Ladakh encursion

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Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016



His dream,  a journey out of the usual way.  (A Trip to Ladakh):  'The Prateek Mahapatra'


Orthodoxy, my friend is iracund enough to go for a precipice, contravening for an encursion ladakh trip.

So here is a path breaking article about his experience and about him, only in purpose of gifting, this article has not any relevance with the place and related miseries.

He is none other than “The” Prateek Mahapatra, an opportunist (I have no right to disclose any personal information).

His outset, the beginning to the trip is all prepared from the couple of days before, with his luggage rack and of course with his digicam too.

He is an unstaid, abstractedly unreliquishable one to visit there.

He had better not to visit, his mother is quite a shrew, and he will never hear the end of it, not bothering all, his diehard wish and his belief let him to incline towards his trip.

Everywhen, his labored voice (I am in love with his voice, of course) told me, he was exhausted less but more excited when he reached manali.

The shivering was there, but it increases more when the air pressure reduces there in leh itself, after getting the ISRO approval (not to include this, again).

When we met before, listening to all his planning to this trip, make me feel distorted.

But he with his balbriggan underwear reached there on the face of a cliff or a hill side. His anaclastic photos and videos are like anyone can die over. Everything resembles his spirit to be an oracular.

His dreams are vast enough, hard to interpret but capable of being achieved.

His commandeering move with all the clouds and mountains on the Himalayan road with his most favourite Royal Enfield is self effacing. His submissive thoughts at night are so hot to meek the cold weather.

To come clean, I could write it down more better, if I had been there with him (feeling jealous). He is such a milquetoast, everyone would love to be with him, and his rigg itself defines this.

His digicam has collected the heliolatry myths of the Himalayan people, of course the quamash, rident photos of their citizens, the donkey boiler (chiliad to mention).

He demonstrated his respect towards the place; he insanely has recreated the journey of clouds and air from bhilai to leh itself. The suitable conditions and the opportune made him a seraskier there to look into his rear view mirror of his Royal Enfield and posing in front of a digicam .

Travelling is like a sulfathiazole for him and his interest in Naval Undersea operation now limply has drowned me.

Foremost, while returning with those clouds and stars, his one message, “All was so risky” scared me enough.

Compiling all,

He is a person at a state of readiness assumed by ground troops at dawn and dusk, also in wartime.

And above all, he is my favourite..!!





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