For Her

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There is nothing I wouldn't do for her...even the dark and twisted things.

Submitted: September 01, 2016

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Submitted: September 01, 2016



For her. What would I do? Give the world to her, the sky and all the stars in the galaxy?. No, I agree that's to sickening. To obvious. To pathetic. To normal. To see through. So what would I do you wonder. You ponder to yourself what I would give for this certain girl. The most perfect diamond amongst all the fake ones. The most perfect one who understands everything going on inside my twisted head. The one who merges her twisted thoughts with mine no matter how crazy or freakishly amazing and weird they are. The one who sees how fucked up I am but loves every inch of it.Every. Single. Bit. So what would I do? Lets see. I'd bleed for her. Be black and blue for her. I'd spill blood for her. I would break every finger on a persons hand who lay a finger on her and left a mark. I would test a persons pain threshold and carry on if they wronged her and caused her pain. I would see what makes a person break under pressure, what makes them weak, what makes them wish they never upset her or spoke hateful and disrespectful words about her. I would be her protector, her lover, her man. I would give her everything she desired. Everything she ever wanted. Everything she ever dreamt of I would go through hell to give her. She would never have to apologise as in my eyes she does no wrong. I would keep her deepest and darkest secrets. I would love her so unconditionally. Be nothing but loyal and faithful. Be nothing but passionate about her. I would show her never ending affection. It's never just lust I feel for her. She means so, so much more than just that. Now we may seem insane. Crazy or a bit psychotic. We may not seem normal what so ever but being normal is boring. Playing in the rules of society is boring. Keeping between the lines of over reacting and being calm is so boring. Having to be careful not to over react is so shit but honestly I just like going all out. I mean my girl deserves the best and the best is what she gets and if anyone fucked with her the best of my 'over reactions' would most certainly be demonstrated. I would give more than the normal, petty, romantic bullshit. I would give the utter most darkest and twisted side of life. Especially if that's what she is all about. If it's what she lives for. For her there's nothing that compares to what I would give or do because nothing and no one compares to her...

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