darkness arrive's

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Am I Alone or..?

Submitted: September 02, 2016

I was in a dark forrest, I'm by myself, there's no one around for miles, it's dark and it's about three o' clock in the morning and I start pacing down this dirt road but i noticed that every step that I take the ground get's colder, I'm not sure what's going on but I was starting to get nervous and i started to get chills. As every second goes by it gets darker and darker and I was just ready to get the hell out of this forrest but I realized that every step that I take I get more and more into the forrest, its like it never ends, so basically it was a maze, you couldn't get out no matter what, no matter what way you went there was never an exit, you just kept walking and walking around lost out of your ever loving mind, *SNAP*, I look around, I see nothing but I hear large and heavy footstep's, I start to panic and I start running away from it but it's like it was running with me cause it followed me for the longest time and I couldn't see what it was, I was terrified and thought it was going to kill me. I look around I see a glare and I start running toward it but as soon as I got up close to it, it was just the glare off of the water that was nearby. SMACK! I look around again, and right in front of me was a large knife that was thrown into the tree right beside me, I screamed out loud! even though no one heard me, the knife had blood dripping down the blade and now I'm starting to freak the hell out, I wasn't sure what was going on at the time, I thought someone was in the forrest with me or maybe a certain type of creature was trying to get me, I don't know.

I start to get blurry vision, I'm starting to feel dizzy and I fall over on my side to the ground, I was obvisouly tired and didn't realize it that much, so I take a short nap and when I woken up it was still dark, and I was so confused on what was going on, I'm thinking in my head "why is it still dark?", "It's never been this dark for so long", and when I woken up there was a fire started right next to me, and I knew for a fact that I didn't start the fire so I knew that I wasn't alone in this dark ass forrest, there was somebody in here with me and probably watching me as I run though this forrest scared and not knowing what's going on, as the fire cracks and pop's i look around and all i see is seven pair's of green eye's, i didn't know what it was, it looked like it was a pack of wolves what had surrounded me, I didn't know if they were hungry or not, so i grabbed a tree branch and light the end of it and waved it around to make them go away, well they did, they didn't come back for a while so i laied back down again and this time when i had woken up, there was a big eight foot dark shadow in front of me, it was just starring at me and I got up and backed into the closest tree i could find and i said out loud to it, "WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME?" "WHERE AM I?".
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It's Only The Beginning

Submitted: September 02, 2016

I hated this so much, i didn't like it at all, I just wanted to leave and to never come back ever again, but no matter what direction I went in I always ended up back where I started, I didn't know if I was missing something. It was only the beginning and I knew it wouldn't end anytime soon. Thinking I was all alone when I really wasn't, it scares me that someone is out there either trying to kill me or trying to haunt me and to piss me off somehow. Well I decided to take a little walk on a path that I discovered the other day, so I went down it, and it just kept leading downhill into a rock quarry, and even though it was dark and i couldn't hardly see anything I was able to see a little bit and i saw something very interesting, it looked like an old prison was built here about two hundred year's ago, it didn't look safe to go into, but i wanted to explore it to find out if anything or anyone was down here. All of sudden I hear a loud "scream", it sounded like it was a young girl trying to escape, so I started to jog and look around the best I can to find this young girl, well when i realized that this prison is so big, I got lost, I couldn't remember what door's I went through or where I started, I hear another "scream" but this time it was even louder and closer, like it was almost is if the girl was right beside me, and when I turned around there she was with a white long kind of darkish black dress with long black hair and nasty fingernails, and she kinda had a deep voice, when i saw her I was scared shitless, didn't know what to do or say, but I looked at her and asked her "are you okay?" "do you need anything", she didn't reply, well I told her to sit down for a minute and she did and i did too and i kept asking her the same thing over and over until she finally said "RUN!" "Far AWAY" so I got up and I ran until I couldn't run no more, I look behind me and she's chasing me like we were playing a game of tag, it was kind of creepy and I honestly wanted to turn around and make sure she was okay. Read Chapter