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Secrets have a place in every family. Some are insignificant, while others can control an entire nation. Three years after chasing a mystery that his parents safeguarded him from, Sean Davis is responsible for recruiting soldiers into the military. Despite this, he can't ignore the plan the Council has in place for the new nation. In the midst of his attempt to jeopardize it, he meets the one person that he can't allow to be impacted.

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Submitted: September 02, 2016

Prequel to Fallacies, Book 1. This chapter starts off with Sean's adventure in the Fallacies universe in Boston, Massachusetts. Read Chapter


Submitted: September 02, 2016

Sean's adventure continues as he understands more of the things his grandfather was trying to tell him. The Crestpoint government has reached a level of corruption that he can't leave alone. In his efforts to deter more harm from occurring to the nation than has already taken place under the leaders' control, he meets Natalie, the protagonist from Fallacies, Book 1. Only here, she's just about to ask him to recruit her into the military, becoming a part of a quota he's been attempting to throw off. His decision will determine the course of the story and their very lives. Read Chapter


Submitted: September 02, 2016

In the final chapter of this prequel, the story is told in the perspective of Kira Levid, a girl deeply impacted by an organization known as the Radicals. Having been in contact with Sean in the past, she meets him as he asked, only to find that the Radicals have taken control over his life, compromising his safety and the safety of Natalie herself. To find out why Sean chose to bring Natalie into the military against his better judgment, start reading Fallacies. To learn more about Kira Levid, start reading Radicals. Read Chapter

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