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What will happen when you are bored and then happens...!?

Submitted: September 03, 2016

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Submitted: September 03, 2016



Just be Just


What to say???

Just be Just... bored is horrible feeling you get it after masturbating after losing interest in reading books, articles after you don't want anymore to play the game CS or is the game Portal 2 or is it the game LOL or WOW or who knows these days which other game are you playing probably you are playing the world horrible game,... but the best feature is that you like it!?... There isn't  any doubt a lot of games have been created some are incredible other are just one big shit,... but these days so much stuff you get easy bored, it's like the ignorance as much information is out there as much you  get ignorant as a character... but I get bored from watching film or films, watching how somebody is dancing or people how they dance... after all you know the end always there isn't happy end is there!? There isn't what I have found is that somebody doesn't like somebody else to predict his moves... so If I predict "God's" moves he is going to change them... so it's kind of gambling, I think that we went very far didn't we?

The real world can be put as a film but a very long one, as a dance it could be put as a something which you dance until you die, as a jump which is counted something which is category fun... real world could be put there you jump... AND JUMP... AND JUMP AND JUMP... AND JUMP... AND JUMP.... AND JUMP.... AND JUMP and jump... but one day you can't jump and you just fall in the hole that's life one hole which you haven't jumped... or you couldn't jump so you fall... isn't it sad that when you are sad... sadness as a feature comes... happiness is removed as a feature from sadness. Isn't kind of sad that the long dance, the series just find it's way on the end... great and brilliant beginning you were with them... you were once their uncle, then their father, then you played as them you were all there characters... and just in this happy world it comes something bad and sad... some people just don't want you to know...

It's horrible... as from my perspective for me is something which happens very often... it's difficult to deal with it. What happens when you want to read and read and read and you reach the book you finish few pages and say... naah I lost my time... or what happens when you all time curious on which page are you... you read few and say in your mind "Let's check out on which page am I!?" it's still sad when you find that from 188 you are on 191... there isn't even a progress if there is it's small, mainly from your curiousity which is where are you...Sometimes reading or listening to something it comes the thought  anymore to read, anymore to listen, anymore to watch... just kill me... I can't survive... it's not for me this place.. 

Probably you are saying I should start poetry, but naah it's not for me I think something is going to be for me... but still I don't know which is it the music or is it with the computers... but still is sad what kind of ignorant people are we... we have here are computer, android and tablet and many other stuff available and we even don't appreacite them when we lose them we start finding that they are missing,... that they aren't out there with us... it's sad that the hatred continues forever and happiness is something which is sa short period... it's horrible... even seeing that you can read all this books and they are short...... 10001 pages... aa that's nothing this books in the whole world will finish... but what happens when you find that one book takes you more as a time!? AUdiobooks are limited... always a limit comes you want this author to check out... but sadly Jack Ketchum more free works out there aren't available, you want to check out more audiobooks which are free but sadly there aren't any... when you have the money and everything you can reach a limit (Limit is something horrible)... okay you have limit... but still you don't find your favourite books or books which you liked to be made as audiobooks so to read them fast and to cotninue with something else...


After all so many questions and few are answered, that's life... full of questions when you finish your mission with asking  the questions and getting the answers you die... but probably the questions aren't just questions, the answers aren't just answers... something more is out there to die you should ask the right once, not the suitable but the right questions and getting the right answers... We go deeper and deeper probably a world which is depression is  a feature boring is just the shark which is above the surface of the water... or probably not the shark but the boat... probably that's the boring, but still nothing is for sure... it's not the shark or the boat... nothing is sure everything is just something which fly above the surface...

You don't know me as a character, what you know about me is nothing, just is just, enough is enough, mistakes are mistakes, name is name... nothing here  can desribe me as a person that I have a name and you have name so what!? It's different, so what!? A lot of people can have my name like If I say that my name is Jack... so you are jack... and this guy is jack so name is name it's nothing which describes me as a character, mistakes!? Mistakes everyone makes that's still nothing, if you are good or bad person you still make mistakes are they in the books which you write or in the films which you produce or is it playground which is called "Life"... Enough isn't even a word, who knows what is it!? It's used as something which makes limit, but limits are bad, aren't they!? Enough doing this, enough doing that, enough playing... somehow the word have power somehow it shows the anger of the people are you, somehow is a world which is used for punishment... or who knows for what!?

The first words which you find in the text are going to be saw a lot of times as much you go down as much some words become rare... this was said by Vsauce... sadly it's true... so many vocabulary and we use few... We even can't use in about 1000 vocabulary new words what we say is the same over and over... you outside and you have discussion with somebody you start with "Hi"... then "How are you"... somebody answeres then he asks you such kind of questions and this is going to be done tomorrow and after tomorrow... it's something endless which reminds me about complex... when you see that something is complex you shouldn't go over it... you should skip it... it's bad for you what's said in complex just ruin your world... okay you have build a walls in your imaginational world, you have put the roof so when is snowy and rainy to don't go inside of your house or building, you have made some places where the windows will stay... you have put in your house furniture... (Let's be house... it's simple word and we should go in the simple, should we!?)... the walls!? The walls are needed so to have a place where to live... but still I am rare character... what was said about me was that I live in imaginational world... so sad...!

I think that "but" makes you angry and "because" alsoangry, but isn't it this the idea... me as super intelligent creature to do this!? TO make you angry, that's idea isn't it!?

Always it comes a moment which you just see that they are is too much above everything, above the information... even about your books which you said that you will read them for one day or less than they after all you find that your conclusion as overall are the stupidest ever you have made, is it becauase you stay to much to watch shit, is it because you watch too much porn who knows... Even if we look little more deeper we will see it's 9/3/2016... few more days and school starts... FOR GOD SAKE! Will it be a great to start going again on school after I have been on holiday or is it because you know what's going to happen and you want to be out of there... but you can't your mother just bought you new note books so to write in them... she even bought you clothes... she even bought you and a bag for school... she even bought you stuff which you are going to use to write with them... but still it's isn't enough, what has been lost won't return... sadness is something which goes slow and If you ask me I just write... what it comes in in my mind... just random data with the thought that something wise is going to come out... but is going to come out!?

Or is it going to be later!?... Or now isn't the time!?...  But The interesting news are that Vsauce have a video which is explaining what really means to be bored, so far it was interesting to go so deeper. But still a new problem comes on the way... it is the questions which have made a back door which sound like a virus... but isn't... they have made a back door in your mind so they are going to come out... - probably this will be the main problem!... If they are less from one location from other are comming...

I like podcasts... but still can you feel it???

(I mean share the feeling!)


Let's start the story it's not a happy one... but still it's a new a story which came in my mind since 3 days!

When is true, it's true there isn't doubt I was at home a lot of time spending on books, films and games... but still I kinda of feel not guilty.... about losing my holiday or being at home so much time!?

Staying 12 hours on the computer and look you even don't see that I have lost my time... for example to make an audiobook I need 2 weks in which I am going to read this book... and to make your life easy you are going to listen to this book in about 5 days or less so... you know what's losing time  don't ya!?

But still I am nobody, that I like facts... and you like them... that I think in strange way... yeah I could be added as a feature to my character that I am kind of odd character... but still I don't want to write... what here I am doing is kind of trying to fight with my character... or who knows!?


I still don't know what I am going to do when I end school or even end college... what am I going to do!?
Where to go!? - United States!? - And to become 11111 Victim!?
To stay in when are I am now !? (Let's protect the location and go as a private character shall we!?)
- As much deeper we go as the situation starts being sad... you start finding that you have lost your time... your life... 

What happens when you find out that everything is one day.... one long day... I was in the same time at school and in the same time in holiday... kind of confusing... but let's go deeper!






Let's start, the story isn't boring but the feeling is boring what will happen when you don't have what to do and something cames out and one click just ruins your life!?

Let's put a random name of me... Daniel... naah, I don't like it... something like James is a nice... isn't it?

I was bored somehow I didn't had what to do, music as ideas have ended, I mean what to listen..., films which I was interested in I kind of lost interest... I didn't wanted to do anything... What happens when a new feature start comming in your mind that as more you grow as more the time becomes smaller and smaller and you stay here... you start losing a reason why to live... what happens when it comes a guilt for nothing?... probably the brain has started playing games so to make you interested... but what has happen has happen!... H.P. Lovercraft will continue to be a complex character who knows from what did he died is it from depression... because I think I am on the way to die I have a lot of depression somehow when I go outside I feel that I have done something and I can't look the people  which are outisde in their faces... I look down in the ground like a guy who has lost everything in the last gambling day... what happens when even a feature like  "don't have time", comes out as your enemy?... or feature as you don't have a lot of time... so be wise!? This is really horrible!... porn is impressive thing and after all unfortunately I am male which mean that I go and watch porn and I am jerking off..., I like when I am bored to use this for relaxing and calming... but this shouldn't be the way, how should it be done, doing because I am bored!??? - WTF is that, the stupid reason ever came in your mind or in my mind has ever came out! ...

Really to watch feet, to watch some other pervert stuff and first to talk against them and to start enjoying them when I am at home, alone!...nothing against the female characters probably and they do it, I mean that they masturbate... probably is rare or is something which can be found more often the reason to be they do it because they are bored... (It's difficult to breath... somehow the air has went out)... Probably and females and they do it... If I have said once... I am going to said it twice... why not!? I don't want luck... I see where lucks puts me... as a yesterday character I can't be the same character... Yesterday I was diffirent... my mother was home... I finish some podcast learn something but yesterday that character didn't knew about that today I am going to write... did he!?... If you ask me I want to be female not a male... Female have advantage first of all they just get a dick in the pussy... not big deal... but it's just the long thing goes in the pussy that's all some people say that you fuck the woman in the ass... THAAAAAT'S NOOOORMAL... but I really don't find it as a normal... how can you fuck a woman in the ass from where the shit comes I mean the poop, probably some people find it interesting and other in their religion they eat it... but it's disgustinging... like the beard I don't want such thing as a beard... but I know soona  I am going to have such and that's another problem...! You know that what has happen yesterday.... it just comes a character who just ruin your  vision... or when you are honest he just ignores you when you say lies they are around us and what's the reason they to want to know the truth when they are going to leave you alone..!?

Sometimes messages come which you don't understand but they come other come after seconds, minutes or hours or days what they have in common that you can't count them as friends... how can somebody be friend when you don't feel him as a friend you feel him as a enemy... with this smile... with this image... like he wants to control the whole world... I know what's going to happen I can't stop it!


I know that I can kinda trust you hear... but as far as for respect from you I don't see.... as for you great conclusion... but still I really don't know you... probably we shouldn't friends, should we!?
- You are selfish character... and what you want is that if there are sweets on the table  they all should be for you... and you count me as bullie - WOW!

The journey was a long one and we went so far... we even went out of the topic... didn't we!?

When is about jerking off or as a masturbating

What to say people keep saying to me that If I don't stop it means that I am going to be a guy who will join the rape business which means that I am going to fuck children and other just because of the extreme and also without their permission... (Chicken... Permission... Chicken Permission so awesome... it's 9/10/2016 and I watched a video with Rob Dyke with Chicken Permission) ...a fuck without a permession is called a rape. So far from my look it's a strange word, but it's not more strange than to receiving a message after 1 hour... it's kind of ignorant type, isn't it?...

So how to answer... if you don't like my answer!? What to do so to like me, please tell me!? I don't want to become a killer so to be famous... I don't want to be nerd... I am not and I won't be... that I get this it's kind of luck... but still I am not a nerd!

It mostly sounds like that this guy was thinking and thinking and just one moment something has said to his mind that he  should answer and he answeres with few sentence... you feel happy then again you find that some kinda of lies has came out... probably
I find people very ignorant as characters, it's horrible to be such type of person to write some shit and to send it to me, I mean a message and I  send you a message and probably you haven't view it... you think that you world is horrible??? ... Naah mein is horrible go and check it out 16 and on March somewhere on the end my father just makes a suicide little hard to believe in this, but I was on his funeral... still sad that I am not only with a mother and some other people around me which some of them don't care, other care and soona probably will be the next victims of the time, there isn't doubt in the music which now I am listening, probably yeah I lose connection in some topics and start talking shit, but sometimes words doesn't end, kindness end... Here is one sad truth most people difficult to answer after this level, of course if they are some kind of haters, they answer and make you angry and make you as a person who you aren't, it's horrible. WHen is about that why do you do the same over and over and over and over?? Playing the same game over and over 3-4 years and you continue, why do you continue stay longer and longer as much as possible and take it as a normal!?? Why, why!?

So many questions and few answers, if it was interview I really don't know what to say what people want to hear like "I am okay and soona is comming a new work" or "I am not okay... and soona isn't comming a new work"... it really doesn't matter for what is it, I see your face... I see everything as much as possible and from here I see that you really don't care where do I work, how am I, which is kind of strange question if we repeat it few times in our mind... try it you will find this problem!... After all we make a conclusion that it's useless to say words or to express them... if you have as conclusion "I don't care"... and as a opinion what's the idea to share something in case that nobody cares about??? WHy... to make somebody happy because you have this problem,... you want I to be honest... Here it comes my honesty, I like your problems and they make me feel happy and less miserable. You can keep talking about your problems... I am glad to hear them...

Probably I change very fast the topics, but I lose my pawns, probably and you have the same feeling losing a pawn you upgrade it and upgrade it and upgrade and just one time something reset all your work, let's image 3 years playing a game you getting better and better and after all... all this servers in which you have played they just get closed, you know that nothing is forever, but your 3 years spending on this servers... you find that you have lost your time and even if you go outside you will see that you share your problems they talk with some type of "Okay... we care about you"... and one day it just comes from their mouth "IFFFFFFFF YOU DON'T WANT AND YOU GOING TO GO IN SUCH WAY AND TALKING SUCH SHIT LEAVE US".... and this you hear from relatives... this just changes your world, in few minutes a whole world which was build in years has been changed, it's still impressive how much powerful words are, don't you get impress!?

I know you as a character you want to know everything  in less time, you are a strange character, you want to read the shortest book and to know everything, you want this and this and this, but now is my turn what you are willing to give for this?

Provokative question isn't it, it's easy to say I want this and this and this, but what happen when somebody ask you what kind of survice are you willing to give so to get this!?
It's easy to go on amazon and to try to cheat somehow with you hacking skills to get some free stuff, but you will get caught and you go in jail... I am sure that you don't want to be there, I really don't know as first of all do you care about others, but this is other topic isn't it... you like to change topics don't ya... you like to compare with somebody, somebody... but what happens when you find that you are wrong!??? You just change the topic, you find it easy and after all the whole shoutting the whole anger probably is cleaned from your soul, but you just ruin a life by doing this, ignorant starts in family what happens when your mother or you get addictive to a world whichi s virtual,, I am... addicted at that and it's kind of horrible after all you can feel how people feel, you can feel how times goes fast when you are interested even if you are now interested you will find it that time has went fast, if you are bored you will find time goes slow, you probably know that... there isn't doubt you know everything.... but you aren't the only person out here on this planet my grandmother said that there in about 10000 people on the world..., but when she understood that she is wrong... what happen??? She just doubt about saying this, she just declined of saying this... people are really fucked up, I talk as overall.

If you ask me it's great somebody to like my stuff, what  I do and how I do it, to be really interested in me... but so far before this was a true or kindaa.... now this feature doesn't exist, how will you feel that somebody rejects you with lies you ask him let's go out and he says "I can't go out", "I can't go out"... and then he says a reason I am punished so I can't go outside... I can go on school, but I can't go outside... unfortunately this is a lie, fucking lie, fucking lie... what happens when you find it... you feel sad that somebody rejects with lie... lie hurts but and truth hurts who knows what more hurts... if you know that you live in fantasy world it's awesome, but it's lie... you live in lie... But when is about lies you are surrounded by liars, what happens when you see that something grows 1,2,3,4,5,6,6,7,8,9,... and it continues and after 1 week 30 has reached somehow... no move above... it just has stucked but why??? People reject others because they aren't famous, if they are famous people say "Hey... come here... start working here... or start publishing your work at here at DoN Publishing company... but before this guy just reject you... if you accept his offer it means that you kind of suck his ass, you say something like this "Okay... you rejected me, but i don't care I wanna be asss sucker" or who knows... who knows what happens in somebody else mind, I asked somebody to share his experience but no answer, that's another horrible thing... what happens that you like somebody but you don't know how to make this person to like you as a character, what happens when you start being polite and what you receive is silence, what happens when you find out when you when you don't need somebody he is out there near you, when you need him he out of your life, probably dead or he just don't want to be anymore with you.... It's horrible feeling... I don't know about you, but sometimes words hurt a lot of, you just feel them the answer "Okay", the ignorant messages, the silence... alll just it comes in the puzzle as parts, but it hurts one by one, it's like one knife which get's life from each part he attacks and lose life... everytime... what's the finish!?

Sadly dead is on the way!

We are wise, aren't we??? I should make some kind of floor which I should put you all some kind of building with all this information in one place I really don't know what's comming... it just comes random letters and something comes out... like magic!? You like magic, don't ya!???
But here is the trick, magic doesn't exist it's just one skinnery thing, making somebody to look somewhere else and you do something and somehow something happens after you mix this two moves.... probably now you are sad... I can say that I am also kind of sad, the piano is going in very sad way, should I take it as advantage or not???

I like to dive in the stories pretty interesting stories have been shared on the Youtube and some other podcasts, if it's about interview I am very careful what type of writer and what type of gender is he, is he male or female. It's very important to see respect I like to look at the person and to make a conclusion as overall which will answer to what I want is he what I want somebody who to put me down then above and down and above in his works... like James Patterson is he a guy who puts you in the dark and then he saves you from there like Dean Koontz is he a guy like a person who likes to play with pawns and when he hates the pawns he just kill them, which sound like killing game which reminds me for James Patterson again.

I like horror it's awesome, if it's not going to be on me this terrible stuff, I like it if it's on me it's not happiness it's sadness. I like specific podcasts which share interesting stuff not shit like I am now going to be there... naah I won't go there... not being sure as for me answers for not being serious. Probably I am strange character which answers why I state so long at home, yeah It's a comfort zone as Bob Proctor will say, he says that we should get out from this place. But what happens  when you understand how bigger and larger is the world???

This shit can continue with days!

What's suprising that now I just read one incredible quote it was "A critic is someone who knows the way but can't drive the car." - Kenneth Tynan, so far it's very true I will go and share it on facebook I wanna more people to hear about this powerful quote... you can't see everyday such powerful quote... But still I am bored outside if I want to go with who am I going to go??? Please tell me, I don't have friends and probably as for some people I am total freak.... Wow it just came out a message... so far that's new I didn't know that I have a Friend with a name X-Do-X, strange for first time I see that guy in this message was written "Hello, if you are reading this... means that you are bored from life, if you are come here the fun doesn't end..." and there was a image of somebody with red hood as a picture and down was a link something like ... What to do now,... There is some kind of curiosity about this guy who is he, how did i have added him, what type of site is it... or it's virus??? Or some kind of using your disadvantage as his advantage and to get points for steam... who knows!?!

But If I don't go and check it out, I won't sleep well! It will continue thoughts to flow in my brain what's going to be...
So I just risk, after all what more horrible than that can happen!?

Bored, ignore, once I get a chance to get out of my place and I to decline it...... I will check out this site... so far it's going very welll.... loading.... loading... loading ... loading.... loading... loading ... loading.... loading... loading ... loading.... loading... loading

 ... loading.... loading... loading


The site went black, a black page with a picture like the one of the avatar of X-Do-X in facebook, so far this is very odd why he doesn't put a new one.. new site, new stuff...

Oh, oh down there is a message (The music went in strange way... like trouble was comming out)... I really don't know from where it was comming but it went in very strange way...

There was a Text which was clickable... so I click it a new page was loaded... oh text appeared...

"Hello, User2345 so you decided to join this, didn't you? You decided to take a look what's on this, your curiousity just was killing you... yeah I think that your life has length has been changed..."

Omg, what is that person talking about, is he right!?

"... your life has been made 2 days... so I won't go long and I will go short solve this two puzzles

Level 1

2112@1%, 2%1%2! 1(81%1@4 25 71@14 2)812) 2)85 6911(2) 1@52@51@ 2#11( 1(1% 511(2% !

Level 2

7 + 3 = 10, 4 + 3 = 7, 11 + 3 = 14, 11+ 3 = 14, 14+2 =16, 8 + 2 = 10, 17 + 4 = 21, 4 + 3 = 7, 0 + 3 = 3, 11 + 2 = 13, 11 + 2 = 13, 24 + 3 = 27, 3 + 6 = 9, 14 + 8 = 22, 13 + 4 = 17,' 19 + 3 = 22, 10 + 3 = 13, 13 + 3 = 16, 14 + 8 = 22, 22 + 4 = 26, 22 + 4 = 26, 7 +3 = 10, 0 + 3 = 3, 19 + 3 = 22, 19 + 3 = 22, 14 + 3 = 17, 18 + 8 = 26, 0 + 3 = 3, 24 + 3 = 27.

Tip one: Do whatever use your 2 days time wise, but don't forget if you close the page and you don't solve it and you don't send it down on the form... on the third day you going to die...
Tip two: IF you wanna to live you should solve it third day will decide will you leave or not...

Tip Three: It's a code, so decipher it

Enought tips,... start working, if you don't start you going to die on the 3 day...


I just said "Haha, what shit, you wanna I to solve this, really??? GO fuck yourself that's not interesting and I can't"...

I tried to close the page, It can't close, once, twice, tripple... on the tripple a message apperead it said "Do you reall want to close this page?"... I click yes... and the page was closed..

And I went to X-Do-X facebook and said "Fuck yourself, stop sending this type of shit, you can't scare me... and to solve this??? Really you think, I am going to solve it... put it in your ass..."

Day - 1

X-Do-X, didn't answered 2 days X-Do-X didn't answered anything which I was writting to him, I was playing some games and somehow I removed the boredoom, after all I even on the 1 day had a money and I was 18 years old these day was my birthday so I decided to fuck a whore, ... it was awesome sex, I really enjoy it as much times as possible I fucked here, on all places which are possible... it was really one crazy shit...

Day - 2

X-Do-X, still no clue from this guy, I'm getting worried... online but not answering the site has been gone it can't open... the message was still there... very strange... but if you ask me I really didn't gave little shit about that...

Day - 3
X-Do-X, just answered at 14:00 with message, so you are going to behave like this??? I gave you time... 2 days and even you had an extra time today from 01:00 up to now and also in the same day in which you open this site you had time and you spend it like this... you could do something...

I just replied... Leave this shit, I won't solve this and stop the joke it won't scare me...

X-Do-X, WOW,WOw you now
 interrupted now not very nice from your side...

I replied with... hahaha, and what are going to do peace of shit?

X-Do-X, Check out what I found...

He sended all data passwords, usernames, emails, images of me, how I fucked the girl, her name, my name, my age, my location... This guy was crazy from where did he knew so much??

I replied and what do you want?

He wrote a message on my screen it was "I WANTED YOU TO SOLVE THE 2 LEVELS, YOU DIDN'T SO YOU WILL GET YOUR PUNISH"... I was going to reply on facebook something...but after few seconds the message gone... my internet stopped and my computer went off...

It wasn't going like joke... or prank it was more than that... I really didn't knew what to do with this freak... hours were flying... nothing was happening so I kind of went calm... until I hear a strange knock on my door very angry... I went to see who was there... but nobody was there... then I hear strange sounds and again knock, knock, knock... very strange and I went there and said CUT IT OFF, THE CUT THE JOKE It's not funny anymore... I went in my room to watch TV... then I heard a strange sound, it was like my door fall... I thought that I am going crazy



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