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Even in the depths of eternity, she found me.

Submitted: September 01, 2016

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Submitted: September 01, 2016



i was manufactuated at an earlier date
and kept in the gaping maws of the unmade
pressed canary quiet; warbling out hymns
my wings unfurled and concave

as the cosmos warped, lingering distended
above me, i heard her call out
neither prayer nor plea
and what i heard i could not conceive

the sound bid the nebula whorls of my palms
to jolt and roil, 'let her in' 

so those copper stripes i tore asunder
and from the event horizon i absconded,
striking forth the stardust clusters
which formed her

'find me eternity'
'find me pureza'
something untainted and distant


I am neither pure
nor eternal
though eternity is 
where I once dwelled

my war bears not
what we crave
the craven, tuneless seranade

so I'll shatter it
and tend the garden
from which it sprang,
that song we sang

louder and meeker, 
you in your realm

you are neither eternal
nor pure
though purity is
where you dwell

blue shifted I am, my love
the scattering of the sphere, 
my praise

when I arrive,
I will be here 
not to break 
but to raise
but I am not gentle 

you are made fluid
and I am made stone
but oh how you sang
I heard your refrain

for you I shall strive


I am not enough to save you
and you are not enough 
to change one iota of my frame

but we are not made to destroy
we are made

we. are. made.

revolution's in our names.


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