t focus or participate in class. Her grades were going down. One day she just could take it anymore and she called her brother from the school and said “Bai (brother) please help me. I’m dying soon you will hear I’m dead. I just can not take this pain anymore. What did do wrong in life for what am I suffering so much. How is it our fault that our dad died. If it was to us we would never let that happen. Why did the world and all its people changed so much for us. Why is everything just happening to us. I’m in so much pain I can’t even see other people happy. Even if hear the word Happiness it makes me cry Bai. This world is not for people like us I want see dad. I want to go to him. I want to hug him and cry. Ask him why did he leave us here like that. Why didn’t he take us with him like mom said. Bai he promised that he will not go anywhere without us. Everyone in this world lies Bai. This world is really bad I can not stay here anymore.” Her brother told her to calm down and he said listen to me “ Who said we are the only people who are going through problems and pains. There are a lot of people who are also going through a lot of pain it might not be the same reason as us but everybody in this world has problems that they face but at a time like this you have try to be strong to show the people. So they don’t see your weakness and use that weakness against you. And I thought you're my sister I didn’t know you are that weak. you want to died just for this. If everybody died out of pain this world and us we wouldn’t exist. And I thought you like me but I don’t think you do because if you did you wouldn’t have said that you want to die, and if you die who's going to make our dream come true. Please sister don’t ever say that again. Always remember When a person don’t have anyone they have their god to protect them.” From that day on Priya never forget this saying of her brother and she also learned how to fight with pain. Soon her brother gets a really good job and he decided to bring his family to Massachusetts as well so they all can live together. After coming to Massachusetts everything was really good. Priya’s family was together. Her education was really good as well. She started school in Massachusetts as an 8th grader. She loved her school. She made two new best friends. Whom she loves a lot and they also love her as well. They always stay together no matter what. Whenever they needed help with something they always helped each other. No matter what happened they never left one another behind. Priya always says that she couldn’t ask for more they are the best friend in the world. On June 20th, 2013 Priya and her friends graduate 8th grade with lots of best memories which she can never forget. Priya started high school with a lot of hopes and a dream, and she is doing all the things which will help her achieve her goals and dream. Whenever Priya feels like giving up her dream always helps her get through that. One thing Priya learned throughout these things is that you have to take the good with the bad, Smile when you’re sad, love what you’ve got and remember what you had. Always forgive but never forget, learn from your mistake but never regret, people change, things go really wrong, but just remember life goes on.

“Education is like wings because it helps you to fly to the future and touch your dream”

The End.

                     By: Reya Begum

© Copyright 2018 Reya. All rights reserved.

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