First Adventure Of Rocking Boyzz

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Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016



The Beginning

This all began on the first day of May month.Brijesh, Soham, Sahil, Truptraj and Siamak [or Rocking Boyzz that they called themselves] had vacations.They went to the beach.They played but nobody enjoyed.''Its very boring to play at the beach.''said Brijesh.''Yeah,its very common for us''said Siamak.''I have an idea.we will go to my village.''said Soham.And everyone agreed with that.So,Soham immidietly booked the tickets on his phone.The train arrived at 2:00 pm.They sat in the the train.It was a great joy for them.Soon the destination arrived .But now the fun trip became adventurous trip for them.They came to know that there was a monster in the village who used to trouble the villagers a lot.The villagers did worships to rescue the monster away.''Don't believe such ritual things.''said Soham.They all went and sat near a tree.Near the tree there was a stone.A voice came from the stone that said''If you want to defeat the monster you touch the stone and you will get superpowers,but you have to hide your face while defeating the monster.''So everyone agreed and touched the stone.Then they went to defeat the monster.But the monster didn't came that night.But at night everyone was sleeping,the monster came and kidnapped Brijesh,Sahil and Siamak.But when it went, it crashed the the flower pot.It when fell down, made a loud noise.So Soham and Truptraj chased the monster.But it was too late.The monster went away.Soham flew and hid behind a tree,and Truptraj hid behind a stone.When the monster came Soham flew in the air and hit the monster with his bullet.and Truptraj hit the monster with his sharp last,the monster was killed.Then they did a party for killing the monster.Everyone was happy.

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