Gonna Lust You Up

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Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016



So, you say you’re shy, sweet stocky guy

Say you’re not used to being fodder for my hungry eyes

Gonna lust you up

You say you’ve never had anyone knocking on your back door

Say you’ve got a girl out there, kinda, maybe….

Yeah, I believe you, sweet honey baby

You say you’re confused by the way I make you feel

Groove on it dude, it’s real

If am your nemesis why do you gaze

Through the tines of my fork with those big blue eyes

You see, I am the one in the maze

Reduced to a quivering wreck by the sight of your thighs

That you so carefully orchestrated

By fussing around in my armchair

Until the flesh you laid bare

Was as much as you dare

Give to me

You say I’m too much

I’ve always been straight

With you; Gonna lust you up

You giggle and wriggle when I tickle your tum

Aware no doubt of my proximity to your beefy bum

Your protestations fall on deaf ears

I am Cro-Magnon in my quest

Each time you sup

With me, dine with me, wine with me

I’m gonna lust you up


So you’re back, my stocky love

Mumbling and shuffling at my door

You just can’t stay away, can you

From the love-lust wanting-you source?

No, you’ve got to have more

Those jeans, did you paint them on?

And why do you turn so often to show me your best side

I catch your eye; I see your pride

Devoured by a hungry guy

We both know your lie

I hesitate but yet touch your silky-haired forearm

You pause, smile and count down the seconds

About three deemed right, you pull away and feign alarm

‘Why do ya always gotta touch me?’ you cry

You know why, sexy stocky guy

Gonna lust you up

Hours later, you say you should go

Something about a bar, a girl, you know…

I say 'sure, see you around’

You seem shocked; you’ve lost your power

Teetering unsteadily on unfamiliar ground

So you pull me to my feet, kiss me on my cheek

Walk off into the night

And I know I won’t see you for a week

But I’m gonna lust you up


I saw you out drinking with your buddies

Holding the beer bottle like it was a badge of masculinity

I clocked your long-lashed lingering look

Those sexy blue eyes and those too red lips

Imploring me not to, oh the hook, the hook!

Gonna lust you up

That night you came round, it was late

You told me that you had been on a date

But she wouldn’t put out

You accused me of ruining your reputation

With your straight friends, and to make amends

How about a blow and some slow penetration

'You’re drunk’ I said

'Take me to bed’

Your reply was my sweetest invitation

You kissed like you had missed my love

'You sure about this?’ I whispered

'No, not at all; but please…’

You stripped, all crazy and quick

Almost tripped over your own feet

But sadly the candle had too short a wick

At my first touch you grunted and spewed

Alas, you had triumphed, ever the tease

You keep me holding on but

One fine day I will get my way

I’m gonna lust you up

I’m gonna fill that butt

And how!


How the years have flown, sweet stocky dude

You and I are enmeshed, we can’t leave well alone

She despises me, your bit on the side

I envy her, having you all to herself, except

When you’ve planned, plotted and lied

And snuck away to be by my side

Sweet stocky dude I don’t need

To lust you up


Month will go by; I will be happy inside

Letting go of you, forgetting you, forgetting

That killer smile and those ruby red lips

Your sweet fat tits and your puffy nips

Those thighs - I can’t lie - they are my downfall

And out in the rear the magnet that keeps me

Ever enthralled. Oh the sounds that gurgle from your throat

As you’re taking it. That was somewhere you said

You would never go, and yet you are the best

That I have ever had; and for an uptight

Almost virginal straight boy that aint half bad

Anyway, I will be doing just fine without you

Purging memories from the furthest corners

Of my mind, and then I come home one day

And what do I find?

You, on my doorstep all a mumbling and shuffling

And punching a hole through my defences

'She took the kids to see her Mom’

You think is explanation enough

Stocky dude I need to get tough

I don’t need to lust you up


You say you’re stressed

That you need a beef injection

Oh sweet stocky dude! What you do to me!

Soon I am lost in your warm embrace

How I love your soft sighs, yet hate

That you are my lifelong infection

Sweet stocky dude

You have fucked me up…


Sweet stocky dude your handwriting

Is shocking, like spider-crawls across the page

With words crossed out and then still misspelled

Yet how I treasure that letter

The only one you ever wrote

The day I said no, and no more

I was true to my word

Seven years have rolled across this body

Leaving laughter lines and love handles

Oh, if only someone did

Handle me, I meant.

Handle me. Grapple with me

And show me their lustful intentions

I confused love and lust

I though what we had was tarnished

And could so easily turn to dust

But love cannot be flushed from my veins

From my memories, from the place that you

Made your own

Sweet stocky dude I moved away

Some place you could never find me

And watched you on the internet

Being her sweet, cuddly domestic pet

But now, sweet stocky dude I’m really pissed off

There’s this picture of you out there

With this big, furry bear and it is clear

That you two are a pair

And what of her, your wife

Where is she now and why does your home

Look like a cave, a shrine to testosterone

Oh my fingers itch to click the mouse

To come down the ether to your house

To retrieve my most prized possession

Those ruby red lips, those massive thighs

Those once were mine

Sweet stocky dude, this is history

People living unrehearsed lives

But why him, why now

Can you hear my wounded growl?

Sweet, sweet stocky dude

If there is an eternity

I hope you will be by my side


Oh shit! Shit! Titty shit!

The email is from THE male

Sweet Stocky dude has tracked me down

He’s come out, ditched his wife and the bear

But really, why should I care

Except, except oh! Get this, if you will

He says that he loves me still

Loves me! Still! How can this be?

I thought I knew how to read and open book

Panic rises, like bile in my throat

What do I do? How I wish I’d never met

That sweet stocky lad all those years ago

I hadn’t a clue, how was I to know

That this man would dominate my life so

Dear reader, if you only knew of the lonely nights

When a huge glass of wine was my bride

Staring at a photograph of my

Sweet stocky dude

The one where he is being rude and

Showing me his chunky bum

Oh so big, and full and wide

That arse once gifted me all of its hidden delights

I did all I knew how, I resisted

But sweet stocky dude insisted

Said that he wanted me back

But what have I to offer him

The sweet, juicy plum of my heart

Starved these long years

Has withered into a wrinkled prune

I don’t think I know how to lust you up

My sweet stocky dude

Sweet stocky dude emailed back

Reminded me of how I had cruised him on the street

When he was drinking with his buddies

He told me how hard he had tried

To raise the barricades and bolster his defenses

And how he had failed

To keep me out of his head

Until he tumbled into my bed

And so I stood

With butterflies for a belly

Watching the arrivals information

The plane was down, passengers disgorged

More fool I to think that he would come

And just at the point of giving up

My knees were turned to jelly

There stood the object of my love

And lust, and nightly masturbation

And I was packing wood!

Sweet stocky dude is home

The past I can leave well alone

From the fountain of life I sup

Sweet stocky dude

I’m gonna lust you up!

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