Intruder in the Building

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brian was an average teen until a shooter entered his highschool.

Submitted: September 03, 2016

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Intruder in the Building.

It was 7:00 on a Tuesday morning, there was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, it was a particularly sunny, calm, and cool day. Brian, on this day, was still sitting in bed, despite him having to leave for high school in about 15 minutes, and yet, he wasn’t concerned. You see, Brian had a really calm, carefree attitude. He took life in as it went along instead of rushing through it. He knew he would look back and regret his life choices, what he did, who he was friends with, and what he did with his time. So, he always took the slower routes, taking life in and dealing with it as it happened. People admired it, but also felt bad for him, as this was no way to live life. Brian didn’t care what they thought of him though. He knew who his friends were and who his enemies were. He was never trying to impress anyone or get fame in any way. He was just your average 16-year-old.

Brian eventually decided to wake up and get ready for his day. He ate his bowl of cereal, brushed his teeth, put on fresh clothes, and went out the door. He told his mom he would see her later today, as school was supposed to get out early due to staff meetings. He lived very close to his school, so he walked. Usually on his walks, he would find flowers to stop and look at, or bread from a nearby bakery to smell. He always took the time to do all of it. He smelled the bread, looked at flowers, listened to the cars go by, watched as the sun rose, rain fell, or snow fell. Because of these habits, he was rarely to school at an early time, yet he was never late.

Brian eventually got to school after a long series of detours, and was immediately greeted by his friends and fellow peers. He walked into school, got to his locker, and took out his biology textbook. He then closed his locker and started making his way toward his class. The school he attended, Richview High, had two buildings total on campus. A building where all the science classes were, and a building where they kind of crammed everything else in. Brian spent most of his time in the science building, as the electives he took were related to science, his main interest in life.

As he made his way to the science building, the first bell rang. This was the first time since freshman year that he had been late to a class. He sprinted all the way to his first block class, and, out of breath, tried to explain himself to his teacher, Mr. Adams, but he didn’t care why Brian was late. If he was late, he was late, and therefore marked late. Brian sat down winded from the sprint he had to take to get to class, and the announcements came on. It was all just the same old boring stuff, you know, weather, lunch menu, sports teams, events, all the stuff Brian didn’t really care about.

The school was about to stand for the pledge of allegiance when there was a sound of confusion coming from the office, where the announcements are made. Everyone seemed a bit confused as to why nobody was reciting the pledge, even Brian, who took these things with a grain of salt. The confusion switched to panic as you could hear the door open over the intercom. One of the adults asked what the man who just entered wanted, and you could hear every detail of the conversation over the intercom. He asked to dismiss his son from class. You could hear the employees in the office look over and go through some paperwork. Then, in an instant, there was a deafening bang that echoed throughout the building, followed by screams and more loud noises.

This man had malicious intent. He was out to kill. Everyone in the office screamed and ran out of there and into the nearest rooms. The intercom cut out, and Brian began the worst hour of his life, full of anxiety, fear, and depression. The shooter ran through the halls, shooting everyone that came into sight. Nobody was being spared by this man. Shots being fired left and right, people going down like flies, it was truly a display of horror and hatred.  Brian ran out in the hallway hoping to escape the school and get out before the man entered his building. He ran as quick as he could, but when he got to the entrance of the building, he saw the shooter. Walking into the building. He held the gun up and pulled the trigger. The glass door shattered, and Brian was hit in the shoulder.

Brian fell to the ground, blood flowing steadily from his right shoulder. He got to his feet using only his left arm and darted away. He ran into the restroom to hide. He looked in the mirror and saw his wound. A gaping hole in his shoulder with little strings of muscle, flesh, and tissue hanging off the top half of the hole. His stomach turned as he looked at it, so he decided to cover it up with some paper towel. He did the best he could, and went back out.

Brian had to watch as the shooter entered the room he was just in, and he heard shrill shrieks that sent shivers up and down his spine. The hairs on his neck stood up, and he entered the room and tackled the gunman. The gunman kicked him off and threw him to the ground. He pointed his gun straight at Brian’s head. Brian quickly moved his head, punched his face, and tried to free himself. He was pinned rather well. The gunman was even more furious and started going to town on Brian, he threw punches at his face like clockwork. The gunman let him sit in pain, but Brian didn’t give up. He got up on his feet and pushed the man against a wall to start punching him. He grabbed the weapon and threw it out of his hands.

It was a one on one fight now. Brian ducked as the man threw a punch at his head. He quickly kneed the gunman in the torso and slammed his head into the wall. Brian pushed him away and glanced over at a window. He knew how to end it. The man picked his weapon back up and pulled the trigger multiple times. Brian fell over, lifeless. Just like that, his life was over. Gone, in a fraction of an instant. The last thing he ever saw was the barrel of a gun and the flash right before nothingness.

The man was apprehended by a swat team after trying to hold hostages. There was a standoff that lasted hours and hours, but it resulted in a siege and the deaths of two innocents and the gunman, who was identified as Aaron Jacks, a student at the school who was bullied and abused by peers. He had suicidal tendencies, and he hated his life. His parents divorced, his house a mess, his mom a drug addict, he struggled with depression through the entire course of his life. He snapped on that day, and made everyone pay for what they have done.

Aaron Jacks was confirmed dead at 1:00 in the afternoon, and paramedics rushed to the scene. Brian, unfortunately, was killed in the incident, and his family grieves on, wishing there would have been a different outcome of the situation, but this was going to happen. It was inevitable as Aaron was always bullied and hated throughout his career at high school, which eventually caused him to carry out these actions.

Always treat people as you want to be treated, you never quite know what they are going through.

*DISCLAIMER* These in no way represent real people or my thoughts. I just thought it would be interesting to write a story about a school shooting. I love my high school year so far, so this in no way represents ME as a person. Anyone in the story bearing a likeness to real people is coincidental, and should not be taken seriously.

*Also, sorry if there are a lot of grammar errors, it is very late at night right now.

© Copyright 2019 J.G. Wellings. All rights reserved.

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