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random short stories written by me of course

Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016



You are walking in a dark forest. There is a gentle breeze causing a shiver to run down your spine as you approach a fork in the road. A quiet crack comes from under your foot as you walk along the dirt path and you step on a twig thats nearly as dark as the sky above you. You examine the two paths that lie ahead of you. One leading into complete darkness but the other leading to your worst fear, but you can see the light at the end of the second path. You think about your options and consider going back from the way you came except, you have no clue where that is. The turn to see that the dirt trail only goes back 15 meters and start to question how you got here. 
"Is this real?" You begin to ask yourself that, no longer knowing your own dreams from reality.

"This must be a dream! This cannot be real!" You scream out, desperately hoping someone might hear your calls but no one can hear you. A faint quiet murmur comes behind you as you turn around to see a dark demon looking creature. His eyes glow bright red and his mouth hang open just enough to show his incredibly sharp fangs and snake like tongue. You stand still, frozen in horror as he stays in place slowly beginning to examine you. You slowly begin to move your leg as he moves barely a centimeter towards you. You take another step back and he moves a few more centimeters. You stand still to examine the demon and decide he is harmless for now when you turn back to face the two paths ahead of you. You evaluate your options when a voice in the back of your head tells you that the light at the end of the first path is an illusion.

Don't trust it, its not real.

You don't know why, but you don't question the voice and go down the dark path with caution. Slowly and surely, you walk down the path endlessly wandering hoping you'll find you're way out of this mysterious forest.

Its pointless. Stop now and let yourself suffer, you don't deserve to leave here.

The voice returns when a shiver runs through your entire body as you get an odd feeling of sudden uneasiness. You begin to question yourself, should I really keep going? Yes. I need to get out of here. You continue walking and attempt to silence the voice in your head, but it continues speaking to you the more you walk. With every step you take, you hear the voice once again. Even if you never make it out of here, no one will miss you.

You're a no one. No one loves you.

You keep trying to keep the voice quiet to ignore its remarks but the more it speaks the harder it becomes. You then begin to question whether or not anyone actually cares for you or if they just pretended to care about you. They cared about me, right? They wouldn't hurt me like that would they? No one can know for sure unless you ask but until then, you're stuck questioning everything you've ever learned. You question again if this is reality or just another one of your peculiar dreams.

This is just a dream, I'm going to wake up in my bed and find my partner besides me. Everything will be okay once I wake up.

So you try. You try to wake up, but soon enough you discover you are unable to escape this nightmare. You freeze in your tracks as tears form in your eyes and you can't control it anymore. You let your tears fall to the ground in the bitter darkness.

"SOMEONE HELP ME!" You scream at the top of your lungs, but no one can hear you.

"PLEASE! HELP ME! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" You desperately yell with the pain clawing at the back of your throat, hoping someone will respond to your plead, but no one will. You are left all alone. 

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