Finding Something New

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Submitted: September 01, 2016

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Submitted: September 01, 2016



Finding Something New

By: Parker Hess


It was just a normal day for my friends and me at the forest. We would go to this forest everyday. This forest was at a park about a mile away and next to the park was a “huge” forest with a running river. This river has crawdads, leeches, fish, and many more river creatures. This river was really big. The river would run through the whole forest (until one day we found something new.) This river has always been one of the coolest places to go to, because there was a full forest around it. Sometimes we would go through the forest and climb trees to see what’s around. One day we were climbing trees and we saw something that we have never seen before.

“I think I see something,” I said.

We were very deep into the forest that day, which is probably why we saw this.

There was another part of the river that we have never seen before. This was a very cool cove type river. The water was calm in some parts but rough in others and there was a giant tree hanging over it, perfect for some sort of swing. As we saw this perfect river we noticed that there was no clear path to the river. We looked everywhere, but there was nothing. This is where we had to think. Our goal was to get to this river by the end of the week.

The next day we came back to the same spot and started to go work. We first started trying to figure out what was the shortest way there. We started making a trail. The only problem was there was a lot of Poison Ivy and thorns in the way. We had to keep on making a path while being careful. The path took about 3 days to make. After that we were able to make it to the river, but there was still much more work to do.

After about 4 days we could say that our path was almost perfect, we still had a couple of places to clear out. That night there was a rain storm expected to hit. So we woke up the next morning to figure out that it rained really hard. So we rushed to the forest to find out path all muddy and some of it was blocked by a tree. It would take another week to fix this up. So we had to wait about 3 days for all of the mud to dry up, and we went back and tried to clear the path again. After many more hours of work we were able to make it back to the river.

The river level went up a lot so there was no way we could work on our swing. So what we did is we went home got some old rope from my garage and started to tie it into knots. After about 2 days the water level went down and we were able to get the rope onto the tree by climbing it and tieing it to the strongest branch. The rope was the perfect length. The river was almost completed. I was looking around and noticed that there was no way to see any of the other river, so there was no way people could find the river unless they climbed the trees. There no footprints of others and no signs of human activity. We were the only ones.

After getting the rope set up we went back onto our path and at the beginning we realized that is someone else saw the path they could find the river. So we covered up the entrance to the path so nobody else could find it. After that day we did not go to the river until about a week later. I think school justed started so we were super busy. So that weekend we went back to find that our path entrance was open, and nothing blocking it. We quickly ran down the path to find more footprints.

“I think someone has found our river,” Parker said as they hid behind a bush.

There was no way that someone could have found the river. We slowly got closer to the river and saw nobody there. We looked to our right and all of a sudden I saw something from the corner of my eye. It was a family of deer! The deer were the ones making the footprints. These deer were able to take down most of our hidden path which was showing the entrance to the path now. So we rushed back and rebuilt the hidden entrance.

I think it was about 2 weeks total after we had found the river, and it was all coming along we had the path hidden and perfect, and our swing was sturdy and strong. It was getting late into the day and we decided to go and make a fort for the next day to explore in. So we started to look for a spot to make it in. Our forest has a lot of deer in it and it is not rare to seen one everyday, so we had to make sure that deer could not destroy it. After a while of searching for a fort spot we found the perfect one.  

“I think this is the perfect one,” Parker Said.

“It looks like it would fall down in 5 minutes,” Said one of Parker’s friends.

“It will be fine!” Parker Said

The place we found was a small little ditch. The ditch was deep enough to fit two people in it. So what we did is we started to get sticks, and dried dead leaves. We lay the sticks out on the top of the ditch to make a roof, and then started to cover the sticks with leaves and other bush leaves. The fort was coming along, after all of the hard work we were able to create a fort in this ditch for the next day. We came back the next day to find our fort still in tact, we looked around and everything seemed perfect. After a day of playing with the fort and exploring we were for sure that we have had the best 5 weeks in nature.

We discovered a new river and made forts, dealt with many setbacks, I learned from this that you should always keep on trying at something if you truly believe in it. It was probably one of the best 5 weeks in nature that I have ever had.


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