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It's a very certain love poem by me. Based in a true love story, the other poems of this series will be posted later. Here in this poem a silent love between two lovers are drawn, how they were together and how the life took a turn and they gone apart. It's a very short poem. All are requested to read.

Submitted: September 03, 2016

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Submitted: September 03, 2016




Through nightly uttermost silence, when I walk slow,

Allover darkness, a light rare to glow...

The Night, years back was often less alike,

We had spent our life, just smiling a slight;

Guilty of darkness no more, had only your glittering eyes,

My lugs search your melody despite all mantis cries;

You cue to cast your feelings over me,

But I could apprehend only dulcify smile of Ye;

Hours seemed to be seconds, Night seemed to be day,

Moments as it comes very often GOSH!, I did pray;

Me,my soul and intent, replete to see your smiling face,

That takes me uphill and on face leaves no stress to trace;

But Gum, did a turn of My fate, Which mine found grievous to appreciate;

Afore for you I was like everything,

Till you trampled away to one as let me nothing;

Latterly when I toddle a silent street, on a night,

I can feel the dark, hark the creepy cry of a Civet;

I may perceive your hand upon the mine,

Your tig felt me realize, how change got the time;

Not a very word spoken, none of our eyes met,

None of the smile shared, not any gestures been set;

May you have those glittering keekers no more,

Might for the forgiveness of gyp carved inside me like a sore;

I lost myself, as you came by my side,

Got me closer by you, & hold me tight;

A cold sleepy breeze, did tig my face with shy,

Whispered at my lug, and broached a GOOD BYE...

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