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Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016



Sheila was in such a mood
such an over the top mood
that the teacher
thought her

well not to put
too fine point on it
slightly under
the influence

although there was
no smell on her breath
or aroma
about her person

there was the excitement
of character
that buzz in the air
about her

that the teacher
(Miss Hubb)
kept a deeper eye
on her during

the double maths
seeing how
the girl sat
how she turned

her head
how the hair
as she moved

how the girl
held the pen
as if it were a spear
to spike or kill

and not to scribe
or note
she called out

to the girl
who suddenly
as if woken
from a deep dream

sat up stiffly
and said
yes Miss?
What is wrong

with you girl?
Ants in your pants?
Guffaws from other pupils
sniggers from others

Sheila blushed
no Miss
nothing Miss
she replied

but the image
of the boy John
was there brightening up
her day set her alight

like an inner flame
set off a fizz and buzz
within her
then sit still girl

others are trying
to focus on the maths
(hardly any)
yes Miss

Sheila replied
and the fizz and buzz
quietly and slowly

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