Time Slipping Away...

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Submitted: September 01, 2016



Time Slipping Away...



"Shut up!!! Shut the fuck up!!"

The little girl was a fighter. Owen grabbed her legs while Derc used her shirt as a gag. The two men carried the girl outside and into a tinted black Mercedes Benz where they threw her into the backseat.

"Let's go." Demanded Derc.

Owen nodded. They took off and disappeared into the dark night. The next morning was a blur. Derc woke up with a red mark just above his left eyebrow. There was a sexy scarring that he ignored. Derc was your typical tough guy except you would have to upset him to know he was a short tempered devil. Otherwise, he was calm as a sheep.


"What time do you think we should take her over there?" Asked Derc.

He was always on the phone. He went nowhere without it.

"Man I don't fucking know. I barely got any sleep last night. Bre was throwing that ass back on daddy dick!" Laughed Owen.

"Aye motherfucker! You better stop playing around so much and remember why we doing all this! I sprayed more niggas than I can count for you!" Shouted Derc.


Owen Peters and Derc West had an odd relationship. Derc was the brains, and Owen was the muscle. Derc was the man on the streets. He was a high school star. He wasn't an athlete. He was just attractive and likeable. People respected him no matter where he went, and girls practically threw themselves at him. On the other hand, Owen was a linebacker in high school. He was quite shy and timid, but no one ever disrespected him. Derc and Owen crossed paths at a neighborhood block party about a year ago. There was a fight between two neighborhoods and Owen protected Derc like a brother. They became even closer after Derc's older brother, Roman, had been murdered. Owen and Derc devised a plan for revenge being that they knew who killed Roman. They were going to take the daughter of the shooter. They knew the daughter had cancer and was asthmatic, but that wasn't going to stop them. The men were going to kidnap the girl in return for ransom. However, Owen grew distant and begun spending a lot more time with his girlfriend, Breann. This new behavior made Derc more paranoid than ever.


"Alright man just chill. I'll call you around 11 o'clock tonight and let you know what's good." Said Owen. The men hung their phones up and proceeded to their previous activities. Derc took a shower and got dressed. He reeked of Irish spring and cologne. The first place Derc would go was to the trap. He hung out there where a couple of young cats ran drugs for him. They looked up to Derc like a father.


"Hope you keeping your nose clean out here in these streets." Advised Derc.

"You know me, I'm hot." Laughed Ty.

"I'm serious man. You gotta keep a low profile if you wanna be a hustler. Real gangsters move in silence. You should be seen before you're heard." Said Derc.


Ty Washington was a lost cause to everyone who knew him. He was always in trouble, and never made admirable choices. Ty was kicked out of school for bringing an ounce of weed to sell the day of a random drug search. He was thrown in a juvenile facility, but was released after 21 days. By now Ty had been in every street fight there was. He would fight with brass knuckles, glass bottles, and pieces of tree branches. Ty fought anyone from innocent kids to gang bangers. Ty doesn't give a fuck. Ty is only 13.


"Derc man I ain't trying to be no hustler. I'm trying to be a boss like you." Said Ty.

"How you think I got here kid? Stack or starve. You looking hungry. Why don't you go get something for us to eat?" Directed Derc. Ty took off to sell drugs.


Derc was like Ty's mentor. He took him in and gave him drugs to sell because he thought it would keep Ty out of trouble, but all it did was excite him more. It was nearing the end of the day, and Derc still hadn't received the call from Owen. Derc was starting to think Owen forgot. Suddenly, Derc's phone rang.


"Yo." Said Derc.

"I see you still sound just as sexy over the phone." Whispered a sweet voice.

"Haha. I see you don't give a fuck what I'm doing you always trying to be nasty. What's up Candi?" Asked Derc. Candi was a project chick Derc would fuck from time to time. They met at a strip club where Candi danced.

"You better act like you know. What time you coming to see me?" Asked Candi. Her voice was so sexy, soft, and seducing.

"Shit I'll come through now. What you got on?" Asked Derc. He liked a bit of phone sex.

"A thong so skinny it disappeared a few hours ago." Whispered Candi. Derc gripped his dick from the outside of his jeans. He loved Candi's voice. Eventually, Derc made his way over to Candi's house. She had a nice two story home with a Porsche parked outside. Derc used his key and went inside. Derc made sure Candi was only smashing him. He didn't want to have to worry about any infections. Candi laid on her stomach. Her ass was eating that thong faithfully. Derc held his belt buckle while he walked over to Candi.


"I'm glad you here daddy. Come here let me eat that dick." Whispered Candi. Derc unzipped his pants then pulled them down. Candi slid Derc's dick in her mouth effortlessly. Derc tilted his head back in arousal. Candi sucked and stroked. Her hand gripped the base of his dick, and played with his balls. Meanwhile, her tongue was getting the tip and the length of Derc's dick wet. Derc pushed Candi's head back and forth faster and faster. His dick hit the back of her throat so many times she got used to it. She had all of him in her mouth at this point. Then, Candi maneuvered her tongue out of her mouth, and underneath Derc's dick to lick his balls. Derc loved it when she did that. She popped his dick out of her mouth then sucked his balls up like a vacuum.


"Fuck! Bitch, eat that shit!" Grunted Derc.


Candi looked up at Derc the entire time she was licking his balls and sucking his dick. Derc loved looking at those pretty hazel eyes. Derc came in her mouth. Candi would play with Derc's come like yarn. She licked him clean then licked it off her fingers, and before they knew it the mess was gone.


Derc's phone rang.

"Fuck! Hello?!" Shouted Derc as he answered the phone.

"Well hello to you too motherfucker. Where you at? I'm at the spot. I got this bitch in the car ready to make the drop." Said Owen. Derc sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed his forehead.

"I'm coming man. Just gimme a minute." Said Derc. He hung up the phone and looked at Candi who laid next to where he sat. Derc looked at her before he grabbed her head and pushed her open mouth back down on his dick. He got head for another fifteen minutes before leaving.


"'Bout time you get over here. Damn." Said Owen.

"Shut the fuck up. You got the worst timing ever. So what's up this nigga in there or what?" Asked Derc. Owen chewed his fingernails. It was habitual.

"Yeah I got word the nigga just got in. Derc, what you want to do with lil shorty though? We can't just leave her in the car." Suggested Owen. Derc laughed as hard as he could.

"Then where the fuck was she before? Oh now you got sympathy for the little bitch? Man let's go!" Demanded Derc. He yanked Owen by the neck and they headed inside to the elevator.


"Second floor please?" Asked a guy in the elevator. Derc hit the number two and stood still. The man sized up Derc and Owen before exiting to his floor. The two men made it to the top floor where they needed to be.


"Where is the room?" Asked Derc.

"Room 2301." Responded Owen.

They located Room 2301. Derc stood quiet with his gun in hand as Owen knocked an annoying beat.


"Who is it?" Asked a voice.

"Room service." Said Owen in a girly voice.

"Go away. We didn't order any room service." Said the voice.

"It's on the house." Said Derc as he covered the peephole to the door. It was quiet for a while before someone opened the door with the chain latch on it. Derc shoved the door open and grabbed the guy by the neck; bear hugging him with the gun pointed to his temple. Owen drew two pistols from his waist. One was aimed at a guy on the couch, and another at a girl in the bathroom doing cocaine.


"Which one you motherfuckers is Dré?" Asked Derc. There was a deliberate silence. Derc pistol whipped his hostage.

"Which one you motherfuckers is Dré?!" Repeated Derc angrily. The guy that was talking through the door wasn't the same voice that answered.

"I'm André. Who the fuck wants to know?" Asked André, a raspier voice than before. Derc smiled. He stepped over the unconscious guy and walked over to André on the couch. Owen shifted one of his positions and aimed a gun at the body guard on the ground. Derc waved the desert eagle in André's face as he ran his pockets.


"I got something for you, but first you got something for me." Said Derc.

André smirked.

"I ain't got shit for you." Said André. Derc looked at Owen and laughed. Derc yanked André up off the couch and made him empty money from every room in that penthouse into a duffle bag he found in the corner. André threw the bag on the floor in front of Owen.


"We going for a ride." Said Derc. The three men walked out leaving the unconscious body guard, and the coked up Barbie in the room. Owen shoved André into the back seat where his daughter laid duct taped to the floor carpet. André's eyes grew wide and watery. They sped off.


"Nicki! Y'all know who y'all fucking with?!" Yelled André.

"Shut up bitch!" Yelled Owen. Derc lit up a blunt that he had in his ashtray. He took a hit then passed it to Owen who kindly declined. Derc looked at him funny, but kept smoking.

"Here's how this is going to work: see you killed my brother, Dr. André. So the way I see it, I'm liable to kill yo motherfucking daughter. Unless, you want to tell me how you plan on paying off my brother's life with that nice setup you got with them Cuban motherfuckers. Yeah. I heard you make at least $100,000 off them big ass bricks they be shipping you. Now, you can agree and make it easier on yourself, or you can start homeschooling Nicki because I don't think the teachers at Willville Middle School are going to like me running up in there just to kill her." Said Derc.


André was pissed off. His daughter was stuck to the floor and he was vulnerable without a weapon. There was no way he wanted to give up his kingpin connect for some bullshit robbery. Then again, this bullshit robbery could cost his daughter her life.


"Fucking extortion. Do I look like a fucking buster to you punk?! Let me out this bitch! I ain't telling you shit!" Hollered André. Derc slammed on the brakes and everyone jolted slightly forward. Derc put his blunt out then retrieved his desert eagle from his waistband. He rested the hollow of the gun on Nicki's head then cocked the gun back.


"Okay!! Fuck! We do the drop every Monday morning. You gotta show up with me a few times before he'll take you serious." Said André. Derc chuckled to himself. Derc aimed the gun at Nicki's leg and pulled the trigger. Owen flinched in his seat.


"Oh shit man what the fuck!!!!" Screamed André, grabbing his head. He was frantic.

"Do you think I'm fucking stupid?! You really think I believe that shit? The first chance you get, you're going to try to blast me! I want a name and a fucking number now!! Next time, I won't miss." Threatened Derc.

"Okay man chill please! His name is Esteban. He the only one I work with. Tell him Dré five sent you. He'll know exactly what you want and how much it'll make in profit." Finished André. He wrote the phone number on a napkin and gave it to Owen. Derc unlocked the car doors then got out the car. First, he threw Dré out. Then, Derc removed Nicki from all the bloody tape and picked her up and put her in André's arms. Derc got back into the car and sped off; leaving them on the side of the rode.


"You think this Esteban cat is going to actually fuck with us? We did rob his main man." Reminded Owen.

"I don't give a fuck. I don't care. All I know is after we get this money and that weight, I'm getting rid of André and Esteban." Said Derc.

"Wait, you going to kill 'em? Why? Esteban is who you need otherwise where you going to get your supply from?" Questioned Owen. Derc stood up from his massage chair and threw his arms up.

"Damn! Why you asking so many questions? You really don't get it do you? This was never about the drugs, or the money. This is about Roman. Let's not forget who André knocked off, and Esteban is just collateral damage." Responded Derc. Owen chewed his nails. He didn't think Derc was thinking this through. Derc wanted to avenge his brother's death, but he could easily be killed in the process.

"I gotta go man." Said Owen.

"Where you going?" Asked Derc.

"I'm going to see Bre. By the way, you look real nice in your pink robe." Joked Owen. They both laughed at the joke as Owen exited the house.


A few years went by since the mishap with André in the hotel room. Derc was making big money with Esteban, and André worked for Derc. Ty upped his game and started running heavier shit for Derc. Derc trusted him with it being that he had a few birthdays and wasn't still the immature little kid who first started. Ty was on the block hitting off anyone he could steal from.


"Aye lil homie. Come up out them shoes." Demanded Ty. The little boy looked no younger than 11 years old. He gave Ty his LeBron sneakers. Ty laughed, but the shoes didn't fit. So he sold them.


"Come here man lemme holla at you." Said Derc. He rolled up in his new Bentley next to Ty. Ty walked up to the car and leaned into the open window.

"How much more of that shit you got on you?" Asked Derc.

"Few dimes." Answered Ty. Derc rubbed his chin.

"Aight. I see you out here working baby. Come take a ride." Suggested Derc. Ty went around the car and got in.

"Ooooh! This shit clean as fuck! You really out here eating good man." Complimented Ty. Derc smiled to himself.

"We outhere eating good. Check this." Said Derc. He pulled a stack from under his seat and handed it to Ty.

"That's all you. Bet you didn't think your dick would get hard when you touched your first band. Haha." Laughed Derc loudly. Ty was speechless. He couldn't believe what drug money got him at the age of 17. He wanted to be just like Derc. They drove a few blocks from where Ty was dealing and saw a new face on the block in front of the IHOP.


"Yo who is that?" Asked Derc. Ty shrugged. Derc parked on the side of the road then got out of the car. Ty put his money under his seat then followed Derc.

"What's up man? You know where you at?" Asked Ty as he tapped the person's shoulder. The person turned around and looked at the two men.

"Oh. Sorry about that beautiful. We didn't know you were a girl." Apologized Ty. Derc still didn't give a fuck. He wanted answers.

"Yo what you doing out here?" Asked Derc. The girl was in fact beautiful, but she was definitely high. Her eyes were droopy and she couldn't figure out what they were talking about. She just giggled. Derc and Ty walked her to the car and helped her into the backseat. Then, they got in the car and drove off.


"Where we going?" Asked Ty. Derc shrugged. For once in his life, he really didn't know what to do next. He wasn't used to doing the right thing so he had no idea where to take this girl.

"You got a name?" Asked Derc. He looked at the girl through his rear view mirror. She didn't answer. She closed her eyes. Derc snapped his fingers at her.

"Aye! Wake up! I need a name, or an address. Where do you live?" Asked Derc. Ty just wanted to go back to the streets.

"Derc man let me out right here on fifth ave." Said Ty.

"What? You just going to leave me here with this bitch?" Asked Derc.

"With all due respect my nigga, you the one wanted to help her high ass. She ain't nothing but a strung out prostitute. Once she bounces back, you'll see." Said Ty. He got out of the car and went back to his block. Derc sat in the parked car for hours.


Nightfall came, and the girl finally woke up coughing. She looked around confused and scared. Derc watched, but didn't say anything.


"What the—where the fuck am I?!" Shouted the girl.

"Shh. Calm down." Whispered Derc.

"Who the fuck are you? Help! Somebody help!" Screamed the girl as she banged on the car window. Derc got out of the car and joined her in the backseat. He placed his gun in between them with the hollow end pointed towards her.

"Listen to me. I found you in front of an IHOP. You were pretty fucked up. What were you smoking?" Asked Derc. She didn't answer. She stayed quiet with her arms folded.

"You wanna be a stubborn brat now huh?" Asked Derc. He grabbed her wrists and saw that her forearms were covered in scars. She snatched away and tried to hide them. Derc looked at her.

"You smoke heroin?" Asked Derc.

"What are you a fucking social worker? Just let me out of here so I can go home." Said the girl.

"Yeah right. Let you out of here so you can go shoot up, and get high? You probably fuck these dirty crackheads that's supplying you." Assumed Derc.

"I wasn't aware that you were my daddy. Where you been all this time? Look man just let me out." Said the girl. Derc got out the car then got back in the drivers seat. He started the car and drove off. The girl closed her eyes and threw her head back because she thought Derc was a cop, and she was going down. They stopped driving and Derc helped her out of the car. He carried her inside then set her down. She looked around and saw high ceilings, nice furniture, and beautiful decor.


"You want something to eat?" Asked Derc. She shook her head. She saw the fish tank with baby sharks in it. She noticed a pool outside with lights shining beneath the water. She saw the kitchen area. The fridge was taller than ever and filled to the brim. The flat screen tv stretched so widely she thought it was customized.


"Is this your house?" Asked the girl.

Derc microwaved a TV dinner.

"Yeah, one of them?" Responded Derc.

"It's amazing." Complimented the girl.

"Thank you. You must ain't never been nowhere before." Joked Derc. The girl laughed, but he was right. The only place she had ever been was the convenient store.

"What's your name?" Asked Derc.

"What's yours?" Shot the girl.

"Haha. You wanna play that game?" Asked Derc.

"Yup." Said the girl firmly.

Derc smiled. He thought she was beautiful and funny.

"I'm Derc. Now who are you?" Asked Derc sarcastically.

"Derc? What kind of name is Derc?" Asked the girl.

"It means active mind." Said Derc.

The microwave went off.

"You can call me Layla." Said Layla.

Derc walked back over to Layla with his food. He sat next to her at the kitchen counter and ate.

"I can call you Layla? So that ain't your name?" Questioned Derc. Layla smiled and rested her face on the back of her hand.

"I guess your parents knew what they were talking about with your name." Said Layla. She got up and looked around some more. Derc just watched her. Layla saw a Tupac Shakur painting hanging in the living room. She observed another painting of a woman she didn't recognize.


"Who is this?" Asked Layla curiously.

"My mom." Mumbled Derc.

Layla strutted back over to Derc and stood in front of him.

"So is Tupac your dad? You got the paintings side by side, but no picture of your father." Pointed Layla.

"You're very observant. Why don't we talk about you? Why you smoking heroin? You so beautiful." Said Derc. Layla chuckled to herself.

"What does being beautiful have to do with being a dope head? I started shooting up around 14. I never met my mom, and you could pretty much say the same for my dad. He was around, but somehow he wasn't there." Finished Layla. Derc ate his food quietly.

"What about you Tupac junior?" Asked Layla.


"I don't know my dad. Mom died when I was eight. Started hustling to feed my family." Said Derc. Layla looked around.

"What family? It's just you here." Said Layla.

"My street family. They all I got left. My older brother got killed a few years back. Shit ain't been the same since. My brother stole the Makaveli painting from an art shop when we were kids. I keep it as a reminder, not an obsession." Finished Derc.

"A reminder of what? That your brother was a delinquent?" Joked Layla. Derc laughed.

"A reminder of my favorite hustler who once couldn't even afford a painting." Said Derc.


Derc finished eating. He took a shower and came back in a towel. Layla had removed her jacket and fallen asleep at the kitchen counter. Derc picked her up and walked her to the room where he laid her on the bed.


The next morning Derc woke up before Layla. He sat up and threw on a tank top as Layla rolled around.

"Good morning." Said Derc.

"Mm. Good morning. What time is it?" Asked Layla.

"A little bit after ten." Responded Derc.

"Oh shit! Oh shit!" Shouted Layla. She jumped up to grab her jacket and put on her shoes.

"What's up?" Wondered Derc.

"I gotta get back on my block. If I don't get back to work, Flow is gonna kill me." Explained Layla.

"Your block? Who's Flow?" Questioned Derc.

"Look I like you and all, but it's none of your business." Snapped Layla. She finished getting ready and stormed out of Derc's house. Derc was left lost and dumbfounded.


André called every connect he thought he had. He had no idea the list of suppliers he knew was so short.

“Fuck!” Shouted André.

He threw his phone at the wall where it broke. Someone was opening the door with a key and let themselves into André’s apartment.

“So what you can’t speak? Cat got your fucking tongue?” Asked André rudely.

“Ugh, whatever.” Mumbled Nicki.

“You got something you wanna say Nicole, and where the fuck were you today!?” Shouted André.

“Dad every time you have a bad day you try to pin it all on me! I’m tired of being your punching bag!” Screamed Nicki. Her veins protruded through her neck.

“I don’t give a damn what you tired of! As long as you living here your ass is whatever the hell I want it to be!” Yelled André.


Nicki threw her hands up, and tried to excuse herself from André’s presence, but he grabbed her wrists and shouted in her face.

“You not leaving this house aga-what the fuck is this on your wrists Nick?” Asked André.

Nicki snatched away and tried to hide her wrists. Her dad wasn’t going to let up. She had to come clean.


“I-I-I was cutting myself.” Responded Nicki. André took another look at her wrists.

“Nicki, I sell every drug you could possibly think of. You think I don’t know a power junkie when I see one.” Finished André. André let go of his daughter’s wrists then rested his hands on his hips. The look of guilt on her face couldn’t beat the look of disappointment on his.


It was late that night when Derc heard a suspicious banging at his door. He got out of bed to answer the door and figure out who it could be.

“Layla? What are you doing here?” Questioned Derc.

“I needed to see you.” Whispered Layla. Derc looked confused trying to get his eyes to adjust to the light. Layla let herself in, and Derc shut the door.

“You sleep with a towel on too?” Laughed Layla. Derc smirked.

“No offense Lay, but I thought we were done when you stormed out of my bed the other morning.” Reminded Derc. Layla lifted an eyebrow.

“I wasn’t aware we started something.” Shot Layla. Derc looked surprised. Layla walked up closer to Derc, their noses practically touching. They didn’t exchange any more words.

Layla kissed Derc. He grabbed her by her waist then lifted her on top of the kitchen counter. Their heavy breathing confirmed their feelings for each other in that heated moment. Derc groped Layla’s ass, and gently caressed her thighs. Layla let out a soft moan which encouraged Derc. He lifted her off the counter then carried her into the bedroom. Derc put Layla on the bed, and hovered over her while resting on his knuckles. Layla held his face, and tongue kissed him. Derc maneuvered his way to her neck, and sucked on it. Layla squeezed Derc’s ass. Derc removed Layla’s top then her skirt. Her dark hair was thick and voluminous. Her pretty hazel eyes stared at Derc’s chiseled jawline, and then into his deep brown eyes. Layla laid in her bra and panties waiting for them to be removed. Derc licked his lips then proceeded to slip off Layla’s panties. Once he removed her panties, he unhooked her bra and slowly kissed the nape of her neck. He held her by her neck, and kissed her passionately. Layla never been kissed like that, but she loved it. Derc’s control and bad boy style was sufficient enough to satisfy her desires. Derc removed the towel from around his waist. He picked Layla up and held her against the wall. She wrapped her arms and legs around him. Derc slid his dick into her wet hole slowly. He let out a moan. Layla was so wet and warm. Her pussy was so inviting, and Derc loved it. Derc stroked Layla slow and deep. She held onto him then dug her nails deep into his back leaving some scarring. Derc upped his speed and fucked Layla as fast and as hard as he could.

“Oh shit!” Screamed Layla. Derc watched her as her eyes closed in lust. She threw her head back, and bit her lip. Derc lifted her legs from around his waist to up on his shoulders. Layla felt every inch of him now, and he was big. Her mouth was open, but no sound escaped, so Derc kissed her. Eventually, Derc put Layla back on the bed. She got on top of him, and gave him the ride of his life. Derc held Layla’s ass as she bounced up and down on his dick, which was now dripping in cum. Layla was getting wetter and wetter. She rode him faster before suddenly stopping, and then spreading her pussy lips. Layla began squirting all over Derc’s stomach. Derc was shocked. Once she finished, Derc held Layla by her face and kissed her softly. He didn’t want her to feel embarrassed. Derc flipped Layla back over and got into missionary. He liked being on top to look into her pretty eyes. Derc shoved his dick in Layla as deep as he thought it could go. The deeper he would go, the tighter Layla would squeeze his arms. Derc stroked her a few more times before pulling out to cum. Layla urged Derc to go clean himself up. He left to do just that before returning and cuddling with Layla.


Layla spent nights on end at Derc’s place.

“How do you not like bacon with your eggs babe?” Asked Derc. He was making eggs while Layla sat and ate grapes.

“I like sausage with my eggs.” Whispered Layla. She winked at Derc, who smiled naughtily at her. Derc’s phone rang off the hook. He didn’t want anyone interrupting his time with Layla, but he answered anyway. He took the phone call into the living room.


“Speak.” Said Derc firmly.

“What’s up man?” Asked Owen.

“Nigga what you need?!” Shouted Derc.

“Impatient much? Look man, I been trying to call this weak ass connect all day. Nigga ain’t been answering so I’m thinking we need to go handle one of his kids if you catch my drift.” Steered Owen.

“Nigga I don’t ever catch your drift. Esteban probably busy man he’ll call back.” Finished Derc. He hung up without a goodbye because Owen was wasting valuable time. Derc joined Layla back in the kitchen where she ate her eggs with no bacon.


“Who was that baby?” Wondered Layla.

“No one. Where were we?” Asked Derc. Layla smiled then fed Derc.

“Mmm. These eggs are good! Who made these?! Oh that’s right this handsome nigga right here!” Joked Derc. Layla smiled. Derc is handsome, and she couldn’t stop looking at him.

“So tell me...are we a thing?” Asked Derc.

“Derc, Flow would kill me if he found out I had a boyfriend.” Answered Layla.

“Who the fuck is this Flow you always talking about? You a prostitute? God please don’t tell me I made love to a hoe.” Mumbled Derc as he held his head.

Layla looked at Derc with disgust.

“You know what Derc, you’re just like all these other niggas with your flashy cars, ice, and house. When are you going to realize none of that shit matters to me! I didn’t like you for your Bentley, or your expensive bacon. Derc I thought you could have been the friend I never had in my entire life.” Ranted Layla.


“Then be with me. Be my girl Lay. Layla I feel something with you I never felt before plus the sex is amazing.” Complimented Derc.

Layla got up from her seat. She was furious. She felt like Derc wasn’t taking her seriously. He just wanted someone to fuck and control, but she wanted something deeper.


“Wait! Layla, wait baby!” Exclaimed Derc as he grabbed her arm.

“Stop calling me that! Shut up!” Shouted Layla as she snatched away from Derc. He threw his hands up and stepped back.

“What do you mean stop calling you that? Lay what are you trying to tell me?” Disputed Derc.

Layla took a deep breath, and exhaled.

“My-my name is Nicki, Derc. Nicole.” Responded Nicki.

Derc stepped even further back with his hands still up. He couldn’t believe Layla wasn’t her name. All Derc could think was “What else could she have been hiding?” Derc only knew one Nicki, but she was seven, or eight and was kidnapped then thrown in the back of his car. Come to think about it, he never did know anything about her after that. Now she was the love of his life standing in his living room half naked throwing shade, betrayal, and deceit at him. Derc was stunned.


“Yeah I knocked that nigga Eli off, so I’m laying low.” Laughed Ty. Ty was out on the block with his street friends. They all hustled together. Ty was beginning to be the head of this little group. Anything Ty said, they’d do without hesitation. Ty was looking at ass from across the street when he glanced over and saw Owen. He never saw Owen on this part of town without Derc. Ty began walking across the street. Before he could get to the other side, two men approached Owen. Ty didn’t know who they were, but they seemed intimidating. So, Ty decided to give Owen a call from across the street.

“What’s up baby?” Asked Owen.

“Nigga don’t you have caller ID? It’s Ty, not Bre.” Said Ty.

Owen’s body language shifted, and he began to look around. The men rushed Owen off of the phone.


“I gotta go man.” Finished Owen. He hung up the phone then walked off with the gentlemen. Ty didn’t know what to make of it.


Derc was lying on the couch thinking about Nicki. He wanted nothing but to see, and feel her again. He picked up the phone then put it right back down. He would hold the corner of the phone to his mouth as he wondered if he should call. Derc’s phone rang.


“Hello?” Answered Derc.

“Yo, D-Man. I got some bad news.” Said Owen.

“What is it man?” Asked Derc with little interest.

“Esteban’s dead.” Said Owen.

Derc sat upright and listened angrily.

“Word on the street is your little homie Ty sprayed him.” Finished Owen. Derc couldn’t believe what was going on. He rubbed his face, and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“So what you're saying is my income is dead? What you’re saying is I have to go back to bullshit ass dope boy trapping? Huh Owen?! Motherfucking nickle and dime bags like some mark ass chump! Hell nah!” Shouted Derc. He hung up the phone. Derc couldn’t contain his anger. He didn’t know whether to call Ty, or Nicki, but he knew one of them would have answers.


“Dad, what’s going on?” Asked Nicki.

“Hand me a paper towel and some gauze. Now Nick.” Demanded André. Nicki rushed to the bathroom and grabbed the stuff her father needed.

“Dad what happened?” Asked Nicki curiously. André wiped away the blood from the wound on his forearm.

“I had to take care of some things Nick. My problem only just begun. Is there anywhere you can go for a few weeks?” Questioned André. Nicki thought of staying at Derc’s place, but after their little episode she doubt she could stay another night.

“No. Daddy what happened?” Pushed Nicki. André closed his eyes then exhaled.

“I had to get rid of Esteban. These niggas used me to get money now I’m barely cashing out. I had to do something Nick!” Shouted André. Nicki looked confused. She knew her dad was a dealer, and she knew of Esteban. Esteban was the only person, to Nicki’s knowledge, her dad would exchange, or buy from.

“Wait, dad, you killed him?” Asked Nicki.

“Damn Nick! I can’t be any more clear. Yes. I killed Esteban.” Responded André.

“Why?! I thought he was your friend!” Shouted Nicki.

“Friend? Baby girl if there is one thing I want you to know about this business is there are no fucking friends. Esteban was a sneaky motherfucker trying to get over on me since he made that deal with Derc. Them motherfuckers been making all the bread, and threw me aside like yesterday’s curbside trash. I’ll be damned if I let my connect and my enemy take my money. I gotta get them before they get me.” Finished André.

Nicki’s eyes opened wide.

“You’re going to kill Derc too?” Interrogated Nicki.

“Do you need Hooked-On-Phonics? I’m done talking. Get me some more gauze.” Stated André.


It was nearing two in the morning. Owen was waiting in his parked car for the gentlemen he met earlier. The men approached Owen in his car then leaned into the window.

“Peters, we can’t keep meeting under these conditions. We need you to make a break in the case. Do you have any leads?” Asked one man.

Owen shook his head and exhaled deeply.

“I’m getting there, Johnson. I know it. Esteban Mendez was murdered last night. I know someone from Derc’s crew had something to do with it.” Said Owen.

“Something to do with-what the fuck?! Peters get your head in the game! Derc West is the prime suspect! Are you getting caught up in this mess?! Johnson, it's been years with no break. Peters has obviously built some kind of bond.” Said the other man.

“Nichols, calm down. Peters knows what he is doing. Seriously though Peters, it's been years with no break. When are you going to bust this guy? We have everything we need except the incriminating physical evidence of the drugs.” Finished Officer Johnson. Owen rubbed his chin.

“I’m going to make the break tonight. I will.” Promised Owen.

“Okay we’re going to wire you before you leave. Once you score, say the code words ‘It's all good.’” Said Johnson.

Owen nodded. Johnson patted Owen’s shoulder while Nichols sucked his teeth then walked off.


Nicki had been calling Derc’s phone all day, but he hadn’t answered not once. She decided to head over to his place. Before Nicki knocked on the door, she heard commotion inside.

“Man I don’t give a fuck! This shit gotta get done tonight!” Shouted Derc.

Nicki peeped through the sheared curtains and saw Derc loading an assault rifle. Nicki knocked hardly on the door. Derc came to the door within seconds. He looked at her like he was betrayed and he wanted nothing to do with her. Nicki stood motionless, and didn’t know what to do next. Derc left the door open but he walked away from her and back into the house. Nicki walked inside then shut the door behind her.


There were men loading guns everywhere in the house. Nicki was shaken but she wanted to talk to Derc.

“Um, can I talk to you?” Asked Nicki shyly. Derc barely looked up at her before taking a sip of his liquor and responding.

“I don’t know. Can you?” Answered Derc snarly. Nicki marched past the gentlemen and over to Derc. He looked her in her eyes carelessly. Nicki took Derc by the hand and they walked to his bedroom then shut the door.


“Why are you acting like that?” Asked Nicki.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Responded Derc.

“Derc I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you who my father was. You have to believe me when I say I didn’t know you two were in some major business deal. Derc I only found out you guys were doing business when my dad told me himself.” Rambled Nicki.


“Business with yo daddy? He wish. You don’t get it do you? Lay—Nick you lied to me. You had me laying in bed with you thinking we was good. Your fucking name ain’t even Layla. Your dad out here trying to spray me, and you don’t want to be with me! You’ll have to excuse me, but you can miss me with your bullshit.” Concluded Derc. He walked away leaving Nicki in the room alone.


Later that night, Derc met up with Owen. They made the deal that they were going to head over to André’s and take the rest of his drugs, and his money—then kill him.

“You strapped?” Asked Derc.

“Hell yeah.” Answered Owen.

The men put on masks and headed up to André’s apartment. They banged on the door and covered the peephole. André came to the door and opened it. Derc aimed his gun straight at André’s chest.


“Yeah motherfucker. You never thought you’d see me again huh?! Give me the rest of the shit you took from Esteban!” Ordered Derc.

André brought out the remaining money and drugs that he stole from Esteban.

Derc turned to Owen and smiled. Then, Derc shot André in the chest repeatedly. Owen and Derc searched the apartment for anything else. Derc found jewelry, and Owen located weapons.

Owen and Derc dapped each other up.

“Roman, we did it for you baby.” Whispered Derc.

“It’s all good.” Added Owen.


“Go!” Yelled Johnson through a microphone.

SWAT marched up the stairs and straight into André’s apartment. Derc was surprised with nowhere to run. A deputy walked in and stood in front of Derc as he was being handcuffed.

“We did it, Peters. We finally served this high risk warrant on this bastard’s ass. You want to read him his rights Officer Peters?” Asked the deputy.


Derc looked stunned. His facial expression was beyond words. He was in such disbelief, anger and sadness fought their way onto his face in a storm of tears.

“Officer?! You’re a fucking pig?! Owen how—how could you do this man? What about Roman, and Bre?” Questioned Derc.

“Who Breann? He doesn’t know that bitch isn’t real? Haha, damn you’re good Peters!” Laughed the deputy.

Owen’s head hung in shame. He felt bad because he did actually build a bond with Derc.

“You ain’t nothing but a sellout. What? They going to give you a medal for busting me? When you accept that medal, you’ll be accepting all the guilt and shame that come with it...motherfucker.” Ended Derc.

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you…” Read the deputy.

The officers walked Derc out of the apartment and put him into the back of a squad car.


Owen put on his uniform jacket and headed downstairs. He got in the car and drove home. When he got home, Owen began packing his belongings. The house was a part of the assignment. Owen quietly left the neighborhood in the rental car he had in the garage.


The next morning, Ty heard what had happened to Derc. Ty had nobody now. He was alone. Ty picked up Derc’s desert eagle he used when he shot Nicki in the leg. He cocked the hammer back and tilted his head up with the gun right underneath his chin. Ty pulled the trigger. Ty’s blood splattered all over the walls of the trap house. The bullet entered then exited through the back of his skull. Ty fell to the floor. He was dead.

Nicki began prostituting to make ends meet. Flow was Nicki’s ex, but was now her pimp. Seems to me that Derc made these people’s lives worth living. Derc was an empty hearted drug dealer who found love in a younger girl. She made love to him, lied to him, and betrayed him; however, he fell in love with her. She made him feel special, and he gave her life meaning. Derc mentored Ty and helped him out of situations which Derc himself had already been through. He gave Ty an outlet. Ty made money and did whatever he wanted. At his age, that was a dream. Ty had no other family...just like Derc. Owen made a trusted friend out of Derc. Owen learned more from Derc over the years than he had in any police academy. He learned his job relied on betrayal and deceit in order to succeed, so he quit the force before he was awarded the police badge pendant for the bust. Derc knew this was only the beginning. When he gets out, he will come back for revenge. “It’s all good.”

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