Boy who liked to be colored

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Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016



This is a story about a boy whos name was unknown. He never really had any special hobbies. However, he did enjoy paintballing. That was the only thing in his life he looked foreward to. 

He did not really care about who to play it with, therefore he normally just purchased a ticket and went by himself, and others joined in. It was a public paintballing court so you did not need to have friends come with you, he didn't really have any. Social interaction exausted him.

This boy did not defend himself. Instead he allowed for himself to lose. To get shot. He did not like to shot others either, he did not want to give them a sense of pain or misfortune. What he loved the most about paintballing was seeing his pale white skin turn all sorts of colors.

He adored coming back home with purple kees with a red tint, green swelling all over his arms. Sometimes even small round pink wounds on his chest. He always saw his body as just a plain light mass of skin.He often stared at his arms with a sense of achievement, for him it was just like a sign of him going through something which made him stronger and tougher.

He was not just a boring person, he had something he was very proud of. He did not care about the pain it brought, because afterwards he was able to go home, change his clothes and see all of those wonderful bruises. 

He always felt like he has to keep those bruises to himself. He always worn long sleeves and pants which covered his ankles. Others thought he was strange, however it did not stop him from what he did. 


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