The realization

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

its the short story about how the realization of one person can be disastrous for another.


The cool breeze from the west was flowing through the rice fields which I was guarding in the night. The twilight of the full moon was adding beauty to the already wonderful night. The shack on which I was spending the night had become a second home for me. For there was something special about this place, which made me, come back here every day. Everything seemed so pleasant in the silence of the night, that I wasn’t even worried or unhappy about my loneliness in the shack. But then, all of a sudden, I heard the voice of two people talking. At first I thought to myself that it must be the owners of some nearby farms. But then I realized that the voice was approaching towards me. I saw two silhouettes in the dark. I was not afraid but curious though. I was sure that those were boys had lost their ways and by mistake wandered there and did not possess any threat to me or the field that I was guarding.

When they finally reached the shack, they were startled to find me there. I asked them who they were and where they wanted to go so late in the night? The boys were trembling with fear and finding it difficult to speak. I understood their problem and tried to be friendly with them, but still there was no use. Finally I lost my temper and demanded answers to my questions, and so the boys began talking. But what they said was the most shocking thing I ever heard. I could not believe my ears.

They told me that a friend of theirs told them about this place. That it was “haunted” (A thing that was so offending for me, after all who could call such a beautiful piece of land haunted?). And that the malicious presence of the spirit of the shadow less man was here. Absolutely ridiculous, I thought to myself. There were no such things in my farm and nobody has visited my land for very long now. But if no one has come here for as long as I remember, then what was the thing that the boys were talking about? Was it just to scare me? Or was it a prank played on me by these teenagers? A number of questions popped into my mind. But it was then I realized that, if I hadn’t seen or experienced anything, then it must have been about me that the boys were talking “The malicious spirit of the shadow less man.”

The moment of realization fell upon me like a hard rock. It was more than what I could comprehend. I slowly turned my head and looked around. It was a real mess, I saw the rotten flesh and skeletons of human beings lying around the whole place. The shack where I was dwelling was a vicious looking cabin in the midst of nowhere, which perhaps had witnessed the mutilation of all these poor souls. When I looked upon myself, I couldn’t find my own shadow in the clearly moon lit night.

The truth was indeed stranger than fiction. The realization of me being nothing, but a feared presence was very painful for me, and so was it for the boys who made me realize it. I added two more lifeless bodies to the whole mess, and returned to my shack, once again guarding my territory.  



Submitted: September 03, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Felix Paul Soju. All rights reserved.

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Good spooky short story.

Sun, September 4th, 2016 11:53am


Thank you very much.

Wed, September 7th, 2016 4:35am

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