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The mind is a beautiful thing.It holds millions of ideas, the world's greatest inventions were once in someone's mind and now its physical proof. The mind contains more than we think, or does it?

Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016




Section I

Darkness or light, pick one. Big or small, is it big darkness, or darkness that is big.  You might think that it's the same thing, but it's not. That's one of the amazing things our mind can do.  Our minds give us the ability to have our own opinions and everyone has their own. We make our own choices and do what our mind tells us to do. Evil people will have evil thoughts and make evil decisions. A good person will think good things and make good decisions. If someone stumbled and fell over a tree stump, it is common for a person to laugh. A good person would laugh but still would help the person up and make sure they're okay, while an evil person will laugh and keep walking. The world is filled with mostly evil people, it's 2016, people don't care anymore. 7 billion people are on earth, while less than a third of them actually care about others. There are some families who don't even care about each other and it started from one person and was passed on down. Those are called, “Hereditary traits.” Hereditary traits are characteristics passed down from one of the parents. They are also similar to the brain, neither can be stopped by the human body.

Section II

Clear your mind, what do you see? Do you see darkness, light, a beautiful pasture, or a starry night sky? Now that you're still reading, do you now see all four images? It doesn't matter what you see thoughts will just keep coming. The brain is a continuous processing organ. You can't stop your brain from working, just like your heart. Now that I said it, you're probably trying it now. What exactly are you trying to do? You probably can't explain it to a person without them thinking you are crazy. “What are you doing?” asked your friend. “I'm trying to stop my brain.” If my friend asked that I would think they lost their mind. If they stopped their brain, wouldn't that prevent them from doing common things like talk, walk, and eat? The might can’t be stopped because it is the most powerful weapon. “What?” Yes, the mind is the most powerful weapon. It stores all your thoughts, it controls the whole human body, if there is something you want, your mind will allow you to get it. All it takes is imagination.

Section III

All imagination takes is focus and concentration. If you focus hard enough while imagining, you will actually begin to feel what your imagining. If your imaging that you are swimming in the ocean, you will feel the water pushing on your body. Go ahead, try it, just focus. Your imagination will take you as far as you let it. No matter where you are, if you use your imagination hard enough you could forget where you are and only see and feel what your imagining. Yes, imagination is usually for kids but who said you were too old to use your imagination? Who said there was an age limit on using your imagination? Sometimes for some people, imagination even works with hunger. The reason it does is because all you think about is what you’re going through in your imagination. It’s like your brain is saying, “I am flying a plane,” while your stomach is saying, “I’m hungry, feed me.” Even though your stomach would be growling, you wouldn’t feel it because you’re so far in your mind. Once everything goes quiet and you don’t hear anything until you hear your name being called just know that you were far in your imagination, also called “daydreaming.”


Section IV

Dreams are longer imagination sessions. Daydreams can be controlled but night dreams sometimes can’t be. You could only control if you want to stay sleeping or wake up. In daydreams you can stay as long as you want and do whatever you want in your imagination. Night dreams are sometimes visions for the future or just fun, scary or weird. No matter how weird, you could dream about it. Some people dream about liking or dating/marrying their worst enemy or someone they know they don’t/ won’t like. Also, when they wake up from that dream, they start liking their worst enemy if they dream about them. Once you wake up from a dream, it is a one in a billion chance of going back to sleep and finishing your dream. There are hundreds, thousands and millions of thoughts going through someone’s mind in 10 minutes. Our thoughts are like an expanded broadband network. Once you think it, it’s stored away even if you remember it later or not. Think about the government, now it’s stored away just like sending a text or making a call. Our mind is a run on sentence, it will go on as long as you allow it to.

Section V

No organ in the body is stronger than the brain. The brain is in control of all things on, a part of, and in the body. If you want to scratch your arm your brain will trigger you to move your arm for you to scratch the other one. If you’re hungry, your stomach will growl, causing minor pain which sends a signal to the brain for you to realize that you are hungry. It’s the exact same with using the bathroom, stretching, yawning, burping, farting, and sneezing. The signals don’t all come from the same place but they all send a signal to the brain letting you know what’s wrong.

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