The New Virtues

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This story tells about a new universe by name UBU. This universe also is suffering from the same environmental factors that plague our Mother Earth.

Submitted: September 03, 2016

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Submitted: September 03, 2016



UBU is a universe that is located thousands of miles away. The planet Ubu that revolves around UBU is similar to Mother Earth. Ubu is also suffering from the same environmental factors that plague Mother Earth. So the LORD (Supreme Being of UBU) had called a meeting of all angels that govern life, death, happiness, misery, luck and birth.

Surprisinaly, similar to Mother Earth, when a human dies, his SOUL is judged according to the seven virtues he displayed during his lifetime. They are justice, prudence, temperance, courage, faith, hope and charity.

The Lord, presiding over the meeting, announced," From this day onwards, a new virtue has been added to the remaining seven. When a human being stays on Ubu, he also has to spend a specific amount of time to improve the environment. If so, then the soul will be rewarded.'

All the angels nodded their heads in approval, because they also had to work overtime, because of the environmental degradation. Diseases ran amok, cyclones uprooted a entire generation and floods drowned a entire nation. Now they also felt relieved.

Hope so, our LORD in Mother Earth will also take a cue and atleast install the 'save environment' gene in future human beings.

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