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Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016



This morning was hard as I woke in a thick fog of pain and memories. Thoughts racing as I stretched and opened my eyes to take in light. The days don't begin or end they just seem to merge into one. But I get up and start or end my day I can't quite decide. As I reach for a cigarette I feel a pain ripping at my side. I let out a silent screen being sure not to wake the rest of the house. What shall I do today? I wounder if I change how I think can i change how I act? But focusing is a task in its self, but but but I must try. It's like I'm watching my favourite movie and an annoying advert comes on. I have to sit through it and just hope it ends soon so I can get back to the movie. I'm not paying much attention to it, but am I missing something. Can this advert change my life, please wake me from this state of a sleepless dream. I can see the people I love but cannot touch them. I can hear there cries, but cannot comfort them. However the day continues and I go through the motions. Am I still here? Or am I an avatar stripped from my mortal coil. The day moves slow but I move fast everything around me is spinning. It's medication time soon, here we go take the pills just to sleep again. Still feeling this pain in my side still feeling this ache in my heart. Swallow it a voice states, a family member here to help. Now I just wait maybe an hour or so and I'll be unconscious. Wait wait wait...

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