Immortal Heart

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Is it right that I love a mortal.... with my Immortal Heart...

Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016



Is it right that I let a mortal fall in love with me? Is it right that I let her trust in me? Is it right that I let her give me her heart, her time, her happiness and her body? Is it right that I may be letting her in. Letting her see far more than anyone has seen before. Is it right that I may be falling for her? These are questions I ask myself night upon night. I lay next to her as she sleeps and run my fingertips along her soft warm skin. My fingertips trace every curve, every scar, every freckle and dimple of her body. She is so beautiful. She is such an elegant woman. She knows of what I am. At first she was scared but she soon came to realise that I could never hurt her. She knows of what I have done and yet she still doesn’t scurry away but instead loves me and my immortal heart and soul even more. I will never understand why for I am no more than a beast that lurks in the shadows and hides behind the fake but inviting outline of a mortal. I have never tricked her into loving me, I have never once gazed into her eyes and told her too. She was the one that did that trickery as her eyes are my weakness and even though I am a feared, Indestructible, malicious being somehow I became a feeble, affectionate one. Yet I know that how she changes me and how I care for her could be dangerous I seam to not have any caution as to what could happen to me. For all that comes to my mind is her happiness, her safety and her love. I know that there is only unfavourable endings to us. I know that it wouldn’t be very pleasing to see me rip someone apart if they hurt her as she may end up hating me. I know that in a split second I could get angry and turn and that would be the end of us. I know that there are more ways than one that it could go wrong. I know that someday she may come to the conclusion that as she grows older I only stay the same and she may shy away from the fact that I would still love her regardless. I know that she may ask me to make her a being like myself and I am not sure that I would have the will power too turn her instead of killing her but I guess if she asked me... Anyway, I know of all the wrongs that could happen but I do not want to grasp only the negative aspects of loving her and having a future with her. I also want to grasp the positive and at the moment what happens here and now is what I truly care for. Hearing her heart beat slow while she sleeps, quicken and flutter when she sees me and the smile in her eyes. Her warm skin against mine and her soft kisses. That is what I care for. That is all I want to grasp. She loves my immortal heart, soul and body and that is all I have ever wanted to feel. A release, an anchor on my anger and hatred and she is that anchor. She is my mortal and I am her beast...

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