Bloody Nose

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The story of a Teen who at the time was rejected for bad behavior who lived independently, an unaccompanied youth finding love.

Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016




Bloody Nose



Another teen out on the street. A teen rejected from family.

A life we all know. A life with responsibility, and yet those responsibilities were of the following words that I would often say, “the rent, that’s whats up.” I have to admit that my life wasn’t perfect at all. But I guess the real question is, is why would I even say or put it that way. It’s really because I for one was a bastard child. I was the type of person who had allot of problems until I met my girlfriend and from that day my life changed completely to what is now a somewhat better life. My girlfriend would be the person I really should be giving all the credit too in the progress I’ve made. It all started from how I went from living completely by myself, an unaccompanied youth, to how I’m renting their basement in a house their renting. Yet the one thing that I noticed about them is that we had one thing in common and that was how we were both paying rent.

How I met this family was kind of a funny story. I was at that point in life where I was looking desperately for someone to accept me for who I was and not to be rejected. I met my girlfriend through social media and we both didn’t actually meet right away. At first it was just the texting and messaging back and forth for a few weeks until it was about New Years Eve. We both had one thing in common and that we had both attended Gaithersburg High School.


“You went to Gaithersburg?, she asked.”

“How come I never saw you?, I replied.”


It was at the moment in time we both realized that by the time she graduated was when I became a freshman. The only thing coming to mind was how are we going to explain how we met and the only solution was to lie about my age. It was awkward at first. I knew the lie would eventually fade away sooner or later and that was when I decided to tell their Mom after our first few dates together.

So here I was, working at a grocery store known as Safeway. The time was now and I didn’t want to wait anymore longer to spend Christmas or New Years by myself. I called and texted her begging that I didn’t want to spend the holidays by myself. Eventually she gave in and had sent me her cousins home address.


“Just be there around 7PM, She replied”

“Okay I will, I answered”


I was at work, and my manager wanted me to stay longer, but of course I didn’t want to let that stop me from ruining my plans with her. So I ditched work and left and didn’t really care what the other employees thought of me. Yet a part of me wanted to bring chips and soda to her cousins house since it is a holiday which is what I did and by the time I got there, there was no answer. I kept knocking and knocking, and still there was no answer. The funny thing was that we haven’t even met yet in person, not even once. I was the first one there, but what I didn’t know was that there was a couch on the other side blocking the front door. It turns out they only use the backdoor which to me it was odd and different. Suddenly my phone rang. It’s her!!! “Hi Babe. I’m there now, but nobodies answering the front door.” When she responded; she didn’t sound excited, but the way she did was more of shock and surprised, like Oh My God Your There Already! How embarrassing I thought, thinking I’m going to mess up this one too. By the time she got there the first words she said was what do you think? I didn’t know what to say at first, after all I was awkward and we had just met for the first time in person. In the end everybody loved me even within their family and on that same night when everyone was about to head home they asked me a question. “Where’s your car?”, I didn’t know what to say and I ended up telling them the truth. I don’t have a car and I kinda need a ride home. So from that day on I waited. I waited for them to grow attached to me before explaining anything more about my past or problems. I then decided to take her out on our first date at Red Robin and the movie theater to see Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher. While we were eating our hamburgers she pointed at my shirt and said I think you have something red right there. I was nervous. I do where? I think it’s coming from your nose it’s dripping. My first reaction was that I ruined it. I then ran to the bathroom like there was no tomorrow as if she’s probably going to leave by the time I get cleaned up. I was that nervous which resulted in a bloody nose.

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