Make A Wish

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If the world could grant one special wish of yours, what would it be?

Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016




Wandelle is a world of existing miracles, supernatural powers and genies. People born there are just like any ordinary Earth people but with one distinction; 

They are given one special wish.

People should be careful and definite with the wish. They could only make the best wish if they know what their heart whispers.


Aki, once a nonchalant and optimistic girl, had her heart broken and pained. After all the catastrophes of her relationship with Jerome, and the accident that took the guy’s life away… Aki never speaks of love again.


“He’s dead and so my heart. I cannot bring back the beat of his heart just as mine.” she would always tell.  


Until, Aki met Marshall and started a wonderful friendship. He knew Marshall was in love with her. Yet, Aki couldn’t ever let go of Jerome’s memories and their history.


“What‘s your someday wish?” Marshall asked.


“I want to love again. I wish to love again.” Aki answered. She cannot wish for Jerome’s life. It’s against the rule to take back the life of someone whom you once had an intimate connection. 


“…And your wish?” Aki continued.


“To make you love me.” Marshall answered.


One morning when the sun is out and flowers bloom, Aki went out and saw him. She saw Jerome, standing, smiling. She ran towards him, gave out a tight hug and cried.


“How?” she asked.


“It’s a close friend’s wish.” Jerome answered.


Aki quivered. She thought for a moment and then she realized something she hadn’t been aware of. She did waste no time and immediately went to see Marshall.


“Tell me… why?” she asked.


“You once asked me what my wish is. And I realized what I really wanted. I wish for your happiness. And I know he’s your happiness.” Marshall held his tears back as he walked away.

Aki stopped him.


“The moment I saw Jerome, I made up my wish. And that is… to be with you for all of my life. If I have to wait long for you to come back, I will.” Aki said.


Marshall wore the biggest smile he ever had.

“You don’t have to. Baby, your wish is my command.”




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