Poem's from an anxious mind

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This is a small book of poems I have written I hope you enjoy them

Submitted: September 01, 2016

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Submitted: September 01, 2016



Who am i

Do I dare to ask who I am Will they say but a fool I was lost once in a dark, cold place Surrounded by faceless people Did they see me Did they here me I saw them, but only for moments Silent moments Where I woke for a split second My eyes still blurry and head still spinning Can they help me? Can i help my self? I would never ask for a hand out But could I ask them to hold my hand Be my guide Be my friend I've come to realise I am who they are A faceless person hoping for purpose Creating my self in an image of my past


As i wake my eyes indulge in my surroundings The taste, The smells, The sights. Only my eyes my other senses are but sights I interprate as a sense My body feels through my eyes as the light breaches my optic nerves I see I see all I never sore before Control, belief, freedom When will I reach the place I have waited to reach so long Now maybe then maybe after maybe before Waiting is the reason for living But do i wait in silence or make noise do i open up or close What will make entry possible I ask myself Creation starts in the mind perfection starts on the eyes I can ask you to follow but will you? Are you ready? Have you ever been ready? Or have you always been ready? Come to my eyes let me see you as they once did It is but sight in my mind Make my memories my fortune make my beliefs my spirit And I will spend and buy with my thoughts What is life? Do we ask that question enough or to much? We hope the life will be something other than a struggle But is it us that makes the struggles we experience A bee collects pollen not knowing that it keeps us in flowers Is that it's struggle for our gain But then a bee creates honey that we eat Is that it's struggle and our gain Or is it that the bee doesn't think of struggle or gain just being

To this I feel open Connect and absorbed Asleep though I've awoken In dreams retrieving orbs I breath through what is broken In deep I squeeze my thoughts Believe in what is spoken In words I see my wars Down deep I see my smile Each reach I see it more I know it's been awhile But I see what once was sore I stop.. Distract in pure distraction Attract with more attraction Invest in my beliefs While exploring ever fraction What are we but machines Complex in our design But simple in our acts God's in our own minds

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