Letter That I Never Wrote

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This is a song i wrote about your father

Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016



Peace of paper on the table  pen filled with ink Half a glass of martel  belly full of drink  Dog tags in my hand the picture makes me think If drowned  in my sorrows will I ever sink I feel a presents sometimes and I know it's  him I know he's watching over me like I know it's him As the pen hits the paper I evolve withinWrite as a mind not blind and as old as sin Why did you have to leave  Why did I have to be a child that had to greave Why when everybody else was enjoying  life I had to be in  pain come on tell me please I'm just writing I'm just writing I'm just writing  I'm just asking is this war worth fighting Is this internal battle that I'm waging  The reason why my chest keeps tighting

Now my hand begins to ache I'm getting writers cramp Second glass of martel my eyes kind of slant Take a Glance at a picture that's behind the lamp Wonder how it would of bin if you survived the plan You sacrificed your life and that was all for me Taught me how to be a man that could really see Taught me how to treat my fam that reflects through me I've made mistake and took a path that wasn't ment for me I came to terms and understood it wasn't ment to be You have to go and get yours nothings sent for free I've met a girl and added kids to the family tree I think I've done pretty well I hope you agree Through my lyrics in my songs you'll forever live I'm just writing this song let you know your missed With out you nothing I have would exist I just wanna say thanks for everything you did

Tired now paper full writing my last verse Having to scribble on the page to get the pen to work Write of the past and what I've learnt I'll let the future ease my hurt How ever I twist and turn My Soul will not be blistered burnt death is a bitch I'll keep a bay Till my body is six foot deep in dirt Wasn't clear on the plan You was leaving first I was left on this earth not believing jack Could believe  it was facts I was left like dat Hole in my heart I was feeling crap Kept it all inside never let that out Just hid  behind a deceiving  mask I got let it go Even tho it still hurts like you'll never know I feel the tears in my eyes frog in my throat Even tho I feel stressed I can't  let it show I got to fix what i can mend what is broke Fit the peaces  back together well that's what I hope P.s I didn't know what to call this So I just Tittled  it the letter that I never wrote

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